Ten Steps to Improve Your Songwriting Skills

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  Ten Steps to Improve Your Songwriting Skills by Mahmoud Ibrahim © 2005. All Rights Reserved.  Do you want to sharpen your songwriting skills? Do you aspire to writing a successful  song? Well, out of my own experience and out of several songwriting references I came up with these Ten Steps To Improve our Songwriting Skills ! 1.Sharpen your Songwriting skills every day.  Like an athlete who strives to pratie so as to reah the peak o! his her per!ormane# a songwriter or a omposer should also pratie regularly...$%. you are talented and everything# but your talent means nothing i! your brain doesn&t get used to using this talent. Make a '0 min. musi writing time per day and use it to e(periment with hords# write themes or maybe rearrange something. )ut always keep in mind that you are *ust pratiing# so there probably isn&t a +hit+ oming out o! these '0 min...,its ome like a !lash so be always prepared- 2.Listen to music every day.  he very !amous /uuki violin teahing method re1uires that the student listens to a tape ontaining the piees he she learns everyday to +develop musial ability+/hinihi /uuki3. 4uess what It works. As you listen more you will unonsiously adapt more to musi in general and# on the onsious level# disover triks and tehni1ues in musi writing that you didn&t know about. 6obody an reate musi 7e 6ovo# it has got to have some roots-- 3.Don't limit yourself to one style.  My musi eduation was lassi# but I adore Rok and Metal my !avorite bands are /orpions and 8ink 9loyd3 as muh as I adore )ah and 7vorak and #sine I&m :gyptian# I also like my share o! oriental musi..-- /uh a style mi( an reate the most wonder!ul ideas# and this is how most songwriters ome up with new styles e(; 8ink 9loyd&s 8syhedeli Rok3. Always e(plore and e(periment with new styles# i! you take a look at the history o! any band# you !ind out that&s what songwriting is all about. 4.Learn the rules of the game.  <ou probably think that sine you an ome up with a nie theme# that your are on the right trak ...=R$64 >3. It is true that songwriting has no spei!i rules# but here you are looking !or +en /teps o Improve+# eh--. A song is musi ? words...As muh as you an# learn musi theory and the basis o! lyris poetry writing. Learning never stops and it&s a !at that as you learn more about the rules o! the game# you beome more skill!ul bending those rules..--And never !orget that athy melodies and smart rhyming lyris need lots o! pratie. .Don't !e shy.  Make everybody know about your songwriting skills# and show your songs to the world...well# show it to !riends and !amily !irst# then to songwriting ommunities and !inally# seek pro!essional riti1ues. As you get your work more !ine tuned# you will beome more on!ident and# onse1uently# more open to new ideas and suggestions. Remember# it&s the people whom you are  writing !or# their thoughts do matter. .Learn to play a #songwriting instrument#.  I! you are reading this you probably an play an instrument. )ut# you should know that there are ertain instruments that are not very help!ul with songwriting or generally musi omposition. /o !ar# a poll that runs on =riting 9ever 9orum showed that %eyboard or 8iano3 is most use!ul and guitar ranks seond. My guess is that it is so beause those instruments are speially help!ul with hords unlike the violin !or e(ample# my srcinal instrument3 and make it easier to write hord progressions. <ou don&t have to be a +@oe /atriani+ on guitar or a +<anni+ on piano# you *ust have to be !amiliar with one o! the songwriting instruments. his means you shouldn&t spend more than !ew weeks to get to the level where you an use the instrument !or songwriting and I personally reommend the +hearandplay '00pg.ourse+ !or keyboardpiano3 and the +Amaing  day 4uitar video+ !or guitar...hose two programs will get you 8LA<I64 in no time with no prere1uisites whatsoever3. $.Look !ack on your previous work.  It is very help!ul i! you listen to your past work so that you would know how !ar you&ve ome. <ou might like your past more or less# so it atually shows you i! you are still on the right trak or not. %.&ntroduce diversity to your music.  =rite in di!!erent sales# di!!erent time signatures# di!!erent genres and styles...et. Also# write !or di!!erent instruments. 9or e(ample# you wrote a song !or a rok band# now rearrange it !or a string 1uartet -- I&m /erious-- I wrote an instrumental !or a !riend&s rok band and later rearranged it !or B violins. )ut why It gives you insight on new +sounds o! musi+# more e(periene with musi theory and what do you know It may atually sound better ;3. .(roduce Demos.  =ell# i! you are !or real# make your musi real. 7on&t keep your reations suppressed in musi sheets or in midi !iles# i! you an put out your songs# start doing business and don&t be lay promoting your song. <ou don&t have to spend a lot o! money to reord your material> a nie mi and an e!!iient omputer so!tware are enough !or most purposes. <ou might stumble upon a hot shot produer who happens to like your work...4ood Luk-- 1). Seek *olla!oration.  /ongwriting ollaboration is one thing you should try and CA6 do# group work and all. 6obody is a standDalone genius-- /ubsribe to songwriting groups on the internet# get to know a guy or two in your loal ommunity who you like working with...et. Collaboration on songwriting is great> simply imagine two people !rom di!!erent bakgrounds pouring their di!!erent ideas in one think tank...4roup work is the key to suess# proved by researh teams# bands and politial parties >3.=ell# <ou an !ollow those steps or not# it&s not the )ible-- Although these steps seem to work !ine with most people# you should see what you like and what om!orts you most...and please ome bak to me and all =riting 9ever visitors with your own songwriting e(periene# Let the whole world know...Mahmoud Ibrahim is a songwriter and owner o! http; www.songwriting!ever.om> a website dediated to songwriting ollaboration. his artiles may be reprodued on the ondition that this note remains intat.
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