Villanueva vs Secretary of Justice

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  G.R. No. 162187 CRISTE B. VILLANUEVA, Petitioner,- verss - SECRETAR! # $USTICE %n& ' RST-(ESSLER V N SPRENGEISEN, Res)on&ents. Nove*+er 18, 2  x - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - x D E C I S I O N CALLEJO, SR., J.: Before the Court is a petition for revie on !ertiorari of the De!ision #$ of the Court of Appea%s&CA' in CA-(.R. S) No. *+ isissin/ the petition for !ertiorari assai%in/ the finin/ of theSe!retar0 of Justi!e that no pro1a1%e !ause exists a/ainst private responent 2orst-3ess%er 4onSpren/eisen for per5ur0. 6he Ante!eents On Apri% 7, #+, the Refra!tories Corporation of the )hi%ippines &RC)' fi%e a protest 1efore theSpe!ia% Coittee on Anti-Dupin/ of the Departent of 8inan!e a/ainst !ertain iportations of 2a1ur/ 6rain/ Corporation &26C', a !orporation u%0 or/ani9e an existin/ uner the %as of the )hi%ippines. 6he atter invo%ve ##.;*; tons of a/nesite-1ase refra!tor0 1ri!<s fro(eran0. 7$ 6he !ase as o!<ete as Anti-Dupin/ Case No. I-=. 6he protest as referre to the Bureau of Iport Servi!es &BIS' of the Departent of 6rae anInustr0, to eterine if there as a pria fa!ie !ase for vio%ation of Repu1%i! A!t &R.A.' No.*=>?, the Anti-Dupin/ La. Soetie in 8e1ruar0 #*, the BIS su1itte its report to the6ariff Coission, e!%arin/ that a pria fa!ie !ase existe an that !ontinue iportation of refra!tor0 1ri!<s fro (eran0 ou% har the %o!a% inustr0. It aopte the aount of D@#,7;; per etri! ton as the nora% va%ue of the iporte /oos. ?$ 6he 26C re!eive a !op0 of the sai report on 8e1ruar0 #>, #*. 2oever, 1efore it !ou%respon, the !hairan of the 6ariff Coission proe the parties to sett%e the atter ai!a1%0.A !onferen!e ensue 1eteen RC) Senior 4i!e )resient an Assistant (enera% @ana/er Criste4i%%anueva an Jesus Bor/onia, on the one han, an 26C )resient an (enera% @ana/er 2orst-3ess%er 4on Spren/eisen an Sa%es @ana/er Dennis (on9a%es, on the other. Durin/ the!onferen!e, the parties a/ree that the refra!tor0 1ri!<s ere iporte 10 the 26C at a pri!e %essthan its nora% va%ue of D@ #,7;;, an that su!h iportation as %i<e%0 to in5ure the %o!a%inustr0. 6he parties a%so a/ree to sett%e the !ase to avoi expenses an protra!te %iti/ation. 26Cas reuire to refor its pri!e po%i!0stru!ture of its iportation an sa%e of refra!tor0 1ri!<sfro (eran0 to !onfor to the provisions of R.A. No. *=>? an its ru%es an re/u%ations. Jesus  Bor/onio thereafter prepare an si/ne a !oproise a/reeent !ontainin/ the ters a/reeupon hi!h 4i%%anueva an Bor/onia si/ne. >$ Bienvenio 8%ores, an Offi!e C%er< of RC),e%ivere the a/reeent to 26C at the th 8%oor of Raon @a/sa0sa0 Center Bui%in/, #+=;Roxas Bou%evar, @ani%a 10 4on Spren/eisens approva%. $ 2oever, 4on Spren/eisen i not si/n the a/reeent. Bor/onia revise the a/reeent 10insertin/ the phrase 1ase on the finin/s of the BIS in para/raph # thereof. 4i%%anueva anBor/onia si/ne the a/reeent an ha the sae e%ivere to the offi!e of 26C on Apri% 77, #* 10 Lino @. (utierre9, a te!hni!a% assistant of RC). (on9a%es re!eive the a/reeent an e%iverethe sae to 4on Spren/eisen. After 7; inutes, (on9a%es returne, ith the a/reeent a%rea0si/ne 10 4on Spren/eisen. +$ (on9a%es, ho ha a%so si/ne, then /ave it to (utierre9. On thesae a0, Notar0 )u1%i! enaia ). De ui/a notari9e the a/reeent. *$ (on9a%es e%ivere a!op0 of the notari9e A/reeent to 26C. =$ RC) su1itte the !oproise a/reeent to the 6ariff Coission. Durin/ the @a0 , #*hearin/ 1efore the Coission for the approva% of the a/reeent, a representative of 26Cappeare. 2e offere no o15e!tion to the A/reeent. 