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Yes theatre children magazine, english edition, issue 2
  1  2    E   d   i   t  o  r   i  a   l Here’s the second issue of “Yalla Masrah” newsletter, coming out six months after the first issuepublished at the start of this year. The first experience was successful and we received many posi-tive comments, suggestions and criticisms after it. We know with all our hearts that these criticismswere only out of our dear readers’ concern for us, so that the newsletter would come out in its newformat better, more beautiful and of a higher standard that the first issue, and more useful, so that itcan deliver the message that it was created for and reach out with the voice of Yes Theatre to thebiggest group of readers in our beloved homeland. We hope that you will provide us with your sug-gestions and materials that you would like to include in the next issue, including stories, thoughts,various articles in all subjects, drawings, general information and others.“Yalla Masrah” newsletter is from you and for you; it allows you to publish your creativity and con-tributions to a large audience of people. The newsletter is distributed electronically to more than athousand e-mail addresses, and in printed form to a large number of organizations and centers inall areas of Hebron city, so that the reader can become more familiar with the theatre’s activities andthe participants in its various programs, and be introduced to these programs and activities and theopportunities for different segments to participate in them.We welcome all your contributions, and we hope for continued communication between the theatreand the citizen in order to raise the level of theatre and drama art in the city specifically and in thehomeland and the world generally. Yalla Masrah  Staff  EditorRaed ShyoukhiPreparation byIhab Zahda, Muhammed Titi and Sevtap OezkutluCoordinatorMohammad IssaPhotographyFredo Bahd / Hammam AmroDesign and PrintingPIXEL Design (Shadi Abu Ajamieh)02-2211012 / 0599-31525  3 Since 1968, WFD has strong ties with Palestine and is, since then until today, supporting a women’s cooperativeand kindergarten between Kufer Na’me and Bil’in.In 2004, WFD decided to expand its work to other parts of the West Bank and to implement projects on biggerscale, but for shorter periods. In the same year, WFD started the project “Street Educator’s Program” in the OldCity in Hebron, which focused on cultural work with youth between 14 and 18 years.In 2006, the youth house “House of Non-Violence” was opened and until 2009, it offered a “Safe Space” for youthbetween 18 and 25. In this center, youth could not only participate in arts-based activities and art therapy ses-sions, but also organize activities autonomously for other youth.We are proud, that since summer 2009, we have started cooperating with YES-Theatre, one out of only elevenPalestinian theaters in the West Bank.From the very beginning of our work in Hebron in 2004, we knew about the high quality and professionalism ofYES Theatre’s work. In our former projects, we especially benefited from the theatre’s experience in conductingtheatre workshops with children and youth.In our new “YES4Youth”-project, we hope to increase the access of youth to theater through training semi-pro-fessional multipliers as theater animators and trainers.Until mid 2012, we hope to train around 45 youth, who will then apply their newly gained knowledge in their workwith children and in community institutions. The most outstanding trainees will be trained as future actors, andwill, in that way, contribute to community and cultural life in Hebron. A library that is specialized in drama andtheater will be opened to public soon.A personal word about Hebron:In no other West Bank city have I encountered people more interested in new ideas and approaches. Hebronitesare mostly helpful, friendly, supportive and curious to meet people from outside.Hebron has its special charm and I like the importance that is given to family life and hospitality.I can say that after four years of working here, Hebron has really become a home to me.I hope, that WFD will continue working here after the end of the current project phase in July 2012. Uli SchieszlWFD-Project Consultant    W   F   D  a  n   d   H  e   b  r  o  n  4 When I tasted injustice... I knew the meaning of justice. When I was enveloped by darkness... I knew the meaning of light. When Isuffered parting... I knew the pleasure of union. And when Jerusalem was taken away from me, I knew the meaning of being robbedof justice, sun and union... My inspiration, the kiss of love on my lips, my creator, my killer, how beautiful life is between your hands,how beautiful death is on your hands... I don’t love you, I don’t yearn for you, and my heart does not beat on the doors of your hands...I, my precious, the crown of my head, every heartbeat of mine and every breath from my chest... I melt with adoration at the air thatcomes from you and goes to you, I worship at the altar of your eyes... And I wither in love and passion for every letter of your name,O lady of cities and countries. I melt with love, passion and yearning to be a grave witness in one of your corners perfumed withthe smell of kingdoms that have committed suicide on the trees and the walls. Your word I have spread, to you I have sung and toyou my tongue has tilled when I sang. To you is the letter, the drawing, the color and the name. J... e... r... u... s... a... l... e... m. Domesguard it, its eyes roam slowly to the walls... Robins, homes and sparrows inhabit it... So, come, Armageddon, if Jerusalem is notretuned, and may the world be damned... Raed ShyoukhiArtistic team member of Yes Theatre Jerusalem
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