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Entrepreneurship Education in Europe. A Vision and a Roadmap. Prof Paul D. Hannon, Director of Research and Education National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship, UK 20 th May 2008. An Entrepreneurial Journey?. Visions of an entrepreneurial future What can/should we influence?
Entrepreneurship Education in EuropeA Vision and a RoadmapProf Paul D. Hannon, Director of Research and EducationNational Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship, UK20th May 2008An Entrepreneurial Journey?
  • Visions of an entrepreneurial future
  • What can/should we influence?
  • A road less travelled?
  • Stepping forward
  • International Entrepreneurship Educators Programme (IEEP)
  • And finally ................
  • Visions of an entrepreneurial future
  • The Entrepreneurial University
  • The Entrepreneurial Graduate Career
  • The Entrepreneurial Educator
  • The Entrepreneurial Stakeholder Partner
  • Opportunities for AllFostering Entrepreneurial MindsetsNeeds-Driven Action/Practice FocusEmbedded and NormalisedThe Entrepreneurial University is:
  • A great environment for encouraging entrepreneurial behaviours, thinking and opportunity;
  • Cross-campus approach creating access to all students;
  • Multi-disciplinary working across academic faculties and departments;
  • Engages external stakeholders in the design and delivery of entrepreneurship provision;
  • Has strong institutional leadership and support;
  • Takes a broad conceptual approach to entrepreneurship as being more than starting a business;
  • Teaching focuses on ‘for’ rather than ‘about’ entrepreneurship
  • The Entrepreneurial Educator ....
  • Creates learning environments which encourage entrepreneurial behaviour in students and graduates;
  • Designs entrepreneurship curricula in which are embedded desired learning outcomes;
  • Exploits new opportunities for enhancing the student experience;
  • Engages entrepreneurs and business with students in learning opportunities;
  • Is innovative in his/her approach to teaching, experimenting with different pedagogies
  • Is a leader able to shape the opportunity learning environment
  • New ways of:
  • Seeing, behaving, doing, thinking, communicating, organising, learning
  • And BEING
  • New institutional models, approaches, policies
  • New teaching and learning practices and modes of assessment
  • New educator roles, responsibilities and rewards?
  • New .......... ?
  • Stepping Forward
  • Understanding and sharing good practice
  • Building a more robust underpinning to what we do
  • Identifying the contributions of our practices to achieving entrepreneurial outcomes
  • Changing the paradigm to open up more opportunities
  • Supporting educator development
  • Enhancing value, status, incentives, rewards
  • Institutional integration and stakeholder engagement
  • Creating exemplar institutions conducive to enterprise and entrepreneurship
  • International Entrepreneurship Educators Programme (IEEP)IEEP – A Real Entrepreneurial Journey
  • Broad conceptualisation of entrepreneurship (in) education
  • A pedagogic smorgasbord
  • Affecting change through individual action and institutional influence
  • Grounded in 2 frameworks – Mastery and Outcomes
  • Educator as a performer/actor and as a leader
  • Adventure, fun and games, exploratory, risk, opportunity
  • Global perspective – China, Denmark, USA
  • Educator as Master
  • Mastery of Pedagogy
  •  Mastery of Philosophy
  •  Mastery of Strategy
  •  Mastery of Operations
  •  Mastery of Networks
  •  Mastery of Process
  • Mastery of the State of the Game
  •  Mastery of Resource Acquisition
  •  Mastery of Personal Entrepreneurship
  • DEVELOPING ENTREPRENEURIAL CAPACITIESEntrepreneurial behaviours, skills and attitudesEmpathy with the entrepreneurial lifeEmbedded entrepreneurial valuesMotivation to entrepreneurial careers/livesUnderstanding venture creation processes Developing generic entrepreneurial competenciesKey business ‘how-to’sKey relationship networking skills...... and finallyThe ‘BIG’ Challenge:Are we ‘Fit for the Future?’CAN WE DELIVER OUR VISION?
  • 3rd International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference
  • 8th – 10th September Canary Wharf London
  • 250 educators from over 20 nations
  • Speakers and contributors from across the globe
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