6he Coission su1itte its report to theSpe!ia% Coittee hi!h renere a e!ision e!%arin/ that, 1ase on the finin/s of the BIS, thenora% va%ue of the iporte refra!tor0 1ri!<s as D@ #,7;; per etri! ton. 26C re!eive a!op0 of the e!ision on @ar!h >, #=. Neither RC) nor 26C appea%e the e!ision to the Courtof 6ax Appea%s. In the eantie, 26C iporte refra!tor0 1ri!<s fro (eran0 ane an note that the nora%va%ue of the sai iportation uner the e!ision of the Spe!ia% Coittee 1ase on the BIS reportas D@ #,7;; per etri! ton. On Ju%0 7=, #=, the 26C fi%e an r/ent @otion to Set Asieanor 4a!ate Ju/ent ith the Spe!ia% Coittee on Anti-Dupin/, pra0in/ that su!h e!ision 1e e!%are nu%% an voi on the fo%%oin/ /rouns: #. 62E 8RAD 2AD BEEN CO@@I66ED B 62E )RO6ES6AN6 DRIN( 62E NE(O6IA6ION 8OR 62E )RE)ARA6ION O8 62E CO@)RO@ISE A(REE@EN6. 7. 62A6 INSER6IONS ANDOR SBS6I66ION O8 62E 8AC6S NO6 A(REED )ONFAS DELIBERA6EL AND SRRE)6I6IOSL @ADE B 62E )RO6ES6AN6 IN 62ECO@)RO@ISE A(REE@EN6 FI62O6 62E 3NOFLED(E AND CONSEN6 O8 62E)RO6ES6EE. $ 6he otion as verifie 10 4on Spren/eisen. 6he 26C averre therein that 4i%%anueva vio%ateArti!%e #*7 of the Revise )ena% Coe hen he surreptitious%0 inserte the phrase 1ase on thefinin/s of the BIS in the a/reeent ithout the <no%e/e an !onsent of 4on Spren/eisen anespite their a/reeent to put 1ehin the the finin/s of the BIS. Appene to the otion asan Affiavit of @erit exe!ute 10 4on Spren/eisen in hi!h he a%%e/e, inter a%ia, that soetiein 8e1ruar0 #*, the BIS !ae out ith its Report e!%arin/ that the nora% va%ue of thea/nesite-1ase refra!tor0 1ri!<s as D@ #,7;; per etri! tonG 1efore 26C !ou% respon to the report, 4i%%anueva invite hi to a !onferen!e for the purpose of finin/  the 1est so%ution to the penin/ !ase 1efore the CoissionG he an (on9a%es attene theeetin/ urin/ hi!h it as a/ree, 10 a0 of a !oproise, that the parties i%% a!!ept theaount of D@ #,;; per etri! ton as the nora% va%ue for a%% a/nesite-1ase refra!tor0 1ri!<sfro (eran0G hen he re!eive the raft of the !oproise a/reeent prepare 10 4i%%anueva,he approve the saeG su1seuent%0, 4i%%anueva transitte a !oproise a/reeent a%rea0si/ne 10 hi to 4on Spren/eisen for his revie, approva% an si/natureG 1e%ievin/ that the!oproise a/reeent reprou!e the !ontents of the first !oproise a/reeent, he si/ne these!on a/reeent ithout reain/ itG hen he re!eive, on @ar!h >, #=, a !op0 of the e!isionof the 6ariff Coission 1ase on the !oproise a/reeent of the parties herein the!oittee aopte the finin/s an re!oenations of the BIS &that the nora% va%ue of theshipent as D@ #,7;; per etri! ton', he as sho!<e 1e!ause he never a/ree to the use of su!h finin/s for the reforation of its pri!e po%i!iesG there as, in fa!t, an a/reeent 1eteenhi an 4i%%anueva to put 1ehin the the finin/s of the BISG he !a%%e up 4i%%anueva at hisoffi!e 1ut fai%e to !onta!t hi espite severa% atteptsG suspe!tin/ that soethin/ aisshappene, he ha the raft of the first !oproise a/reeent retrieve 1ut his se!retar0 fai%e to%o!ate the saeG it as on%0 soetie %ater that his se!retar0 foun the fo%er-fi%e !ontainin/ theraft an as appa%%e to is!over that 4i%%anueva ha su1stantia%%0 a%tere the first raft of the!oproise a/reeentG this ae hi !on!%ue an !onfir his suspi!ion that 4i%%anueva, thrue!eit an frau, inu!e hi to si/n the !oproise a/reeent to the pre5ui!e of the 26C. #;$ 6he RC) oppose the otion. But, in a para%%e% ove, 4i%%anueva, in his !apa!it0 as Senior 4i!e)resient an Assistant (enera% @ana/er of RC), fi%e a !riina% !op%aint for per5ur0 a/ainst4on Spren/eisen in the Offi!e of the Cit0 )rose!utor of @ani%a. Appene thereto as a!op%aint-affiavit exe!ute 10 4i%%anueva herein he e!