Operational Issues in Directories (selected)

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Operational Issues in Directories (selected). Michael R. Gettes Principal Technologist Georgetown University Gettes@Georgetown.EDU. Site Profile dc=georgetown,dc=edu. Netscape/iPlanet DS version 4.16 2 Sun E250 dual cpu, 512MB RAM 105,000 DNs (25K campus, others = alums + etc)
Operational Issues in Directories(selected)Michael R. GettesPrincipal TechnologistGeorgetown UniversityGettes@Georgetown.EDUSite Profiledc=georgetown,dc=edu
  • Netscape/iPlanet DS version 4.16
  • 2 Sun E250 dual cpu, 512MB RAM
  • 105,000 DNs (25K campus, others = alums + etc)
  • Directory + apps implemented in 7 months
  • Distinguished names: uid=x,ou=people,dc=georgetown,dc=edu
  • iDS pre-op plugin (by gettes@Princeton.EDU)
  • Authentication over SSL; Required
  • Can do Kerberos – perf problems to resolve (LDAP2PAM)
  • 1 supplier, 4 consumers (configured this way since Jan 2000)
  • Authentication:Overall Plan @ Georgetown
  • Best of all 3 worlds
  • LDAP + Kerberos + PKI
  • LDAP Authentication performs Kerberos Authentication out the backend. Jan. 2001 to finish iPlanet plug-in.
  • Credential Caching handled by Directory.
  • Cooperative effort – Georgetown, GATech, Michigan
  • All directory authentications SSL protected. Enforced with necessary exceptions
  • Update: Rumpf(OSU) & Carter(Duke); lots of flexibility in conf
  • Rumpf: New Kerb5 based plug-in, with caching
  • Carter: Merged Rumpf and Gettes. New code during 11/02
  • Use Kerberos for Win2K Services and to derive X.509 Client Certificates
  • One Userid/Password (single-signon vs. FSO)
  • General Operational Controls
  • Size limit trolling (300 or 20 entries?)
  • Lookthru limit (set very low)
  • Limit 3 processors for now, MP issues still! (v4)
  • For NSDS/iDS -- don’t run less than 4.16!!!
  • 100MB footprint, about 8000 DNs in cache
  • Your mileage will vary – follow cache guidelines documented by iPlanet.
  • 24x7 operations
  • What can users change?? (Very little)
  • No write intensive applications
  • Replica StructureMAILHOSTWHITEPAGESUsersMASTERPOSTOFFICEUsersNetID RegistryDUMPERWeb ServersNormal OpsFailure OpsReplication
  • Application/user performance
  • Failover, user and app service
  • Impact of DC= naming (replica init)
  • Fixed in 4.13 and iDS 5.0
  • Monitoring: web page and notification
  • Dumper replica – periodic LDIF dumps
  • Backups? We don’t need no stinkin’ backups!
  • Vendor Specific
  • No good solution for backups (iPlanet)
  • IBM uses DB2 under the covers
  • Novell?
  • Replication (Continued)
  • Application/users config for mult servers
  • Deterministic operations vs random
  • Failover works for online repairs
  • Config servers are replicated also
  • Cannot cascade with DC= (iPlanet)
  • Cascading is scary to me
  • Differential Replica Configurations
  • What are the issues?
  • Dribbling, replication transaction mgmt, bottlenecks
  • 10 to 1 SRA/CRA ratio recommended
  • Strong recommendation: Replicate!!!
  • RFC 3384 just came out
  • Directory Management
  • A view of replication
  • https://directory.georgetown.edu/cgi-bin/ldapstatus
  • Note the deeper info available under cn=monitor
  • This web page is “email/pager” enabled.
  • Originally posted by Netscape developers and
  • modified by /mrg
  • LOOK by Bellina (Notre Dame) is a great
  • enhancement to this display
  • LDAP Browser
  • http://www.iit.edu/~gawojar/ldap/
  • Service DNs
  • See LDAP-Recipe 2.6 (200210)
  • Critical Issue for Higher Education in USA due to FERPA
  • Application binds to DSA with “Service DN”
  • Access control manages what Service DN can see
  • Application obtains data required
  • If user authN is required:
  • App locates user object by search
  • uses result DN and user credential to
  • re-bind to DSA as user
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