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1 PROJECT FOR A TECHNICAL AND METHODOLOGICAL ASSISTANCE TO IMPROVE THE KNOWLEDGE AND ANALYSIS OF MEDICAL DISEASES IN YEMEN Association Médicale Franco-Yéménite January 1999 Association Médicale Franco-Yéménite (AMFY) 57 Av Paul Doumer 75016 Paris Tel 33-1-45 04 47 72 e-mail : Président : Dr Y. Viallard Vice-Président : Dr J.F. Hiance secrétariat : Dr J.L. Georges Fax 33-1-39 63 95 12 PROJET AMFY 99 version du : 30/03/99 JFH/JLG 2 1. HISTORY OF THE FRENCH-Y
  1 PROJECT FOR A TECHNICAL ANDMETHODOLOGICAL ASSISTANCE TO IMPROVETHE KNOWLEDGE AND ANALYSIS OF MEDICALDISEASES IN YEMEN Association Médicale Franco-YéméniteJanuary 1999 Association Médicale Franco-Yéménite (AMFY)57 Av Paul Doumer 75016 ParisTel 33-1-45 04 47 72e-mail :ésident : Dr Y. ViallardVice-Président : Dr J.F. Hiancesecrétariat : Dr J.L. GeorgesFax 33-1-39 63 95 12 PROJET AMFY 99version du : 30/03/99JFH/JLG  2 1. HISTORY OF THE FRENCH-YEMENI MEDICAL ASSOCIATION(AMFY) The french medical assistance in yemen began 50 years ago (Dr Février COLLARD,1948). The French Medical Mission of Taiz (MMF) has been created in 1961 by Dr YvetteVIALLARD, and officially recognized in 1968. More than 80 french physicians, biologists,nurses, technicians in radiology, arabist administrative assistants have worked in this mission.It developed in the Republican Hospital of Taiz into six medical specialities : radiology,ophtalmology, pneumology, cardiology, internal medicine and infectious diseases, andpathology laboratory. Concurrently, several yemeni physicians and paramedics have beenrecruited and turned out, and some of them have completed their specialization in France.The French-Yemeni-Medical Association (AMFY) has been created in 1990, just beforethe definitive closure of the French Medical Mission, in order to continue a close medicalcollaboration, contribute to a better knowledge of the medical problems in Yemen, and keepand use all the friendship that had been gathered over 30 years of common work. The creationof AMFY was encouraged and sponsored by Mr Travers et Mr Calvet, respectively vice-director of scientific and technic cooperation, and director of the Middle-East area in thefrench foreign office (Ministère des Affaires Etrangères).The association maintained close contacts between french and yemeni doctors of Taiz,Sanaa and Aden. It organized medical meetings in Yemen (the rencontres médicales franco-yéménites ), during which many important medical problems in Yemen were interactivelydiscussed and analysed : endocarditis (1994), traditional pharmacology (1994), new trends intuberculosis (1996), rheumatic heart disease (1996), radiology and ultrasound in medicine(1994, 1996), prevention and care of cerebral vascular accidents (1998).AMFY also contribute in:- helping yemeni physicians/paramedics for their post-university training courses inFrance, reception and lodging (Dr Viallard)- mailing and dispatching medical journals and publications in Yemen- collecting donations of medications and medical equipment for the RepublicanHospital of Taiz.Until now, the AMFY has been financed by a grant of the french governement, privatedonations, and suscriptions of the members. Its actions were supported by the service culturelet de coopération scientifique of the French embassy in Sanaa, and by the Yemen embassy inParis. PROJET AMFY 99version du : 30/03/99JFH/JLG  3 2. PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT The purpose of this project is to bring medical informations and large technical andmethodological assistance, following specific requests of yemeni health professionals, for abetter knowledge and an improvement of care of medical pathologies in Yemen. 3. BACKGROUND AND RATIONALE During the 10 years following the closure of the French Medical Mission, medicine inYemen has deeply changed : medical schools and university hospitals have been created ordevelopped, vaccination program have been planed, highly qualified yemeni specialists havebeen recruited, and hospital medical equipments have been improved. Concurrently, the needof substitutive medicine has decreased, and the request of yemeni health professional havechanged to a greater assistance in methodological aspects, analysis of process andorganization, and post graduate educational programs.Because the French Yemeni Medical Association has gathered a network of medical andacademic experts, all being aware of the specificities of the medical yemeni practice, itappears useful and necessary to work out a new project for a common work, taking intoconsideration the changes in medicine in Yemen and the new requests of our yemenicolleagues and members.This project will concern public institutions in Yemen (hospitals, universities) and willbe non-profit making. French experts will volunteer working on this project. 4. METHODS The methods will associate post graduate educational programs, in Yemen and in France,and setting up of simple structures allowing a better transmission of medical informationsbetween France and Yemen.  4.1.Post-graduate medical educational programs in Yemen 4.1.1.Medical meetings They will continue the Rencontres Médicales Franco-Yéménites . The basis of theorganization will be almost similar, with some distinctive features as follows : PROJET AMFY 99version du : 30/03/99JFH/JLG  4 -The medical meeting will focus on the comparison of different experiences concerninga major health problem in Yemen, chosen by the yemeni organizers-It will require the active participation of both yemeni and french speakers-A member of the AMFY will coordinate the meeting, organize the sessions incollaboration to the yemeni staff, prepare the following actions of AMFY, and write a reportfor AMFY and sponsors.-The medical meeting will essentially deal with the theoretical aspects of the medicalproblem, and will be completed by the other actions of formation (workshops, trainingcourses), which are detailed below-Periodicity : 1 à 2 by year-Unique place (turnround between Sanaa, Aden, Taiz)-Duration : 3 days-French team members : 2 to 3 (1 yo 2 experts and one AMFY's board member) 4.1.2.Workshops of medical techniques -The topics will be the same that those chosen for the medical meeting, or be differentand open on further common works.-Medical techniques involved : ultrasound/echography, diagnostic or interventionalradiology , CT-scan, laboratory techniques, etc…-Duration : up to 8 days, eventually associated with a medical meeting-French team :1 or 2 people 4.1.3.Clinical management -Clinical management sessions will be organized on a specific request of the yemeniphysicians, and be authorized by the yemeni health authorities.-They will consist in clinical discussion of selected medical cases and/or examinationof selected patients. The cases should be representative of frequent or difficult medicalproblems in Yemen, or have a large didactic interest for physicians, fellows, or students.-They should necessarily be associated to a scientific presentation (medical meeting,workshop of medical techniques). 4.1.4.Methodological post graduate educational courses -Principle : formation of yemeni health care professionals by an expert in a specifictopic dealing with methodology and organization : statistics, epidemiology, health careprocesses, organization of out-patient clinics, laboratories, in-patient hospitalization, etc..-Formation of formatives : in this way, formatives' formation sessions intended toteachers, researchers, paramedical or technical officers, could be organized in order to givethem a pedagogical formation. PROJET AMFY 99version du : 30/03/99JFH/JLG
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