Strategic Leadership For School Leaders

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1. Sesi II Kepimpinan Strategik Mbustaman IAB KPM 1 2. Objektif Diakhir sesi latihan ini, peserta: ã 1. Memahami konsep kepimpinan strategik ã 2. Mengenal pasti…
  • 1. Sesi II Kepimpinan Strategik Mbustaman IAB KPM 1
  • 2. Objektif Diakhir sesi latihan ini, peserta: • 1. Memahami konsep kepimpinan strategik • 2. Mengenal pasti sifat-sifat seorang pemimpin strategik • 3. Memahami konsep berfikir strategik • 4. Mengenal pasti perlakuan seorang pemimpin yang berfikir strategik • 5. memahami kaedah untuk menterjemah idea kepada operasi Mbustaman IAB KPM 2
  • 3. MBAM.IAB.KPM.15 3 We Need Strategic Leaders at every level of the organization who can work in a strategic way; which means creating and executing an actionable strategy (Pisapia, 2009) 10/4/2015 Mbustaman IAB KPM 3
  • 4. Set Kemahiran Yang di Perlukan Eksekutif Pengursan Pertengahan Penyelia Teknikal Interpersonal Konseptual Katz, 66 4Mbustaman IAB KPM
  • 5. 5 MBustaman-IAB KPM 15
  • 6. Mbustaman IAB KPM 6 More Effective leaders use the three strategic thinking skills significantly more often than Less Effective leaders. Pisapia, Reyes-Guerra & Yasin, 2006 - Pang & Pisapia, 2006 - N=900 There is a cumulative impact - The strength of the relationship between strategic thinking and leader success increases as leaders use the three dimensions in tandem. Skill use improves with age, experience, and education– the younger you are the less you use these skills. Strategic thinking skills can be developed through training. There is a significant relationship between strategic thinking capabilities and self directed learning. Agility of the Mind STQ Study Findings
  • 7. 7 Kepemimpinan Strategik Keupayaan seseorang untuk menjangka, membayangkan, mengekalkan fleksibiliti, berfikir secara strategik dan bekerja dengan orang lain untuk memulakan perubahan yang akan mencipta masa depan yang berdaya maju untuk organisasi (Ireland dan Hitt,1999) MBustaman-IAB KPM 15
  • 8. Definisi KS Kepimpinan strategik (KS) adalah gaya kepimpinan. Ia menyediakan wawasan dan hala tuju untuk pertumbuhan dan kejayaan sesebuah organisasi. Untuk menangani perubahan dengan berjaya, semua eksekutif memerlukan kemahiran dan alat-alat untuk kedua-dua rumusan pembinaan dan pelaksanaan strategi ( MBustaman-IAB KPM 15 8 mbam
  • 9. What is Strategic Leadeship • Determining where an organisation was heading and how to get there. It was mainly about leaders engaging in strategic and ‘long range’planning and was seen as a process that belonged to upper management alone, often taking place closed doors (Cheng 2000: 17) Mbustaman IAB KPM 9
  • 10. Strategic Leader • 1. S/He begins with the end in mind, by knowing what he dreams about accomplishing, and then figures out how to make it happen. • 2. The ability (as well as the wisdom) to make consequential decisions about ends, actions and tactic in ambiguous environment (Pisapia, 2009) Mbustaman IAB KPM 10
  • 11. Perbincangan Kumpulan 1.Berdasarkan definisi-definisi kepimpinan strategik yang telah diberikan, buat rumusan tentang perwatakan pemimpin strategik yang di gambarkan dari definisi-definisi tersebut. 2. Pilih satu orang pemimpin yang anda kenali, sejauhmanakah pemimpin tersebut boleh disifatkan sebagai pemimpin strategik? Mbustaman IAB KPM 11
  • 12. Apakah Hubungan Kepimpinan Strategik dengan pengurusan strategik? Mbustaman IAB KPM 12
  • 14. Analisis Kendiri Tentang Perlakuan Pemimpin Strategik Gunakan inventori PS menilai perlakuan dan tindakan kepimpinan strategik anda berasaskan di tempat kerja semasa anda Mbustaman IAB KPM 14
  • 15. 7 Principles of Strategic Leadership (Quong & Walker, 2010) 1. be futures oriented and have a futures strategy; 2. base their focused leadership actions and their decisions on evidence, and invest in and be led by research; 3. get things done, which means to have the reputation as a person of action and achievement, someone who can be relied upon to deliver outcomes; 4. open new horizons, which mean to be innovative, receptive to initiatives and to be a leader of transition; Mbustaman IAB KPM 15
  • 16. 5. ensure that they are fit to lead, which is all about planning and working on their wellbeing – fit leaders’ are resilient and reliable in times of stress and rapid change; 6. know how to be good partners and be seen by staff to be good people to partner with in dealing with issues and in moving into the future; and 7. do the ‘next’ right thing, which means to be ethical and values driven and to have a reputation for leading a school that instils values in children. Mbustaman IAB KPM 16
