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You Enjoy What??? Facts on Adult, Consensual Spanking by Jack copyright 1996 by Jack and ABCD Webmasters (Posted with the author's permission) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------The purpose of this essay is to help make people who desire adult consensual spankings to feel more comfortable with their interest. Any reference to discipline, corporal punishment, correction, chastisement or other mentions of spanking activities is only within the bounds of
  You Enjoy What???Facts on Adult, Consensual Spankingby Jack copyright 1996 by Jack and ABCD Webmasters (Posted with the author's permission)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The purpose of this essay is to help make people who desireadult consensual spankings to feel more comfortable with theirinterest. Any reference to discipline, corporal punishment,correction, chastisement or other mentions of spanking activitiesis only within the bounds of consensual activity between adults.This writer abhors any use of physical activities that are notconsensual and believe that spankings should only be betweenadults who seek such attention. Do you have memories of seeingspanking on television programs like I Love Lucy, Gunsmoke,even The Flinstones? Did you look up the s word in thedictionary? Did you have enormous interest when your friendswould talk about their spankings, replaying the scene repeatedlyin your mind? Has this interest stayed with you even inadulthood? Do you now read romance novels hoping for a'disciplinary' scene? Do you look at others of the opposite sexand fantasize about spanking them - or you being spanked bythem?If after answer those questions you look like one of those dogs inthe back of a car, shaking your head repeatedly up and down,you are not alone. There are sane, sensible, normal adultsthroughout the country who enjoy consensual spankings.  Some enjoy spankings within a D/s (Dominant/submissive)sexual relationship where spanking is sometimes even used as areward and the activity is directly connected with a sexualencounter; the power exchange is the focus and in this regard,spankings might be used as one way to display thesubmissiveness of one partner.Others enjoy a mild spanking, perhaps only five or six handslaps to their mate's bottom, during lovemaking. Often couplesinclude spankings in this manner like the sensation, much thesame way that some couples will include mild biting, scratchingor pinches while making love. There is no exchange of power orother mind games being played with this type of spanking.The physical activity alone is the appeal.Still others need spanking in a more traditional role, that of disciplinary spankings for imaginary or real transgressions.Only the last way of using spanking is explored with this paper. Who has the interest? Professors, blue collar workers, teachers, reverends, corporateleaders, housewives, accountants-the list could go on and on.People from every walk of life enjoy adult, consensual spanking.It might be your co- worker, the person answering the phonewhen you call an 800 number for just about any service, theperson behind the counter at the dry-cleaners or otherestablishments or even your spouse. The one thing that providesa common bond to most of us is that we keep this interest veryconfidential. Even as adolescents, we learned that there issomething different about having this interest so we keep it toourselves. There have been a number of people who finallymention it to their spouse only to learn that they either had theinterest or at least an intrigue to the idea. Others, though, shareit with the spouse and learn that there is no interest.No one knows how many Americans have the interest. There hasbeen little study done on D/s no less just spanking. Many whohave the interest are not otherwise into D/s, they just likespanking - traditional, disciplinary spankings!  Studies that have been conducted indicate that between 3-10%of Americans say they have an interest in some type of D/sactivity - including spanking. Studies also show that more menadmit to the interest than women and more men would prefer togive than women would prefer to give. Some studies - andcommon sense - say that more people are interested in more mild'play' like spanking than aspects of D/s.Equally important, there is considerable evidence in mainstreammedia that the interest in spanking is higher than many peoplemight think. Many romance novels, especially those written inthe 1970s, include spanking scenes. Movies from the 1940s and1950's often included spankings in them. Television programs of the 1950's, '60's and even '70's sometimes had disciplinaryspankings of young 'grown' women in them. In addition, manyregular publications, like Cosmopolitan, feature advertising forspanking publishers.There are a few things that seem clear from talking to manyothers who have the interest. Spankers and spankees reflect oursociety. More women who admit their intrigue with spankingwant to receive than to do the spanking; more men areinterested in giving or switching (both giving and receivingspankings) than just receive spankings. Most men want a womanas a partner and women usually want a man as a partner. Thereare many men and women who want a partner from the samesex - even those who are heterosexual. Why me? There is no simple answer to this direct question. It is a questionthat most people who have an interest in spanking ask themselves repeatedly - at least until they learn more about theirinterest and feel more comfortable with it. There are some thingsthat are very clear after talking to many people who have theinterest.Most adults with the interest remember having it pre-adolescence. Often people remember finding the few spankings  they saw on the big screen or on television very exciting evenwhen they were very young. Most of those who are interested inspanking - especially women - were not spanked or at least didnot receive traditional spankings (over-the-knee or other typeof ritualistic spankings that might include an instrument, aspecific position(s) or unclothing the bottom) as a child or teen.Some remember receiving an occasional slap, but most did notreceive the type of spanking remotely resembling the type of spanking they wish to receive - or give - now.Those who were spanked as children or teens did not usually getany satisfaction out of it, even if they had the interest at the time.Even those who want a daddy or mommy (which is notmost of us), they didn't want their parents involved in theirfantasies at all!There does seem to be a connection between the presence of guiltin their childhood and the interest in spanking for many peoplewho now have the interest. Again this is not the universally true.However, it seems that a great number of us who have theinterest were raised in households where guilt was a key way forparents or teachers to guide behavior. As such, many who havethe interest were raised in environments where guilt waspresent.Maybe some of the interest in spanking is the absolute nature of the activity. One misbehaves, the 'offender' is called upon toexplain his or her behavior and, when warranted a spanking isgiven. Sure, they may be a scolding and perhaps some cornertime following the event. There may be other rituals that arepart of the episode. But in the end (no pun intended), thepunishment is accepted and the incident is forgotten. There is noguilt, no reason for guilt because the miscreant pays the price -the old fashioned way, with a spanking.  Is spanking becoming more acceptable? Spanking may be on a rebound. During the 1930's, '40's, and'50's, one could find many incidents of leading men giving a tasteof bottom warming medicine to women in mainstream movies.
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