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Games included in the Smithsonian exhibition The Art of Video Games.
  System Image Genre Winning   Game Other   Nominees Action Pac ‐ Man ,   1981,   Toru   Iwatani   /Tod   Frye.   ™   and   ©   NAMCO   BANDAI   Games   Inc. Haunted    HouseTunnel    Runner    Adventure Pitfall! ,   1982,   David   Crane.   Activision   Blizzard.   All   trade   names   and   trademarks   are   properties   of    their   respective   parties.   All   rights   reserved.  AdventureE.T.   The   Extra ‐ Terrestrial  Target Space   Invaders ,   1980,   Rick   Maurer. Missile   Command®Yars’    Revenge®   The    Art    of    Video   Games   exhibition   will   explore   the   40 ‐ year   evolution   of    video   games   as   an   artistic   medium,   with   a   focus   on   striking   visual   effects,   the   creative   use   of    new   technologies,   and   the   most   influential   artists   and   designers.   A   website   (   offered   participants   a   chance   to   vote   for   80   games   from   a   pool   of    240   proposed   choices   in   various   categories,   divided   by   era,   game   type   and   platform.   Voting   took   place   between   February   14,   2011   and   April   17,   2011.   The   exhibition   will   be   on   display   at   the   Smithsonian   American   Art   Museum   from   March   16,   2012   through   September   30,   2012(   Visit   to   sign   up   to   receive   updates   about   this   exhibition. The    Art    of    Video   Games   Voting   Results Era   1:   Start! Atari   VCSom at trategy om at  ,   ,   teve   ayer,   oe   Decuir,   Larry   Kaplan,   Larry   Wagner.   ©   1978   Atari   Interactive,   Inc. tar    a ersVideo   Chess® Action Donkey    Kong ™,   1982,   Created   by   Shigeru   Miyamoto.  Jungle   Hunt Smurf:   Rescue   in   Gargamel’s   Castle Adventure Pitfall    II:   Lost    Caverns ,   1984,   David   Crane,   adapted   by   Robert   Rutkowski.   Activision   Blizzard.   All   trade   names   and   trademarks   are   properties   of    their   respective   parties.   All   rights   reserved.  Alcazar:   The   Forgotten   FortressGateway    to    Apshai  Target Zaxxon ,   1982,   David   Wesely   and   Dan   Nicholson,   Programmers.   Adapted   by   Lawrence   Schick.   ©   SEGA.   All   Rights   Reserved. Buck    Rogers:   Planet    of     ZoomCarnival  ColecoVision  Combat/Strategy Star    Trek:   Strategic   Operations   Simulator  ,   1983   (1984   on   Colecovision),   Adapted   by   Sam   Palahnuk.   ©   SEGA.   All   Rights   Reserved.  Artillery    Duel Evolution Action TRON:   Maze ‐  Atron,   1982,   Russ   Haft.   Intellivision   Productions,   Inc.   Courtesy   of    Disney. MicrosurgeonMasters   of    the   Universe:   The   Power    of    He ‐ Man Adventure Advanced    Dungeons   and    Dragons ,   1982,   Tom   Loughry,.Intellivision   Productions,   Inc.   (partial) Thunder    CastleSwords   and    Serpents Target Star    Strike ,   1981,   David   Akers.   Intellivision   Productions,   Inc. Space   BattleDemon    Attack  Combat/Strategy Utopia ,   1981,   Don   Daglow,   Kai   Tran.   Intellivision   Productions,   Inc.  Armor    BattleB ‐ 17    Bomber  System Image Genre Winning   Game Other   Nominees Era   2:   8 ‐ Bit Mattel   IntellivisionAction Jumpman ,   1983,   Randy   Glover.   System   3 Boulder    DashImpossible   Mission Adventure The   Bard's   Tale   III:   Thief    of    Fate,   1988,   Michael   A.   Stackpole,   Brian   Fargo,   Rebecca   Ann   Heineman,Bruce   Schlickbernd,   Designers.   ©   2010   Electronic   Arts   Inc.   All   trademarks   are   the   property   of    their   respective   owners. Wasteland  Zak    McKracken   and    the    Alien   Mindbenders Target Attack    of    the   Mutant    Camels,   1983,   Jeff    Minter.   