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this presentation i gave in MBA 4th sem this is very good presentation if u download it plz don't disturb it.......Thanks Abhishek Mishra
  PRESENTATION ON CROSSCULTURAL DIFFRENCES PRESENTED TO:BHAWNA DEVRAPRESENTEDBY: ABHISHEKMISHRA MBA4 th SEMBANSALMBACOLLEGEBHOPAL  ContentsContents  Meaning of cultureMeaning of culture  Introduction of cross culturalIntroduction of cross culturaldifferencesdifferences  Cross Cultural DifferencesCross Cultural Differences  CrossCross--Cultural Problem AreasCultural Problem Areas  Why do we need to study crossWhy do we need to study crosscultural differencescultural differences  Managerial ImplicationsManagerial Implications  ConclusionConclusion  IntroductionIntroduction  No matter how hard man tries, itNo matter how hard man tries, itis impossible for him to divestis impossible for him to divesthimself of his own culture, for ithimself of his own culture, for ithas penetrated to the roots of has penetrated to the roots of his nervous system andhis nervous system anddetermines how he perceivesdetermines how he perceivesthe world«the world«  Cross Cultural DifferencesCross Cultural Differences  LanguageLanguage  ValuesValues  PoliticsPolitics  TechnologyTechnologyand Materialand MaterialCultureCulture  SocialSocialOrganizationOrganization  EducationEducation  ReligionReligion
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