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The complete course syllabus for B tech computer science and engineering under kerala university 2008 scheme
  UNIVERSITY OF KERALA B. TECH. DEGREE COURSE2008 ADMISSIONREGULATIONS and  I  VIII SEMESTERSSCHEME AND SYLLABUS of  COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING  B.Tech Comp. Sc. & Engg., University of Kerala 2 UNIVERSITY OF KERALAB.Tech Degree Course –2008 Scheme REGULATIONS 1. Conditions for Admission Candidates for admission to the B.Tech degree course shall be required to have passed the Higher Secondary Examination, Kerala or 12 th Standard V.H.S.E., C.B.S.E., I.S.C. or any examinationaccepted by the university as equivalent thereto obtaining not less than 50% in Mathematics and50% in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry/ Bio-technology/ Computer Science/ Biology puttogether, or a diploma in Engineering awarded by the Board of Technical Education, Kerala or anexamination recognized as equivalent thereto after undergoing an institutional course of at leastthree years securing a minimum of 50 % marks in the final diploma examination subject to theusual concessions allowed for backward classes and other communitiesas specified from time totime. 2. Duration of the course i) The course for the B.Tech Degree shall extend over a period of four academic years comprisingof eight semesters. The first and second semester shall be combined and each semester fromthirdsemester onwards shall cover the groups of subjects as given in the curriculum and schemeof examinationii) Each semester shall ordinarily comprise of not less than 400 working periods each of 60minutes durationiii) A candidate who could not complete the programme and pass all examinations within Ten (10)years since his first admission to the B.Tech programme will not be allowed to continue and hehas to quit the Programme. However he can be readmitted to the first year of the programme if he/she satisfies the eligibility norms applicable to the regular candidates prevailing at the timeof readmission. 3. Eligibility for the Degree Candidates for admission to the degree of bachelor of technology shall be required to haveundergone the prescribed course of study in an institution maintained by or affiliated to theUniversity of Kerala for a period of not less than four academic years and to have passed all theexaminations specified in the scheme of study 4. Subjects of Study The subjects of study shall be in accordance with the scheme and syllabi prescribed 5. Evaluation Candidates in each semester will be evaluated both by continuous assessment and end semester University examination. The individual maximum marks allotted for continuous assessment andUniversity examination for each subject is as prescribed by the scheme of study.  B.Tech Comp. Sc. & Engg., University of Kerala 3 5.1 Continuous Assessment (C.A) The marks awarded for the continuous assessment will be on the basis of the day-to-day work, periodic tests(minimum two in a semester) and assignments (minimum of three –one each from each module). Thefaculty member concerned will do the continuous assessment for each semester. The C.A. marks for theindividual subjects shall be computed by giving weight age to the followingparameters. SubjectAttendanceTestsAssignments/ Class Work Theory Subjects20%50%30%Drawing20%40%40%Practical20%40%40%Project WorkWork Assessed by Guide –50%Assessed by a three member committee out of which one member is the guide –50%The C.A. marks for the attendance (20%) for each theory, practical and drawing shall be awarded infull only if the candidate has secured 90% attendance or above in the subject. Proportionatereduction shall be made in the case of subjects in which he/she gets below 90% of the attendancefor a subject. The CA marks obtained by the student for all subjects in a semester is to be publishedat least 5 days before the commencement of the University examinations. Anomalies if any may bescrutinized by the department committee and the final CA marks are forwarded to the universitywithin the stipulated time. 5.2. End Semester University Examinations i)There will be University examinations at the end of the first academic year and at the endof every semester from third semester onwards in subjects as prescribed under therespective scheme of examinations. Semester classes shall be completed at least 10working days before the commencement of the University examination.ii)The examination will be held twice in an year –April/May session (for even semester) andOctober/November session (for odd semester). The combined 1 st and 2 nd semester isreckoned as equivalent to an even semester for the purpose of conduct of examination andthe University examination will beheld during April/May. However VII and VIII Semester examination will be conducted in both the sessions. This schedule will not be changediii)A student will be permitted to appear for the university examination only if he/she satisfiesthe following requirementsa.He/she must secure not less than 75%attendance in the total number of working periods during the first year and in each semester thereafter and shall be physically present for a minimum of 60% of the total working periods. In addition, he/she alsoshall be physically present in at least 50% of total working periodsfor each subject b.He must earn a progress certificate from the head of the institution of havingsatisfactorily completed the course of study in the semester as prescribed by theseregulationsc.It shall be open to the Vice-Chancellor to grant condonation of shortage of attendanceon the recommendation of the head of the institution in accordance with the followingnormsd.The attendance shall not be less than 60% of the total working periodse.He/she shall be physically present for a minimum of 50% of the total working periodsf.The shortage shall not be condoned more than twice during the entire courseg.The condonation shall be granted subject to the rules and procedures prescribed by theuniversity from time to time.h.The condonation for combined 1 st and 2 nd semesters will be reckoned as a singlecondonation for attendance purposes.  B.Tech Comp. Sc. & Engg., University of Kerala 4iv)A student who is not permitted to appear for the University examinations for a particular semester due to the shortage of attendance and not permitted by the authorities for condonation of shortage of attendance shall repeat the semester when it is offered again.This provision is allowed only once for a semester.v)The university will conduct examinations for all subjects (Theory, Drawing & Practical)vi)The scheme of valuation will be decided by the chief examiner for theory / drawingsubjectsvii)For practical examinations, the examiners together will decide the marks to be awarded.The student shall produce the certified record of the work done in the laboratory during theexamination. The evaluation of the candidate should be as per the guidelines given in thesyllabus for the practical subject. 6. Letter Grades For each subject in a semester, based on the total marks obtained by the student in the Universityexamination and Continuous assessment put together a letter grade (S, A+, A, B+, B, C+, C, D, Eand F) will be awarded.  All letter grades except ‘F’ will be awarded if the marks for theUniversity examination is 40 % or aboveand the total mark (C.A marks + University Exam mark) is 50 % or above . No absolute mark will be indicated in the grade card. Letter gradecorresponding to total marks (C.A marks+ University Exam mark) and the corresponding grade point in a ten-point scale is described below. % of Total marks (C.A marks + University Exam mark) LetterGradeGrade Point(G.P) Remarks 90 % and above S10Excellent85 % and above but less than 90% A+980 % and above but less than 85% A8.575 % and above butless than 80%B+870 % and above but less than 75%B7.565 % and above but less than 70%C+760 % and above but less than 65%C6.555 % and above but less than 60%D650 % and above but less than 55%E5.5Below 50% (C.A + U.E) or  below 40 % for U.E onlyF0Failed 7. Grade Point Average (GPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) Grade point average is the semester wise average points obtained by each student in a 10-pointscale. GPA for a particular semester is calculated as perthe calculation shown below.  subjectforcreditsubjecttheforobtainedGP CreditGPA Cumulative Grade point Average (CGPA) is the average grade points obtained by the students tillthe end of any particular semester. CGPA is calculated in a 10-point scale as shown below.   semestertheforcredits semestertheforobtainedGPAsemesterforCredits CGPA
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