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Name the Ninja Turtle. Mixed Bag. The Writers. Name that Visual. Machiavelli. Scientific Revolution. Name that Ninja Turtle. Mixed Bag. The Writers. Name that Visual. Machiavelli. Scientific Revolution. $100. $100. $100. $100. $ 100. $100. $200. $200. $200. $200. $200. $200.
Name the Ninja TurtleMixed Bag The Writers Name that VisualMachiavelliScientificRevolutionName that Ninja TurtleMixed Bag The WritersName that Visual MachiavelliScientific Revolution$100$100$100$100$100$100$200$200$200$200$200$200$300$300$300$300$300$300$400$400$400$400$400$400$500$500$500$500$500$500Leonardo Da VinciThe Last SupperSchool of AthensRaphaelLa PietaMichelangeloDavidDonatelloPazzi MadonnaDonatelloThe most powerful family during the RenaissanceTheMedici familyThis term means"rebirth"RenaissanceThis technique calls for objects toBe drawn smaller as the distance from the viewer increasesPerspectiveThe most powerfulcity during theRenaissanceFlorenceThis technique Allowed artistsTo experimentWith new colorschemesShadingHe prepared a Version of theNew testamentWhich was in GreekErasmusHe wrote plays such as Julius Caesar, Macbeth and the Merchant of VeniceWilliamShakespeareAuthor of “The Prince” Niccolo MachiavelliThe writings of ErasmusWould pave the way forThis future challengeTo the Catholic Church The ProtestantReformationName the play, the play’sAuthor and translate the quote: “Et tu Brute” Julius CeasarWilliam Shakespeare"And you too Brutus"The Duomo The Dome of theCathedral in FlorenceThe cielingof the SistineChapel MichangeloThe TelescopeFlorence, Italy The Crucifix ofSanta CroceDonatelloThe hometownof MachiavelliFlorenceThe family whoRuled Florence, who MachiavelliAdvised The BorgiaFamily Finish the quote:Know how to do______ if that isnecessaryEvilThis advisor toPresident's Nixonand Reagan has been called"The AmericanMachiavelli"HenryKissinger DailyDouble!!This former PresidentWas seen carrying hisOwn bags, which wouldHorrify MachiavelliJimmy CarterHe was punished for defending CopernicusGalileo“I think thereforeI am” Renee DescartesWrote the law of gravityNewtonThis technique requiresseven steps and relies onobservation The ScientificMethod Francis BaconHe calculatedthe orbit of theplanets using anotherscientists' dataJohannesKeplerusing Tycho Brahe’s data DoubleJeopardy!!GeographyPhilosophiesPotpouriGalileoMore Ninja TurtlesMore VisualsGeographyPhilosophiesPotpouriGalileoMore Ninja TurtlesMore Visuals$200$200$200$200$200$200$400$400$400$400$400$400$600$600$600$600$600$600$800$800$800$800$800$800$1000$1000$1000$1000$1000$1000Florence, Genoa and Milan were all examples of Renaissance_____ ______City StatesJohannes Vermeer and Pieter Brugelwere leading artists of the__________________NorthernRenaissanceLeonardo was bornin this small townVinciThe area of Italy that ishome to FlorenceTuscanyThese two mountaian ranges protect Italy from the North and the EastThe Alps andthe ApeninesThis philosphy emphasizes a belief in a classical educationHumanism "It is far safer to befeared than loved" MachiavellianThis writerbelieved that the Bible should be in the language of the common peopleErasmusThis philosphy held that experiences in this life, as opposed to the after life, should be valuedHumanismThe nickname for a person who could do many different things well was a _______ man/woman. RenaissanceHis tables of the positions of the stars were used by Kepler to createhis laws ofplanetary motionTycho BraheCreator of thescientificmethodFrancisBaconDesigned the Dumo and created three point perspectiveFilippoBrunelleschiGirl with a PearlEarringJohannes VermeerThe ArnolfiPortraitJan Van EyckThe firstscientist topropose thatthe sun was the center of the universeCopernicusThis philosopher of Ancient Greece believedIn an earth centereduniverseAristotleThis Egyptian scientistSupported the ancientGreek theory of anEarth centereduniversePtolemyTrue or FalseGalileo stood by his book‘s thesis that the sun wasThe center of the universeFalseThe name of theChurch court which put Galileo on trialThe InquisitionThe DavidMichelangeloThe Mona LisaLeonardo Da VinciCieling of theSistine Chapelby MichelangeloA HelicopterDa Vinci DailyDouble!!The Virtruvian Manby Leonardo Da VinciMichelangeloThe PantheonDa VinciRaphaelCity-StateFinalJeopardyName the person who was Pope when Galileo ‘s book was banned by the InquisitionWrite outyour finalAnswer
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