Llamasoft Raid    on   Bungeling   Bay Paradroid  Combat/Strategy Sid    Meier's   Pirates!   1987,   Original   design   by   Sid   Meier,   Arnold   Hendrick. Little   Computer    PeopleM.U.L.E. Commodore   64  Action Super    Mario   Brothers   3,   1988   (1990   on   NES),   Shigeru   Miyamoto,   Takashi   Tezuka,   Creators.   Emi   Tomita,   Graphic   Design.   Nintendo   of    America,   Inc. Metroid Mega   Man   2 Adventure The   Legend    of     Zelda,   1986   (1987   on   NES),   Created   by   Shigeru   Miyamoto   and   Takashi   Tezuka.   Nintendo   of    America,   Inc. Final    Fantasy Shadowgate Target 1943:   The   Battle   of    Midway,   1988,   Yoshiki   Okamoto.   Capcom   Entertainment,   Inc. Top   GunLife   Force Combat/Strategy Desert    Commander,   1989,   Unidentified   artist.   Kemco North   and    South Archon:   The   Light    and    the   Dark  Action Marble   Madness,   1986   (1992   on   SEGA   Master   System),   Mark   Cerney,   Steve   Lamb. Shinobi Mickey    Mouse   in   the   Land    of    Illusion Nintendo   Entertainment   SystemSEGA   Master   SystemAdventure Phantasy    Star,   1987,   Yuji   Naka,   Lead   Programming.   Rieko   Kodama,   Executive   Design.   ©   SEGA.   All   Rights   Reserved. Ultima   IV:   Quest     for    the    Avatar Heroes   of    the   Lance Target After    Burner,   1988   Designed   by   Yu   Suzuki.   ©   SEGA.   All   Rights   Reserved. Fantasy     ZoneMissile   Defense   3D Combat/Strategy Spy    vs   Spy,   1984   (1986   on   SEGAMaster   System),   Michael   J.   Riedel. Rampart Gain   Ground   System Image Genre Winning   Game Other   Nominees Action Earthworm    Jim ,   1994,   Original   concept   by   Doug   TenNaple.   Stephen   Crow,   Lead   Artist.   ©   1994   Interplay   Entertainment   Corp.   Earthworm   Jim,   the   Earthworm   Jim   logo,   Interplay,   the   Interplay   logo,   and   By   Gamers.   For   Gamers.   are   trademarks   of    Interplay   Entertainment   Corp. Sonic   CDMichael     Jackson's   Moonwalker  Adventure Phantasy    Star    IV  ,   1993,   Original   story   by   Toru   Yoshida.   ©   SEGA.   All   Rights   Reserved Flashback:   The   Quest     for    Identity Shining   Force   2 Target Gunstar    Heroes ,   1993,   Tetsuhiko   Kikuchi,   Cool   Character   Creator.   Hiroshi   Iuchi,   Background   Art.   ©   SEGA.   All   Rights   Reserved Ranger     X Viewpoint  Combat/Strategy Dune   II:   Battle    for     Arrakis ,   1994,   Matthew   Hansel,   Sandy   Dobbs,   Artists.   Aaron   E.   Powell,   Joseph   Bostic,   Designers. Nobunaga’s    AmbitionHerzog    Zwei  Action Super    Mario   World  ,   1991,   Shigeru   Miyamoto,   Takaya   Imamura,   Creators.Nintendo   of    America,   Inc. Donkey    Kong   Country Super    Star    Wars SEGA   Genesis Era   3:   Bitwars! Super   Nintendo   Entertainment   SystemAdventure The   Legend    of     Zelda:   Link    to   the   Past  ,   1991   (1992   on   SNES),   Shigeru   Miyamoto,   Takaya   Imamura,   Creators.   Su   Chol   Lee,   Mitsuaki   Araki,   Joko   Kazuki,   Game   Design.   Nintendo   of    America,   Inc. Chrono   Trigger EarthBound™ Target Star    Fox  ™,   1993,   Shigeru   Miyamoto,   Takaya   Imamura,   Creators.   Takaya   Imamura,   Tsuyoshi   Watanabe,   Designers.   Nintendo   of    America,   Inc. Gradius   IIISuper    SmashTV  Combat/Strategy SimCity  ,   1989   (1991   on   SNES),   Original   concept   and   design   by   Will   Wright.   ©   2010   Electronic   Arts   Inc.   All   trademarks   are   the   property   of    their   respective   owners.  Act    Raiser Syndicate
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