%are, inter a%ia, that 4on Spren/eisenae the fo%%oin/ fa%se stateents in the r/ent @otion, thus: a. Cop%ainant$ as the one ho !a%%e up his offi!e, invitin/ hi to a eetin/ for the purposeof finin/ the 1est an ost euita1%e so%ution to the !ase &p. ?, r/ent @otion'G  1. RC) an 2a1ur/ 6rain/ a/ree to put 1ehin the the finin/s an re!oenations of theBureau of Iport Servi!es &BIS' ith respe!t to the anti-upin/ protest fi%e 10 RC) &p. ?,r/ent @otion'G !. 6he ori/ina% version of the Coproise A/reeent sent to hi as ere%0 a raft &p. ?, r/ent@otion'G . 6he phrase 1ase on the finin/s of the Bureau of Iport Servi!es as inserte in para/raph #of the fina% Coproise A/reeent ithout his <no%e/e an !onsent &p. ?, r/ent @otion'Gan e. Cop%ainant$ as the one ho surreptitious%0 inserte the aforesai phrase &p. ?, r/ent@otion'. ##$ 4i%%anueva a%so a%%e/e that 4on Spren/eisen ae the fo%%oin/ fa%se stateents in his Affiavit  of @erit: a. Cop%ainant$ invite hi to a !onferen!e for the purpose of finin/ the 1est so%ution to the!aseG  1. Cop%ainant an he$ a/ree to put 1ehin the$ the finin/s an re!oenation of the BISsu1itte to the Se!retar0 of 8inan!eG !. Fe a/ree to the aount of D@ #,;;ton as the nora% va%ue for a%% a/nesite-1aserefra!tor0 1ri!<s fro (eran0G . 6he ori/ina% version of the Coproise A/reeent sent to hi as ere%0 a raftG an e. 6hrou/h e!eit an frau, !op%ainant$ inu!e responent$ to si/n the fina% CoproiseA/reeent. #7$ In his Counter-Affiavit, 4on Spren/eisen averre that hoever !a%%e the other for a !onferen!eas not a ateria% atter. Sin!e the first raft of the Coproise A/reeent transitte to hias 10 fax, he as<e the !op%ainant to sen to hi the har !op0 of the A/reeent for hissi/nature. 2e further narrate that hen he re!eive the har !op0 of the !oproise a/reeent,he i not 1other to revie sin!e he assue that it !ontaine the sae provisions in the faxe!op0. 2e i not su//est that the phrase 1ase on the finin/s of the BIS 1e inserte in the har!op0 of the a/reeent 1e!ause he an 4i%%anueva ere at os on the BIS finin/ the nora% pri!eof the /oos as D@ #,7;; per etri! ton. 2e insiste that it ou% have 1een sense%ess of hi toa/ree to su!h insertionG as su!h, he i not a<e an0 i%%fu% an e%i1erate assertion of an0fa%sehoo as to an0 ateria% fa!t. #?$ Investi/atin/ )rose!utor 8ran!is!o (. Supnet foun no pro1a1%e !ause for per5ur0 a/ainst the private responent an re!oene the isissa% of the !op%aint. Se!on Assistant Cit0)rose!utor Leon!ia Dia/i1a reviee the reso%ution of )rose!utor Supnet an foun pro1a1%e!ause for per5ur0 a/ainst the private responent for a%%e/in/ in his Affiavit of @erit that he as inu!e to si/n the !oproise a/reeent throu/h frau an e!eit. A!!orin/ to theSe!on Assistant Cit0 )rose!utor, the a%%e/ation of the private responent thru e!eit an frau tosi/n the fina% Coproise A/reeent as a e%i1erate assertion of a fa%sehoo, esi/ne as it asere%0 to /ive the BIS the ipression that private responent as is%e into a/reein/ to the!oproise a/reeent. She further opine that the a%%e/ation as per5urious, !onsierin/ that the private responent ha suffi!ient tie to pass upon the Coproise A/reeent an !ou% haveavai%e the servi!es of %e/a% ins ho !ou% revie the ters an !onitions thereof 1eforesi/nin/ the saeG #>$ hen!e, she re!oene the reversa% of )rose!utor Supnets reso%ution anthe fi%in/ of the inforation. 6he Cit0 )rose!utor approve the re!oenation of the Se!onAssistant Cit0 )rose!utor. A!!orin/%0, an Inforation for per5ur0 as fi%e a/ainst the privateresponent ith the @etropo%itan 6ria% Court of @ani%a. 
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