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  TERM-PAPER  RESEARCH REPORTON IMPACT OF WESTERN CULTURE ON INDIAN CULTURE  SUBJECT- RESEARCH METHODOLOGY  Submitted to Dr.B.L.BajpaiHODDBA, University of Lucknow Submitted by Saba KazmiMBA 2 nd Sem.2008-2010    INTRODUCTION As our lives become more and more materialistic, we are loosing our identity. The roots to whichwe are joined are loosing their hold, with the change in attitude and perception towards living.Western and Indian cultures are diametrically opposed. The reason for this is that Western cultureis based on the principles of materialism, whereas Indian culture is based on the tenets and principles of spiritualism. Materialism stands for worldly possessions, wealth, canons of economics, material gains etc., whereas spiritualism stands for moral values, ethics, scruples,virtues and the power to distinguish between right and wrong, between good and evil, betweencorrect and incorrect etc. It is essential to have material possessions in this world. It is a source of sustenance.Indian Culture, which is one of the oldest & richest cultures, is now days posing a serious threatas Western culture is establishing its strong base in India and slowly and gradually wiping theIndian culture. It had already made its presence in Metro’s & is now slowly heading towardsother parts of India.Westernization has greatly affected our traditions, customs, our family and our respect and lovefor others. The concept of joint families is vastly decreasing every one wants to remain aloof from others. No body now bother about others and only cares about himself which is totallycontradictory to our Indian culture which teaches to be a part of each other Joy’s and Sorrows tocelebrate the moments together and share the grief together. Slowly all our values for which Indiahas the pride is vanishing & Western culture is taking its place. People are blindly following theWestern culture without knowing its consequences.   The Western influence of materialism seems to have infiltrated into our family system, especiallyin the urban areas. A generation gap is often mentioned by the younger generation while referringto the older generation. They do not realize that the older generation is a generation ahead. Now people are so engrossed in making money that all else is secondary. Joint family tradition; one of the biggest assets of India is now vanishing. Nuclear families are taking place of many years' oldvalues.   The older generation is referred to as the past; little realizing that there is no futurewithout a past. The younger generation wants freedom without any responsibility along with it.Youth of today is more interested in their privacy rather than enjoying their lives with others.Individualization has broken up the joint family system, paving way for the youth to fall prey todrug addiction. This stage is the most vulnerable period of life where the youth need guidance,counseling, education and care by parents.Parents feel proud in giving the Western values to their children. Children are brought up in thisatmosphere. They are thus kept miles away from Indian culture. There is no harm in giving theknowledge of other cultures and traditions as Indians have made their presence in every part of world and it is very necessary that we should have knowledge of their culture, traditions and their language. We should do but to the limit, which is really needed, and also take care that our newsprouts are well versed with Indian culture and its values. It is the responsibility of parents toinherit the same and for this it is very necessary that parents should also be well versed withIndian culture and traditions.We need wealth to make our lives comfortable and to improve our quality of living, but at thesame time we must remember that in the process of acquiring the above, we must never lose our  power of distinguishing right from wrong, well from evil, and must allow the ecclesiastical to ruleover the material. They have no time to meet their fellow brethren, but they have time to visittheir psychiatrists in search of mental peace and satisfaction. From the west some people come to  India and head for the Himalayas in search of spiritual gurus to attain solace. As yet Indianculture has held its own, but the Western influence of materialism is distorting the fabric of our culture, which is spiritualism. Indians in their mind consider themselves second rate, which leads their assimilation process intothe west quicker. The complex that Indians have of the west is not constricted to one area and can be seen throughout their daily lives and in their Physic. A good example of this is the subject of arranged marriage. Traditionally this is the only way Indians use to get married. This systemworks due to the fact that the bride and groom would have faith in the decision of their parents.Yet now days some youngsters prefer to go and find love marriages even though they know therisk of break ups and divorces. Due to the complex they have picked up from Western influencesthey would rather run the risk of disgrace than do the traditional ways.Though there are also some positive impacts like-emphasis on development, attention toimproved infrastructure, efficiency, management, improved educational systems, sincere effortsto reduce the margin between the poor and the rich, sincere efforts to improve lifestyles of themarginalized, poor, disadvantaged sectors of society, sincere efforts to reduce the plague of India'corruption', etc. So, everything encompasses both positive and negative aspects. The Westernculture major influences the youth. Youth is that time of life when people are mostimpressionable as Ill as productive. So whatever decisions they take or the attitudes they adopthave far reaching consequences on their future life. The grass is always greener on the other sideand the inaccessible things are always sweet. West is so alluring to everyone due to this reasononly. On the positive side it has many practices and much knowledge, which are required to beadopted so that they can become acquainted with the changing scenario of world. In the lop sidethey can suffer if they cross their limits just for aping the west. Adopting the good practices of any culture is fruitful but abandoning the culture is a pitfall, which costs in the long run.I feel that no doubt the Western culture is versatile and has taught us to be self-independent butthis does not mean that we will forget our age-old culture and blindly follow it. Thus I realizedthat these aspects should be explored to find out what the real changes are that affect our age old but rich traditions. Also I felt that there is a need to analyze the causes behind these changes.These changes can be both social as well as behavioral.  LITERATURE REVIEW For the exploratory study, I have taken reference from the research article of  FULBRIGHT titled “The Modem and the Mango Tree: Assessing Adolescent’s Cultural Identity Developmentin India” .The article’s review is as under: - “The study was focused upon traditional vs. modern cultural identity orientation among adolescents in urban areas of India. Their study was based upon the common notion given byadults of India that  Young People nowadays are losing their traditional values.  It captured uponvarious facets of the Indian youth population pertaining to their daily routines, viz., their food habits, language, mode of entertainment, physical appearance, etc., and also pertaining to social and religious habits of them. One of the highlighted point in this article was that identity of  Indian youth’s is more impressionable; they are more open to try new technology, food, music,clothes etc. it also stated in its discussion that Indian youth is though adopting the modern valuesbut also conserving the traditional ones. Hence, they are practicing a blend of both the values.On gender wise basis, it concluded that both male and female are almost similarly traditional,but males have more of modern cultural orientation than females.“ With the study of this article, I was able to decide upon the research objectives of my researchstudy, which is titled “To study the impact of western culture on Indian culture”. After goingthrough this article, I decided that upon which particular habits and traits of Indian population Iam going to study. I was able to understand the deep roots of western culture on the Indian population and how has these western values made an impact upon them.I used this article in my exploratory study so as to able to jot down and understand what all can be my research objectives upon which my study is going to be based. RESEARCH PROBLEM AND OBJECTIVESManagement Questions 1.Are Indians losing their traditional values in modern India?2.Do Indians perceive adoption of Western values as an option of upliftment of Indiansociety? Research Objective To study the perception of Indians towards Western culture and the impact of Western culture onIndian culture. My study will be based on these categories, namely, the family structure andlifestyle, their workplace and their social life. Research Questions
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