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Today's Energy Solutions. Bill McShane. Sustainable Lighting Division. Market Size based on North Carolina Lamp Data*. T12 Lamp Units. 400w Metal Halide. *based on sales of Philips lamps. NC Governor's goals:. Focus on 6 areas for Federal Recovery Act State Energy Program:
Today's Energy SolutionsBill McShaneSustainable Lighting DivisionMarket Size based onNorth Carolina Lamp Data*T12 Lamp Units400w Metal Halide*based on sales of Philips lampsNC Governor's goals:
  • Focus on 6 areas for Federal Recovery Act State Energy Program:
  • Support small businesses and industry through energy savings,
  • Grow NC’s green workforce via Jobs Now,
  • Develop Energy Investment Revolving Loan Fund,
  • Improve government energy efficiency,
  • Promote residential energy efficiency and renewable energy, and
  • Foster renewable energy technology and resource innovation.
  • NC will demonstrate its performance by tracking the jobs created, energy costs avoided, units of energy saved, increased capacity for renewable energy generation and greenhouse gas and other emissions reduced.Main Funding Sources
  • NC State Energy Program (SEP)
  • SEP Grant
  • Improving Gov't Energy Efficiency
  • $9.5MM for the entire state
  • SEP loan
  • 0% loan up to $1MM
  • tied to Performance Contract
  • Possibly combination w/Philips financing
  • NC State Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant (EECBG)
  • $7MM for municipalities under 35k in population
  • N.C. State Energy ProgramImproving Government Energy Efficiency
  • $9,500,000 total available:
  • $1.95 million:
  • For energy assessments to develop and implement long-term energy saving strategies and identify potential projects for federal and state Recovery funding.
  • $8 million
  • For Energy efficiency upgrade grants to address repair and renovation projects at state agencies, universities and community colleges that have been identified but not funded. Includes exterior lighting upgrades to LEDs
  • Energy Investment Revolving Loan Fund$18,000,000-$20,000,000 availableNo- and low-interest loans up to $1 million for terms of up to ten yearsFor businesses, nonprofits, local governments, public schools, community colleges and state agencies/universitiesExtends scope of federal recovery funds and ensure that these funds continue to support the state’s commitment to renewable energy and energy efficiencyPerformance Contract Term Buy-downsN.C. STATE EECBG FundsState will issue application materials/RFPs after approval and award of funds from DOEState must distribute at least 60% of allocations to small towns <35,000 residentsRemaining 40% will be distributed to K-12 public school districts, community colleges and other local public authorities which is being funded with $7,044,124City of Raleigh EECBG Funding
  • Direct allocation of EECBG funds
  • $2,500,000
  • Includes "lighting efficiency improvements"
  • Contact for City of Raleigh EECBG program:
  • Paula ThomasSustainability Initiatives ManagerCity of Raleigh919-996-3840EPAct 2005Bill McShaneSustainable Lighting DivisionPractice What we Preach
  • Completed an EPAct project at our Union facility
  • Yielded a 48K tax deduction
  • ($16,000 saving plus annual energy saving)
  • Ongoing project for the Fall River Plant
  • Overview
  • The opportunity
  • Energy Tax Incentives Act of 2005
  • Commercial building immediate tax deduction
  • Incentivized areas:
  • Lighting
  • HVAC
  • Building envelope
  • Also available for:
  • Tenant owned lease-hold improvements
  • Rental properties 4 stories or above
  • Primary Designers of Government Buildings
  • Tax Language
  • Credit
  • A Dollar for Dollar Savings
  • Deduction
  • To calculate your Savings you must multiply by your tax rate
  • Approximately 1/3
  • Overview
  • DOE Objectives
  • Make tax incentives performance based
  • The more energy you save, the more taxes you save
  • Maximize efficiency of conventional equipment and processes
  • Encourage alternative energy equipment and design
  • EPAct Strengths -- RetailCentral management of design decisionsPrototype then keep consistent through chain for easy complianceMajority of EPAct projects retailPotential Tax Savings for Major Retailer XAssumptions: Qualifying Energy Efficient Capital improvements for each facilityDistribution Centers
  • All major and minor companies have these!