  • 17. Personal Traits for Strategic Leaders (Pisapia (2009) The Strategic Leader.) • Openness to new experiences • Curiosity about the world & future • Enthusiasm and energy • Willingness to listen and learn • Ability to adapt rapidly to change • Willingness to ask the right questions • Innovativeness and creativity • Self confidence • Result orientation Mbustaman IAB KPM 17
  • 18. Mbustaman IAB KPM 18
  • 19. Bengkel 1 Arahan • Imbas kembali program atau projek yang pernah anda sertai sama ada anda sebagai ketua atau ahli. Kenal pasti beberapa program/projek yang memberi pengalaman pelaksanaan prinsip-prinsip kepimpinan strategik. Mbustaman IAB KPM 19
  • 20. Apakah Kesan Berfikir Strategik? Future focus Openness Breadth: very wide Positive outlook/ proactive Curiosity Flexibility
  • 21. Definisi Berfikir Strategik: Mengintegrasi masa hadapan dalam proses membuat keputusan 1. BIG 3. LONG 2. DEEP MBustaman-IAB KPM 15 21
  • 22. 22 Mbustaman IAB KPM
  • 23. 1. Pemikiran Strategik Penjanaan idea Apakah yang mungkin berlaku? 2. Membuat Keputusan Strategik Membuat Pilihan What will we do? 3. Perancangan Strategik Mengambil Tindakan Bagaimanakah cara untuk melakukannya? Idea strategik Pilihan Keputusan Strategi & Taktik 23 Hubungan di antara pemikiran strategik dengan dengan Perancangan Strategik MBustaman-IAB KPM 15
  • 24. The Strategic Thinking Skills Systems Thinking Reflection Reframing 24Mbustaman IAB KPM
  • 25. Penilaian kendiri berkaitan perlakuan individu yang berfikiran strategik Mbustaman IAB KPM 25
  • 26. The Strategic Thinking Skills: 1. Systems Thinking (ST) ST refers to: leaders’ ability to see systems holistically by understanding the properties, forces, patterns, and interrelationships that shape the behaviors of the systems which provide options for actions. Mbustaman IAB KPM 26
  • 27. 27 Mbustaman IAB KPM
  • 28. Assessment – Systems Thinking Skills Good Habits • Try to extract rules and/or patterns from the information available • Find that in most cases external changes require internal changes • Search for the cause before taking action. • Find that one thing indirectly leads to another • Try to understand how the facts presented in a problem are related to each other • Try to identify external forces which affect your work • Try to understand how the people in the situation are connected to each other • Investigate the actions being taken to correct the discrepancy between what is desired and what exists • Look for fundamental long-term corrective measures • Look for changes in the organization’s structure that lead to significant enduring improvement • Look at the ‘Big Picture’ in the information available before examining the details • Seek specific feedback on your organization’s performance • Think about how different parts of the organization influence the way things are done Bad Habits View relationships individually as opposed to being part of an interwoven network Break the problem into parts before defining the entire problem 28Mbustaman IAB KPM
  • 29. 29Mbustaman IAB KPM
  • 30. 30Mbustaman IAB KPM
  • 31. The Strategic Thinking Skills 2. Reframing Reframing refers to: Leaders’ ability to switch attention across multiple perspectives, frames, mental models, and paradigms in order to generate new insights and options for actions. It enables one to sort through problems and opportunities, to see problems in ways that allow them to map out different strategies, and identify trends before others see them. 3131Mbustaman IAB KPM
  • 32. Examples – Reframing Habits Good Habits • Seek different perceptions • Track trends by asking everyone if they notice changes in the organization's context. • Ask those around you what they think is changing • Engage in discussions with those whose values differ from yours • Use different viewpoints to map out strategies • Recognize when information is being presented from only one perspective 32Mbustaman IAB KPM
  • 33. SAMBUNG….. • Listen to everyone’s version of what happened before making a decision • Engage in discussions with those who have different beliefs or assumptions about a situation • Find only MULTIPLE explanation for the way things work • Decide upon different views before seeking a solution to a problem • Do not create a plan to solve a problem, before considering other viewpoints • Discuss the situation with people who share your beliefs or not. 33Mbustaman IAB KPM
  • 34. Directions: With 4 strokes of your pen connect all the dots. Do not lift your Pen from the Page Mbustaman IAB KPM 34 The Final Exam
  • 35. 35 The Strategic Thinking Skills 3. Reflecting Reflection refers to leaders’ ability to weave logical and rational thinking together with experiential thinking through perceptions, experience, and information to make judgments as to what has happened and then creates intuitive principles that guide what is happening in the present to help guide their future actions. Mbustaman IAB KPM
