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Where Distribution 11/19/13
  mvpny.net | 79 Madison Avenue, 8th Fl., New York, NY 10016 | P: 212.716.2772 | F: 212.716.2771 THE RIGHT READERS. THE RIGHT RESPONSE. THE RIGHT RETURNS. Published by Morris Visitor Publications11.18.2013 Hotels/Clubs 6 Cumbus 60 Thmpsn*70 Pak Ave. Hte414 Hte Afnia 50Afnia DumntAfnia GadensAfnia ManhattanAfnia ShebuneAexande Hte*Agnquin, The*Ameitania Hte*Amstedam Cut HteAndaz 5th Ave.Andaz Wa SteetBedfd HteBevedee HteBenjamin, TheBentey, TheBest Westen BweyBest Westen Pesident HteBest Westen Seapt InnBest Westen W. 38th St.Bakey New Yk Hte*Bwey HteBadway HteBadway Paza Hte, The Byant Pak Hte, TheCandewd SuiteCatn n Madisn Hte*Caye, TheCavi HteCasabanca Hte*Cassa HteChambes Hte WHERE  ®  New York   is in the city’s nest hotels and clubs (in-room and at the concierge desk) and other major strategic points of distribution. Chatwa, TheChesea Savy Hte*City Cub HteCain Hte Pak Ave. Cub Quates DwntwnCub Quates Gand CentaCub Quates MidtwnCub Quates Wd Tade CenteCnia HuseCny Cub* Cmft Inn — W. 25th St.Cmft Inn — W. 35th St.Cmft Inn — W. 36th St.Cmft Inn — W. 39th St.*Cmft Inn — W. 46th St.Cmft Inn — W. 71st St.Cncde HteCnad HteCne Cub, The*Csmpitan Cub, TheCsmpitan Hte — TibecaCutyad by Maitt Manhattan/Fifth Ave.Cutyad by Maitt Manhattan/Midtwn East*Cutyad by Maitt   Manhattan/Sh*Cutyad by Maitt/Times Squae Suth*Cutyad by Maitt Manhattan/Uppe East SideCsby HteCwne Paza Times Squae ManhattanDa Vinci HteDays InnDesmnd Tutu CenteDistikt, The*DubeTee CheseaDubeTee Financia DistictDubeTee Guest SuitesDubeTee Metpitan Hte New Yk*Deam*Deam DwntwnDuane Steet HteDyan Hte*East Hustn Hte East Viage HteEastgate Twe HteEement Times SquaeEmpie HteEusta Wa St.Excesi HteEventi Hte*Faied Inn by Maitt Times SquaeFashin 26Fitzpatick Gand Centa HteFitzpatick Manhattan HteFat In HteFu Pints by Sheatn SHFu Pints by Sheatn Manhattan Chesea*Fu Pints by Sheatn Manhattan Times SquaeFu Seasns Hte New YkFankin Hte, TheGansevt Meatpacking*Gansevt Pak Hte MoNTHlY CIrCUlATIoN: 141,000 ANNUAl rEADErSHIP: 9,475,200 Gem Chesea, TheGem Hte Midtwn West, The Geshwin, TheGid HaGtham HteGacie InnGamecy Pak HteGand Hyatt New YkGeenwich Hte, TheHamptn Inn Manhattan SH*Hamptn Inn Manhattan Times Squae Nth Hamptn Inn — Pea St.Hamptn Inn W. 24th St.Hamptn Inn W. 31st St.Hamptn Inn W. 35th St.*Havad Cub, The*Hemsey Pak laneHigh line Hte, TheHitn Gaden Inn (W. 28th)Hitn Gaden Inn Times SquaeHitn Manhattan East*Hitn New YkHitn Times Squae*Hiday Inn Expess (W. 29th St.)Hiday Inn Expess (W. 45th St.)Hiday Inn Expess Times Squae (W. 39th St.)Hiday Inn Expess Wate SteetHiday Inn lESHiday Inn MidtwnHiday Inn Midtwn West Distribution   f WHERE New York Magazine * Indicates magazine is in- m at these htes  mvpny.net | 79 Madison Avenue, 8th Fl., New York, NY 10016 | P: 212.716.2772 | F: 212.716.2771 THE RIGHT READERS. THE RIGHT RESPONSE. THE RIGHT RETURNS. Published by Morris Visitor Publications11.18.2013 31st SteetHiday Inn SHHsteing IntenatinaHte 31Hte 99*Hte 373 Fifth Ave.