  • Low hanging fruit….Major companies are retrofitting.
  • Very large square footage
  • Example: 80,000 sq.ft. warehouse
  • *2,080 hours of operationHotels
  • Easy opportunity
  • Compliance achieves full $/sq.ft. deduction in 30 states
  • Large spaces
  • Guest rooms
  • Exempt from bi-level switching
  • Substantial plug-in lighting – exempt
  • Franchise ownership can be a hindrance
  • OverviewBuilding Energy Use
  • View of DOE analysis on tax area
  • Difficult to reduce building envelope energy use after-the-fact
  • Lighting current low hanging fruit
  • Prospectively, HVAC may be biggest opportunity
  • Commercial Building Immediate DeductionASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers)HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning)
  • Deductions based on improvements over ASHRAE 90.1 2001
  • Energy efficient improvements must be depreciable assets
  • Converts 39 year depreciation to current deduction
  • Available for installations completed through 2014
  • Deduction amounts:
  • Lesser of total cost or:
  • $1.80/sq.ft. Whole Building
  • $0.60/sq.ft. Individual Systems
  • Lighting
  • HVAC
  • Building Envelope
  • Commercial Building Immediate Deductions
  • Architects/Engineers/Lighting Designers
  • DOE goal to incentivize green design in government building sector
  • Benefits passed through to the primary designer of:
  • Federal: offices, military bases, court houses, post office, labs etc.
  • State: offices, transportation facilities, state universities, court houses etc.
  • County, city, town, village etc: offices, schools, town halls, police, fire, libraries etc.
  • 5 ways to Capture Tax Deduction1. Whole Building ($1.80/ft2)
  • 50% Energy Cost Reduction below standard
  • Permanent Rules partial deduction ($0.60/ft2)
  • Overall Energy Cost Reduction of 16 ⅔% below standard for:
  • 2. Lighting or
  • HVAC or
  • Building Envelope
  • 5. Interim Lighting Rules ($0.30/ft2-$0.60/ft2)
  • 25% to 40% prescribed Light Power Density (LPD) reduction below standard
  • Interim Lighting Rules
  • Meet W/ft2 targets
  • Add’l Requirements
  • Bi-level Switching
  • Meet ASHRAE 90.1 Requirements
  • Meet IESNA minimum light levels
  • LPD (Light Power Density)Bi Level switching-Tax RequirementTax Explanation-not a lighting oneEPAct States –a room which is defined has having four walls and ceiling must have two levels of light. (must have the ability to achieve)How to Satisfy this requirement:Multiple SwitchesCircuit Breakers—distribution centersOccupancy Sensors in a perimeter offices only provide On and OffFree RidingAdvanced tax planning strategyLowest hanging FruitIf 40% improvement all already exist. Use the $0.60 cents square deduction for:Lighting ControlsLighting portion of Building Management SystemsDayLighting design and systemsBenefiting from ASHRAE 2004 & 2003 IECCStates with Stricter Lighting Standardsthan ASHRAE 90.1 2001Common Lighting RetrofitsIndustrial/Manufacturing/WarehouseT5 Hi-Bay Fluorescent234 WattsMetal Halide458 WattsOffice & RetailOr4 Lamp 4’ T12Mag. Ballast144→164 Watts3 Lamp 4’ Super T-8Elec. Ballast72 Watts2 Lamp 4’ Super T-8 Elec. Ballast67 WattsEPAct Strategy
  • Review all completed projects for EPAct Eligibility (Commercial & Government)
  • Establish process to maximize EPAct
  • Lighting
  • Design future projects to the higher of ASHRAE 2004, local energy codes or EPAct
  • And now a word from one of your electric utilities . . .North Carolina Rebate Programs4-lamp T5HO = approx $75 per fixturePlus Sensor
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