The Changing Roles of School Social Work

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The Changing Roles of School Social Work. Andy Frey, Jan Kutter , & Sandra Sarmiento June 27 th , 2011. National Trends in Student Support. Continuum of Mental Health Strategies.
The Changing Roles of School Social WorkAndy Frey, Jan Kutter, & Sandra SarmientoJune 27th, 2011National Trends in Student SupportContinuum of Mental Health StrategiesNational Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention Education Development Center, Inc., Health and Human Development Division3 Components of the Whole School ApproachPublic Health Approach
  • Focuses on the largest possible groups of people
  • Emphasizes preventative approaches
  • Identifies and addresses risk factors
  • Employs evidence based interventions (EBIs)
  • Focuses on strengthening protective factors
  • Coordinates and integrates services
  • Evaluated the effectiveness of interventions
  • Implications for New Roles
  • Emphasis on indirect service model
  • Addressing attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of school personnel
  • Coordinator of EBPs
  • Technical support for school and district-wide applications (i.e., training, data-based decision-making)
  • Evaluation, including treatment integrity
  • Direct services
  • Provide some indicated/tertiary prevention
  • Coordinate community resources for treatment and maintenance
  • Social Work and RTI/PBIS
  • PBIS – A 3 tiered system of supports for all students, kindergarten through high school.
  • The problem solving model
  • The school social work role- traditional versus response to intervention
  • The East Aurora evolution of the traditional social work model to the current practices of PBIS implementation
  • Changing Role in the School Setting
  • Pre-existing knowledge
  • Students’ mental health needs increasing-define the school social worker role as it relates to educational impact. (Just one view)
  • Mental Health Act of 2003
  • PBIS
  • Social emotional learning standards
  • Provide more school supports
  • Changing Roles (Cont)
  • Move from individual services to groups
  • Professional development for social workers and school staff
  • Discussion with administration regarding impact
  • Change in job descriptions- (next year)
  • Traditional role or changing role
  • Use skills effectively
  • Teach staff skill set to use for detection of problems
  • Focus on prevention to stop continual crisis
  • Run groups directed by data-SWIS
  • Use problem solving model to reduce numbers of social history
  • Use secondary team as referral rather than individual except for crisis intervention
  • Not have IEP minutes define time job
  • Part of the team for FBA/BIP development rather than the only person
  • Next Steps
  • Discuss the changing roles with universities to have curriculum include:
  • Data management
  • Changing roles
  • Social emotional curriculum
  • Questions/thoughts:
  • Resources
  • Research on the Relationship Between Mental Health and Academic Achievement. National Association of School Psychologists, 2008
  • Realizing the Promise of the whole-school approach to children’s mental health: A practical guide for schools-
  • Resources
  • Reducing Problem Behaviors in the Elementary School Classroom: A Practice Guide (NCEE #2008-012)-
  • Resources
  • Existing federal programs that provide resources
  • Elementary and Secondary School Counseling Program
  • Grants for the Integration of Schools and Mental Health Systems
  • IDEA
  • Safe Schools/Healthy Students
  • Systems of Care
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