*Hte at Times Squae, TheHte AzueHte Beacn*Hte Beecaie*Hte CateHte ChandeHte DeauvieHte EdisnHte Eysée*Hte Gand Unin*Hte Giaffe*HteI Indig*Hte MeaHte MetHte n rivingtnHte PennsyvaniaHte Paza AthénéeHte Vetive*Hte WaesHte Wctt, TheHwad Jhnsn ExpessHudsn HteHyatt 48 lexIncenta Viage HuseInk 48*Inn at Iving Pace*Inn n 23d St.*InteCntinenta Hte Times SquaeInteCntinenta New Yk Bacay, The*Iquis New Yk, TheJade Hte, TheJames Hte, TheJewe Hte, TheJW Maitt Essex Huse NY*Kimbey Hte*King and GveKitan New Yk, The*la Maisn d’Atla Quinta Manhattanlangham Pace, Fifth Avenuelachmnt Htele Pake Meidienlexingtn New Yk City, Thelibay Hte*lmbady Hte*lndn NYC, The lts Cub*lews regency (csed f envatins in 2013) lwe, Thelucene, TheMandain oienta HteManhattan BadwayManhattan Cente HteManhattan Cub, TheManhattan at Times Squae Hte, TheMansed HteMace, TheMaitt Faied Inn and Suites W 33d StMaitime Hte, TheMak Hte, TheMamaa-Manhattan, TheMaakech Hte, The*Mave HteMayfai New Yk*Mece, TheMicheange, The*Mibun HteMifd Paza HteMienium Hitn, The*Miennium Badway Hte New Yk*Mndian ShMgans Mve HteMuay Hi Suites*Muse Hte, TheNew Yk Manhattan HteNew Yk Maitt Dwntwn*New Yk Maitt East Side*New Yk Maitt Maquis*New Yk Paace, The*New Yk Pesbyteian Guest Faciity*New Yk Yacht CubNew Yke, TheNewtn*NH Jy MadisnNight HteNight Hte Times SquaeNitan HteNmad HteNvte New Ykon the Ave Hteone UN Paza Hteopea Huse Hte*out NYC, ThePaamunt HtePak 79Pak Centa New YkPak Suth Hte*Pea HtePeninsua New Yk, ThePenn Cub f New Yk*Phiips Cub, The*Piee New Yk, A Taj Hte, The* Paza, ThePoD HtePoD 39 HtePincetn Cub f New Yk, TheQuin, Theradissn Matinique n Badwayrenaissance New Yk Hte 57renaissance New Yk Hte Times Squaeresidence Inn Maitt 48th & lexresidence Inn Maitt Times Squae, Theritz-Catn New Yk, Battey Pak, Theritz-Catn New Yk, Centa Pak, Theritz-Catn, Westchesterive Cub*riveside Twe Hterge*, Therge Smith Hte*rm Mate Gacersevet Hte, The ryatn, TheSaisbuy Hte*San Cas Hte*Sanctuay, The Setai CubSetn HteSheatn New Yk Hte and TwesSheatn Tibeca*Shey-Netheand Hte, TheSheham Hte*Skyine HteSky City Apatment rentasSMYTH HteSte New YkSH Gand Hte, TheSH Huse New Yk, TheSita SH HteSt. Gies Hte New Yk: The CutSt. Gies Hte New Yk: The TuscanySt. James HteSt. regis HteStandad New YkStandad East ViageStanfd HteStaybidge SuitesStand Hte, The*Suey, The* Suttn Cut HteTibeca Bu*Thmpsn lESTime, TheTave InnTibeca Gand HteTump Intenatina Hte & Twe T ump SHUnin CubUnivesity CubVicey, TheVincci Avan, The*W Dwntwn W New YkW Times SquaeW Unin Squae * Indicates magazine is in- m at these htes (WHERE New York Distribution continued)  mvpny.net | 79 Madison Avenue, 8th Fl., New York, NY 10016 | P: 212.716.2772 | F: 212.716.2771 THE RIGHT READERS. THE RIGHT RESPONSE. THE RIGHT RETURNS. Published by Morris Visitor Publications11.18.2013 Wadf Astia, The*Wadf Twes, The*Wa Steet Inn, TheWawick New Yk, TheWashingtn Jeffesn HteWashingtn SquaeWeingtn HteWest 57th Steet by Hitn CubWestin New Yk at Gand Centa, The*Westin Gven Mis, TheWestin New Yk at Times Squae*Wingate by WyndhamWyndham Gaden (W. 24th)Wyndham Gaden (W. 58th)Wyndham Gaden Inn Chesea*Wyndham Midtwn 45Yae Cub f New Yk City, TheYte NY at Times Squae Brooklyn/Queens/Long Island/Staten Island Aft Bkyn*Best Westen Aena HteBest Westen Bkyn BayBest Westen Gegy HteCmft Inn — (lIC)Cnd HteCutyad by Maitt laGuadiaCwne Paza laguadia AiptFaied Inn (lIC)Faied Inn and Suites BkynFaied Inn Maitt (Jamaica)Faied Inn & Suites lICFu Pints by Sheatn (lIC)Gaden City HteGaden Inn & Suites (Jamaica)Hamptn Inn la GuadiaHitn Gaden Inn QueensHitn New Yk JFKHiday Inn Expess BkynHiday Inn Manhattan ViewHte Aegia (lng Beach)Hte Indig BkynHte le Beu*Mac laGuadia HteNew Yk Maitt at the Bkyn Bidge Hte*NU HtePinte Paza HteQ4 Hteramada Staten IsandSheatn Bkyn*Supe 8 BkynWingate Inn & Suites at laGuadia Aipt*Z Hte New Yk (lIC) New Jersey Hotels Cintn Inn Hte*Cwne Paza MeadwandsCmft Inn, EdgewateDubetee by Hitn Jesey CityHamptn Inn CastadtHitn Hasbuck HeightsHitn at Newak Hitn Sht His Hand Mt ldge Jesey CityHiday Inn Expess PaamusHiday Inn Hamn Meadw Hyatt regency Jesey CitylaQuinta Inn & Suites, MeadwandsMadisn Hte Mistwn, TheNewak Aipt Maittoakwd Cpate Husing Jesey Cityrenaissance MeadwandsSheatn Edisn Hte raitan Cente NJ*Sheatn at Newak AiptSheatn Meadwands Spinghi Suites by Maitt Tavees Aid Cnciege Desk Newak Intenatina AiptW Hte, HbkenWestin Jesey CityWestminste Hte Connecticut Hotels Cmpass Funished ApatmentsHab Huse Inn Hiday Inn Seect StamfdStamfd Maitt Hte Theater Desks Afnia 50*Afnia Dumnt Afnia ManhattanAfnia ShebuneAgnquin, TheBevedee Hte*Bentey, The*Catn n Madisn Hte* Cntinenta Guest SevicesCutyad by Maitt Midtwn EastCutyad by Maitt Times Squae SuthCwne Paza Times Squae Manhattan*DubeTee Guest SuitesDubeTee Metpitan Hte New YkEmbassy Suites Hte New Yk CityEmpie HteExcesi HteFaied Inn MaittFashin 26Gand Hyatt New YkHamptn Inn Times SquaeHitn Gaden Inn 35th St.Hitn Gaden Inn Times SquaeHitn Manhattan East*Hitn New Yk*Hiday Inn Midtwn W. 57th St.Hte EdisnHiday Inn SHHte PennsyvaniaHte Thity Thitylucene, TheManhattan at Times Squae, The*Mifd Paza*Miennium Badway Hte New YkMienium Hitn, The*New Yke, TheNew Yk Maitt at the Bkyn Bidge HteNew Yk Maitt East SideNew Yk Maitt Maquis*Paamunt Hte*Pak Centa New Ykon the Ave Hte*oNE UN Paza Hteradissn lexingtn Hte New Ykresidence Inn Maitt Times Squae, Thersevet Hte, TheSheatn New Yk Hte and TwesSkyine HteStaybidge SuitesStand Hte, The*Wadf Astia, The*West 57th Steet by HitnWestin New Yk at Times Squae*Wyndham Gaden NY City Experts Desks DubeTee Metpitan Hte New YkDubetee Times SquaeFashin 26Hitn Gaden Inn W. 35th St.King and GveMifd PazaPaamunt Hte*Pak Centa New Ykradissn lexingtn Hte New Yk Corporate Housing AKA: Centa PakAKA: Suttn PaceAKA: Times SquaeAKA: United NatinsBidgesteet Cpate HusingChuchi Cpate HusingHspitaity CmpanyMaisn, IntenatinaNYC-JC (Jesey City)oakwd Cpate Husingradi City Apatments Conventions/ Trade Shows/ Special Events Affdabe At FaiAmeican Cafts Festivaat lincn Cente  Architectural Digest  Hme Design Shw (WHERE New York Distribution continued) * Indicates magazine is in- m at these