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The Eyes on the Skies project — informal science education for the masses. Oana Sandu & Lars Lindberg Christensen European Southern Observatory ESA/Hubble International Astronomical Union. Overview. wikipedia.
The Eyes on the Skies project — informal science education for the massesOana Sandu & Lars Lindberg ChristensenEuropean Southern ObservatoryESA/HubbleInternational Astronomical UnionOverviewwikipediaThe invention of the telescope has been by far the most revolutionary development in the history of astronomy. For thousands of years, astronomers had to rely on their eyes in unraveling the mysteries of the Universe. The telescope revealed an embarrassment of astronomical riches, and led to a dramatic increase of knowledge about the wider world we live in.Eyes on the Skies – A project to promote astronomy, the telescope, the technology, the people ….Target groups
  • Teachers and students;
  • Laypeople;
  • The “interested” segment (amateur astronomers);
  • Astronomy communicators.
  • Credit: ESO/Y. BeletskyThe products
  • Standard definition DVD
  • Box
  • Cardboard
  • Blu-ray DVD (Full 1080p HD)
  • Soundtrack CD
  • Book
  • English, German, Finnish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese & Slovenian
  • Movie
  • Official movie for the International Year of Astronomy 2009 and the International Astronomical Union
  • 60 minutes running time, with narrated text, comments from experts, and the programme host
  • Subtitles in 33 languages
  • БЪЛГАРСКИ (Bulgarian), Bosanski (Bosnian), Česky (Czech), Deutsch, ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ (Greek), English, Español, Français, עִבְרִית (Herbrew), Islenska (Icelandic), Italiano, Latviešu,  Valoda (Latvian), Magyar (Hungarian), Nederlands (Dutch), Polski, Português, Português – Brasil, Slovenčina (Slovak), Slovenski Jezik (Slovenian), Suomi (Finnish), Kiswahili (Swahili), 简体中文, 繁体中文 Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Al-‘arabiyyah (Arabic), Català (catalan), Hrvatski (Croatian), Hindi, Kannada (Kannada in India), Русский (Russian), Română, Phasa Thai (Thai), Türkçe (Turkish), Українська (Ukrainian)
  • Narration
  • English, Deutsch, 繁體中文, 日本語, Português – Brasil, Русский
  • Visual design
  • Visual elements
  • Virtual studios
  • Timelapse footage from talented individuals & observatories
  • Animations
  • Computer simulations
  • Science results
  • Production designer/Art Director Martin Kornmesser
  • Soundtrack60 minutesComposed by the very talented German composer duo movetwo: Axel Kornmesser and Markus LöfflerGuides the captivating audiovisual voyageCelestial and enchanting styleReleased from German distributor SPV in 2009Sold together with DVD in music stores all over the worldBookHardcover 132 pagesCoffee table size: 250 mm (W) x 297 mm (H)Incl. DVDPublisher: Wiley-VCH (English, German), URSA (Finnish), Sciencebooks (Korea), Maruzen (Japan)Aimed at laypeople Lots of full-page photographs Boxes and illustrations give an understandable overview of processes, telescopes and backgrounds. Similar in style to the popular Hubble — 15 years of discoveryDistribution
  • 450,000+ copies made of DVD (Sept. ‘09)
  • Through IYA2009 National Nodes
  • Magazines
  • Science centres, public observatories, planetariums
  • Self-replication
  • ~25-30,000 copies of the book printed in first edition (through professional publishers)
  • ~25,000 Blu-ray disks via professional distributor
  • Soundtrack + DVD bundle (through professional distributor)
  • TV (through TV stations)
  • Numerous online copies:
  • Individual chapters
  • Episodes of the Hubblecast
  • Individual clips
  • Reviews“The DVD has a running time of 60 minutes but was so captivating that it seemed only half that.” “As an introduction to astronomy, this DVD works extremely well. Newcomers to astronomy will have no difficultly in understanding the subject and the amazing graphics and images may have the viewer hooked for life. This DVD would make an excellent present for someone who's just bought a telescope or who has an interest in the subject. Even people without a keen interest in telescopes may find this fascinating to watch.”“(…) A feast of a book—the photographs are so sharp you would want to wear gloves reading it.”"Eyes on the skies" has extremely high production values. By combining still images, computer graphics, and time lapse photography to enhance the narrative, the result ranges from interesting to literally jaw dropping.”
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