Performance Analysis Fall 2005 T/TAC Online Project VA Assessments October 6, 2005

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Performance Analysis Fall 2005 T/TAC Online Project VA Assessments October 6, 2005. Matt Humphrey Aala’a Mashaal Pamela Sharpe Tim Smith Maria Washington Graduate School of Education George Mason University. Presentation Overview. Part 1 Background & Introduction
Performance AnalysisFall 2005 T/TAC Online Project VA AssessmentsOctober 6, 2005Matt HumphreyAala’a MashaalPamela SharpeTim SmithMaria WashingtonGraduate School of Education George Mason UniversityPresentation OverviewPart 1
  • Background & Introduction
  • Mission and Goal of Project
  • Clients & Information Sources
  • Problem & Proposed Solution
  • Part 2
  • Purpose of Performance Analysis
  • Data Collection
  • Part 3
  • Recommendations and Closing
  • Background & Introduction
  • No Child Left Behind Act
  • VA Assessments section for T/TAC Online
  • Mission and Goal of Project
  • Create a VA Assessments section on T/TAC Online Website
  • Teachers should be able to submit curricula, find ideas, lesson plans, and resources for special needs students.
  • The goal of this project is to support teachers by providing a vehicle for collaborating.
  • Clients & Information SourcesProblem and Proposed SolutionProblem:
  • Life skills vs. Cognitive skills assessments
  • State mandated assessments
  • Proposed Solution:
  • Utilize T/TAC Online
  • Implement helpful resources and features
  • Purpose of a Performance Analysis A performance analysis is the first step taken to determine what needs to be done in order to accomplish the client’s stated goals and objectives. Determine:
  • Drivers & Barriers (Page 6, Table 1)
  • Actuals & Optimals (Page 7, Table 2)
  • Data Collection
  • Review the manuals (VAAP, VGLA, VSEP)
  • Attend conference to observe teachers reactions
  • Visit schools to interact with Special Education Teacher
  • Informal talk with Jocelyn
  • Interview with Dr. Behrmann
  • Informal talk with Anya Evmenova
  • Interview with Mary Wilds
  • Interview with John Eisenberg
  • Key Results
  • Online manuals need to be searchable and user-friendly
  • Teachers are very busy during a typical school day and need to constantly monitor students
  • Teachers are glad to have a structure for assessment
  • Client wants a public tool for discussions
  • VA Assessments section = one-stop shop
  • Recommendations It is recommended that a thorough needs analysis be conducted to determine what the optimal solution system is for the given problems.The Six Steps involved in a Needs Analysis:
  • Determine Present Conditions
  • Define the Job
  • Rank the goals in order of importance
  • Identify Discrepancies
  • Determine Positive Areas
  • Set Priorities for Action
  • Thank You for Listening
  • Any Questions?
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