htes  mvpny.net | 79 Madison Avenue, 8th Fl., New York, NY 10016 | P: 212.716.2772 | F: 212.716.2771 THE RIGHT READERS. THE RIGHT RESPONSE. THE RIGHT RETURNS. Published by Morris Visitor Publications11.18.2013 Big Appe Geete FundaisesCity Havest FundaisesExce limusine SevicesGlBT Exp at Jacb K. Javits Cnventin CenteGand GumetHte/Mte & restauant Shw at Jacb K. Javits Cnventin CenteNew Taste f the Uppe West Side New York Times  Tave Shw at Jacb K. Javits Cnventin Cente Puse At FaiSstice in Times SquaeTaste f Times SquaeTaste f TiBeCaWinte’s Eve Corporations In New York City 111 Eight Avenue5 Penn PazaAchstneCapita oneluxuy Attaché CpatePze PhamaceuticasToWN residentiaToWN residentia 5th AveToWN residentia Ast PaceToWN residentia FIDIToWN residentia FatinToWN residentia ShToWN residentia West ViageUK Tade and InvestmentUnited Natins Secataiat Buiding Residential 43-45 E. 30th St.90 Washingtn100 Jhn170 East End180 Maiden lane260 W. 54th St.200 Centa Pak Suth325 Fifth Ave.681 Fifth Ave.Abigai Michaes CnciegeAnthem, TheBist PazaCentuin CndminiumDJK residentiaHeitage at Tump Pacelibety View @ 99 Battey PaceManhattan Huse residentiaMac, TheMuay Hi MewsNYbG Attacheoceanomni Cndiminium Cmpanyova Cnciegeritz Paza, Theritz Twe, TherivetweShefed 57 SveeignStnehenge ViageSuites at Sive TwesTwe 53Tibeca TwesTump Pac at 106 Centa Pak SuthTump Pac East at 100 Centa Pak SuthTump Pak Avenue at 502 Pak Ave.Tump Pace at 200 riveside Bvd.Tump Pace at 220 riveside Bvd.Tump Wd Twe Other Locations 34th Steet Patneship Ticket ofce9/11 Tibute Visit Cente * Indicates magazine is in- m at these htes AAA New Jesey Mt CubAied Tus/T-PAstn & Bid llPAtu Ameican ExpessAmeican Management AssciatinAMEX Centuin lunge —Mexic City AiptAmtak Fist Cass Acea lunge —Penn StatinAmtak Passenge Cas n Tains fm Chicag t New Yk Mntea t New YKBaneys New YkBeynd Gup TaveBig Appe Geete Bmingdae’s Visit CenteBmingdae’s SH Guest   reatins CenteBks BthesCFM GaeyChambe f CmmeceCnsuate f E SavadDavis Day TipsDiscve NY with Kitt GaettDama Bk ShpEmpie ClSExcusive restsExce limusine SevceFedea HaGem limGand Centa PatneshipGeat Jnes SpaGay line New Yk Sightseeing Visits CenteHspita f Specia SugeyIntepid New YkeJacb K. Javits Cnventin CenteKATIE ShwKlS Wdwide Chauffueed Seviceslady f ou rsaylincn Squae BIDlad USAlwe East Side BID Visit’s CenteMacy’s Visit CenteManhattan Cncet PductinsMemia San Ketteing Intenatina CenteMende Gdbeg FabicsNew Yk Aipt Shutte (City Expets Desk)New Yk Athetic CubNew Yk Institute f FinanceNew Yk City Cege f TechngyNew Yk Cmmissin f the United Natins NY Pesbyteian Hspita W Cne CampusNew Wd TaveNew Yk Wate Taxi: Tu & Tave Patne —eaching miins f cas n bats and ticket bth catins NYC & Cmpany KisksChinatwn, Financia Distict and HaemNYC & Cmpany Visits CenteNYC Banch, Depatment f Staterssini’sSaks Fifth AvenueShps at Cumbus Cice, TheShine NYCSuth Steet SeaptTeaches CegeTimes Squae Visit CenteThmas Ck India ltd.Wempe JeweesWd WindwsZain Fabics (WHERE New York Distribution continued)
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