Utility of Ashtakavarga in Matching Horoscopes

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This article highlights the importance of ashtakavarga in matching horoscopes for marriage. Conventional methods of matching needs to be modified in accordance with today's notion of marriage as meeting of minds. Ashtakavarga throws some light on whether the couple are inherently disposed to adjust with each other. This article written on these lines was published in the June issue of the Astrological Magazine.
  MARITAL MISHAPS ANALYSED. By Jayasree Saranathan (Published in The Astrological Magazine June 2010 issue)Matching horoscopes for marriage is a multi-pronged exercise. While Kuta agreementacts as a screening test, the major issues such as general strength and prospects of thehoroscopes, psychological compatibility of the couple and the probable dampeners for happy and lengthy married life have to be assessed. In the context of modern world of easy going tendencies and increasing prospects of divorces and re-marriages, traditionalfactors such as kuja-dosha, kalathra dosha etc seem to have less relevance. However it becomes the task of the earnest astrologer to help those who approach with anxiety thattheir wards do not get into entanglements of modern-day mishaps.The mishaps may come in any form. It may be to do with sudden deaths, estrangementdue to lack of understanding, not seeing eye to eye on issues and tasks, infidelity and lack of comforts due to problems of money and health. An astute astrologer looks into allthese issues before okaying an alliance. In this context of matching horoscopes,Ashtakavarga also has a role to play. This article enumerates the findings of numerouscase studies analysed on the basis of certain rules of Ashtakavarga to determine maritalstability.Of the 4 important utilities of Ashtakavarga identified by Dr B.V.Raman, the foremostone is to do with assessing the general strength of the planets and bhavas. The strength of  planets and bhavas that are vital for ensuring marital stability has to be taken intoaccount. It is found that if these planets have no bindus in the bhavas that are importantfor marital longevity, stability and happiness, then they render the bhavas weak therebycontributing to a low in marital stability or happiness. Before listing out these planets and bhavas, we must reconcile our position with reference to which of the two, rasi or bhava – to take into consideration for assessing the Ashtakavarga strength. Rasi vs Bhava. There are 2 schools of thought, one, taking rasi as the basis and the other, taking bhava asthe basis for Ashtakavarga computation. Though these 2 schools have their own merit, acombined approach is found to be helpful in matching horoscopes. In this context, rasitakes precedence over bhava. When a planet has not contributed any bindus to a rasi, itshows primary affliction. If the same is repeated in the bhava, it is seen that the afflictionis complete. If it is not repeated in the bhava, we see scope for redemption or reconciliation on the part of the native by coming to terms with the reality or bouncing back to normalcy. This is possible as we find people of today well at ease to let things goand move on.1  In this analysis, I go by the dictum given Dr B.V. Raman that “in interpreting the resultsdue to the inherent indications (karakathwa) of a planet or the signification of a house(bhava) one should pay due attention to the general principles of astrology.”(‘Ashtakavarga system of prediction’, page 34). Applying the general principles the bhavas and planets crucial for marriage for the application of ashtaka varga can bederived as follows ã The reckoning must be done from lagna, moon and kalathra karaka Venus. ã Venus plays a crucial role in maintaining cordial relationship between partners.(1)The number of bindus in the house where Venus is posited and the bindus in the7 th from Venus in Bhinnashtakavarga (BAV) of Venus must be assessed. 4 bindusshow average disposition. Anything above 4 is good. The number of bindus in the place of Venus shows the extent of friendliness exhibited by the native. The bindus in the 7 th shows the extent of friendliness exhibited by the partner. Whenthe 7 th house from Venus has less bindus than found in the house where Venus is positioned, it is inferred that the native can not expect a friendlier attitude fromthe partner. For such a horoscope it is better to match a horoscope that has more bindus in the place of Venus in its BAV.(2)Venus in debility in any bhava from lagna, with 4 or less points must be matchedwith a horoscope having Venus in Kendra or kona to the native’s Venus withmore than 4 bindus.(3)If Venus in both the charts is in 2-12 or 6-8 axis, it is better to check that theyhave more than 4 bindus. Anything less does not support friendly disposition between the couple.(4)If there are no bindus in the BAV of Mars and Saturn in the house where Venus issituated, it is not a good sign for marital bliss. In such a case, Venus with more bindus in the BAV of Mars and Saturn in the partner’s horoscope is required toreduce the affliction.