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Status of the analysis software. Evgueni Goudzovski ( SNS & INFN Pisa ). P326: Ke2 run meeting CERN  March 15, 2007. Compact & Cmc. COMPACT General functionality is suitable for K e2 analysis;
Status of theanalysis softwareEvgueni Goudzovski(SNS & INFN Pisa)P326: Ke2 run meetingCERN  March 15, 2007Compact & Cmc
  • General functionality is suitable for Ke2 analysis;
  • A request to propagate the HODhit structure from CMP to SCMP (MaChit structure seems a good place);
  • A suggestion (by Massimo Lenti) to use NHOD signal along with E/P; need to propagate the NHOhit structure to SCMP.
  • CMC
  • TURTLE beamline configuration for 2007 simultaneous K+/K–beams of 75 GeV/c provided by Niels:~eagroup/database/turtlin/k12k+e2d~eagroup/database/turtlin/k12k–e2u
  • TURTLE description included into (private) CMC by Dmitry;
  • Run-by-run CMC fine tuning (magnetic fields/alignment/beam geometry) is foreseen in 2007 as for 2003/2004 once the HCMP split of the data (only Q1 trigger) is available.
  • [Venelin?][to write: counter number, time, ADC count, overflow condition][Dmitry]CMC: 2007 beam lineDCH1: x=3.5cm, y=0RMSx,y=0.29cmDeviation of the beamsfrom the Z axis MNP33 defl. @1200A:3.5mradxTurtle’2007performance in CMC isvery similarto the expected oneK+3.9cm3.5cmzTRIM3 defl.:0.3mradK–FinColl:–18mLKr:121.08mDCH1:97.09mMNP33:108.97mPK=75GeV/c, RMS=1.8%Col.plane: RMSx,y=0.33cmdx/dz=0.3mrad, dydz=0RMSx,y=0.014mradPK, GeV/cCdr, Hepdb, L3, CmpMon
  • HEPDB service from IT is no longer available in 2007;
  • Venelin suggested that calibration software could be upgraded to be able to write to AFS.
  • CDR
  • A meeting with IT should be organized to find out if CDR serverswill use SLC3 or SLC4, setting up the data pool, etc.
  • CDR operation with SLC4 would require upgrade of R/O from NFS mounts to RFIO.
  • A proposal for responsibles: Stefano Venditti, Simone Bifani.
  • L3
  • (E/P>0.5) cut can safely data volume by a factor of ~3;
  • The algorithm should be implemented into L3.
  • Compact monitor
  • Histoscope libraries to be recompiled for SLC4;
  • The set of values to be monitored is developed (suggestions welcome!).
  • [Volunteers needed][Venelin/Stefano/Simone][A tutorial from Venelin is expected!][Mainz][Dmitry/Evgueni]Online and offline filteringMinBias 2004 SCMP size: 4,000 Ke2 250 GBSimilar estimation for 2007: 120,000 Ke2 7.5 TBL3 filter (E/P>0.5+downscaled+all 3track): suppression f=3  2.5 TBComputing task force estimation 8 TB
  • Possible offline filtering:
  • Ke2 filter (based on stricter E/P, extra activity?) should aimto reduce the data volume to below 0.5TB(compare: 2003+2004 K3asymmetry sample amounted to 1.23 TB);
  • 2) K3 HCMP split of Q1 trigger (size: ~ 7.5TB/5/50 ~ 30GB)for CMC tuning purposes.
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