  • 36. Assessment– Reflecting Habits Habits • Review the outcomes of past decisions • Reconstruct an experience in your mind • Consider how you could have handled the situation after it was resolved • Accept that your assumptions could be wrong • Acknowledge the limitations of your own perspective • Ask “WHY” questions when trying to solve a problem • Set aside specific periods of time to think about why you succeeded or failed 36Mbustaman IAB KPM
  • 37. sambungan • Frame problems from different perspectives • Connect current problems to your own personal experience and previous successes • Stop and think about why you succeeded or failed • Reconstruct an experience in your mind to understand your feelings about it • Take into account the effects of decisions others have made in similar situations • Use past decisions when considering current similar situations • USE your past experiences when trying to understand present situations Mbustaman IAB KPM 37
  • 38. Mbustaman IAB KPM 38
  • 39. Pindah Idea Kepada Tindakan Mbustaman IAB KPM 39
  • 40. Perkembangan Dasar/Hala tuju kepada operasi Mandat & Misi Visi Perspektif Strategik & Persekitaran KRA/MATLAMAT Objektif Peta Strategi (Alignment) Petunjuk Prestasi (KPI) & Sasaran Prestasi Inisiatif Strategik Program/Projek/Pelan Tindakan/Pelan Operasi/Bajet Implementasi : Kawalan & Pelaporan Apakah Arahan/Tujuan Utama? Apakah gambaran pencapaian masa depan? Apakah perspektif strategik? Apakah Bidang Kritikal (keberhasilan utama)? Hasil terakhir (Outcomes) yang ingin dicapai? Adakah sejajar? Apakah cara nak ukur prestasi? Bagaimanakah caranya? 40Mbustaman IAB KPM Apakah maklumat tentang Persekitaran organisasi?
  • 41. The individual needs of each student are met Our students enjoy a positive and enjoyable learning experience Our students demonstrate exemplary behaviour Providing quality & varied extra curricula activities Effective teaching methods that instil the joy of learning Knowledgeable, efficient, competent, nurturing & highly motivated staff who display our core values Transparency & Accountability Financial viability FIDUCIARYLEARNINGINTERNALCUSTOMER SCHOOL MISSION & VISION Our students strive towards academic excellence Safe welcoming, efficient, comfortable facilities and working environment Ongoing maintenance & upgrading of facilities Ample supply of resources – teaching aids, technology, equipment Consistent discipline Providing opportunity for Learning religion Principles Responsive curriculum that encompasses the motto “work, play and learn together” Our students are well rounded & excel in all fields Our students enjoy a safe, welcoming, efficient, comfortable and family oriented environment
  • 42. Misi:… Visi: Isu Strategik: Prestasi akademik belum mencapai tahap yang diinginkan. KRA/Matlamat Strategik: Peningkatan Prestasi Akademik Objektif Petunjuk (KPI) Tov (base) 2012 2013 2014 Inisiatif / Strategi Akauntibiliti Peningkat kan prestasi Peperiksa an awam GPS % Lulus % 5As 2.0 93 10%.1 1.8 94.5 12% 1.7 97.0 16% 1.50 100 20% 1. Meningkatkan keupayaan guru dalam P&P 2. Meningkatkan Kemahiran Belajar pelajar 3. Meningkatkan sokongan komuniti GPK 1 (P) GPK HEM GPK Koku 42Mbustaman IAB KPM
  • 43. Pelan Tindakan Strategi: Memupuk semangat kekeluargaan staf Program (Tindakan) Tanggungj awab Masa Bajet KPI Sasaran Output 1. Hari Keluarga GPK 1 2 hari (Nov) 3000 % penglibatan staf •100% staf terlibat Semangat Kerja sepasukan 2. Program Sukan Pemuafakatan GPK Ko Minggu 3 Jun 500 % penglibatan staf •100% staf terlibat Semangat kekeluargaa n di- perkukuhka n 43Mbustaman IAB KPM
  • 44. 44MBustaman-IAB KPM 15
  • 45. Fleksibiliti dan Simplisiti 45 MBustaman-IAB KPM 15
  • 46. Mbustaman IAB KPM 46
  • 47. Make a strategic plan more flexible. How? No strategic plan plays out exactly to script. More frequent progress reviews increased accountability and keep the plan flexible. We can overcame this barrier by: • Frequently review progress and how the environment is changing • Keep the strategic plan at a high level, with flexibility for implementation of the details and some reserve funds • Increase you contact with vendors and customers as the plan rolls out 47MBustaman-IAB KPM 15
  • 48. sambungan • Track the details of cross-functional work, not within departments. Let the department heads manage their teams • Make sure you have the right people involved - those with something in it for them • Part of the plan includes several 'what if' contingencies • Set the review cycle to give time for actions to take effect but not too long miss a market opportunity • Give the key players the 'right' to reconvene the team if they see something that must be addressed Mbustaman IAB KPM 48
  • 50. SEKIAN
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