(5)If the planetary lord of one’s birth star has contributed a bindu in the 7 th housefrom Venus, marital peace is ensured. In the case of nodes as planetary lords, thedictum ‘Shanivad Rahu, Kujavad Ketu’ must be followed. In the case of Venus as planetary lord ( for stars Bharani, U.Phalguni, U.Shada), no bindu is contributedto the 7 th house in Venus –BAV. In such cases, one must look at lagnashtakavarga. If Venus has contributed a bindu to the 7 th house in the lagnashtaka varga,it ensures happy disposition in marriage.(6)When both the partners have the above factor fulfilled and have more bindus inVenus and 7 th from Venus, it ensures better compatibility. Venus in both thecharts in Kendra or Kona to each other is an additional requisite for better relationship.2    ã Among other planets, the BAV of Sun, Saturn and Mars must be analyzed. ã Sun has vulnerability in the 2 nd , 7 th and 8 th houses. Traditionally sun in thesehouses gives rise to soorya – dosha that affects the longevity of the partner. Toneutralize this,(1) the horoscope is matched with the one that has benefics in the 8 th house with astrong langa lord.(2) Jupiter must not be present in the 8 th house with or without malefic aspects or association in the partner’s horoscope.(3) There should be no malefic association to the 3 rd house in the partner’s horoscope.Even if these conditions are fulfilled, if there are no bindus in Sun’sBhinnashtakavarga (BAV) in these houses (2,7,8) reckoned from lagna or moon or Venus, such a horoscope must not be matched. Even in the absence of Soorya-doshain one’s horoscope, absence of bindus in sun’s BAV in these houses has resulted inmarital mishaps, not necessarily of death but of some disturbance in marital harmony. ã Zero bindu in the BAV of Saturn is a cause of concern. The bhava where it occursaffects the bhava. If that bhava is of importance to marriage, say, 7 th or 8 th , thenmartial mishap can be expected. So one must check the BAV of Saturn also. ã If the nodes are the cause of marriage dosha, the bhava where they are presentmust not have zero bindu in Saturn’s or Mars’s BAV. Particularly if the node is inthe 8 th house with zero bindus in the BAV of Saturn or Mars, sudden death isindicated. Such a horoscope must not be matched with one that has zero bindu inany house of importance for marital bliss. ã Finally and most importantly BAV of Mars plays a crucial role in maritalstability. The 2 nd , 4 th , 7 th , 8 th and 12 houses are crucial for assessing Kuja doshaas they are about family, domestic comforts, kalathra, Mangalya and conjugal bliss. In reality, Kuja dosha in strict sense of traditional application may not work,as there are many exceptions. But if we look at the BAV of Mars, the absence of any bindus in the above mentioned 5 houses make those houses weak andvulnerable. ã In fact Mars having zero bindus in any house makes the house weak. A prominentexample is that of the politically invincible Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, MrKarunanidhi . He has been successful in thwarting all opposition by hook or crook, but his miseries seem to lie at his home front - with his kids.3  +-----------------------------------------------+| |Me |Su Mo |Ve || | | | || | | | || | | | || | | | ||-----------+-----------------------+-----------||Ke | | || | Karunanidhi | || | | || | 03-06-1924 | || | 12 pm | ||-----------| Thiruvarur |-----------||Ma | | AsRa || | | || | | || | | || | | ||-----------+-----------------------+-----------|| |JuR |SaR | || | | | || | | | || | | | || | | | |+------------------------------------------------ This powerful chart has zero bindus in the 5 th house in the BAV of Mars both in the rasiand bhava.Mars stands for power and influence on others, by means of coercion or force or threat.He can not exercise any of these on his children or in other words, his children can not becontrolled by him. He has zero Martian influence on his sons and daughter.In assessing the horoscopes for matching, the foremost factor to see is Mars BAV withreference to the above mentioned 5 houses.This is to be seen from lagna, from moon and from Venus.Zero bindus in 7 th house more often than not, leads to abrupt end of marriage.In the horoscopes of spinsters and bachelors too, Mars has zero bindus in the 7 th house.However the astrologer should not rule out marriage only on the premise of zero bindu inMars –BAV in the 7 th .The general marriage yogas must be present.When ‘no-marriage’ yogas are predominant, this Martian lack of strength in ashtakavarga adds to it.When the marriage yogas are strong but BAV –Mars has zero points, then caution must be exercised. The same weakness must not be present in the horoscope of the prospectivealliance. If it is present in any of the above mentioned 5 houses, it is an indication of a break, estrangement or unhappiness.Let us see some case studies to assess the utility of these principles.Similar mishaps are indicated in the BAV charts of the famous couple Mrs and MrRajiv Gandhi. 4
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