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  Dr P VISU1 |Page  Mutiple Choice Computer Knowledge   1. Lotus Organizer and Corel Central are examples of ____________ software.A. analyticalB. databaseC. presentationD. PIMAnswer: D2. For which of the following tasks would PIM software be most useful?A. Drafting a memoB. Maintaining a scheduleC. Calculating a budgetD. Keeping track of recipesAnswer: B3. The smallest unit of information in a database is called a:A. byte.B. record.C. field.D. cell.Answer: C4. In a database of employees, all the information about a particular person would constitute a:A. file.B. record.C. field.D. table.Answer: B5. A table is a collection of:A. files.B. worksheets.C. fields.D. records.Answer: D6. A ____________ is a small program that helps to automate a frequently used series of commands in mostproductivity software tools.A. templateB. macroC. utilityD. wizardAnswer: B7. If you are using a template in a productivity software application, you are most likely trying to:A. assign a basic theme or structure to the file with which you are working.B. perform a series of steps in a time-efficient manner.C. gain assistance in performing complicated tasks.D. combine different documents together to form a singleintegratedwhole.Answer: A8. Software providers who develop many productivity tools may also provide stripped-down versions that combinethe simpler features of these tools bundled together into a(n):A. software suite.B. personal information manager.C. integrated software application.D. limited software edition.Answer: C  Dr P VISU2 |Page  9. Microsoft Office is an example of a(n):A. software suite.B. open-source product.C. integrated software application.D. business-management application.Answer: A10. When talking to a speech recognition program, the program divides each second of your speech into 100separate:A. phonemes.B. codes.C.samples.D. words.Answer: C11. A speech recognition systems codebookvaluesare matched against a database of ____________ as an earlystep in word construction.A. phonemesB. codesC. samplesD. wordsAnswer: A12. Quicken and TurboTax are both personal financial products developed by:A. Microsoft.B. Corel.C. Intuit.D. Adobe.Answer: C13. Individuals who want software to assist in automated checkbook balancing and bill paying for their personalbank and credit card accounts will likely use which of the following software products?A. Microsoft ProjectB. QuickBooksC. AcrobatD. QuickenAnswer: D114. Small business owners who want software to assist in managing accounts payable and receivable will likelyuse which of the following software products?A. QuickBooksB. Business Plan ProC. QuickenD. Microsoft ProjectAnswer: A15. If you want software to assist in estimating the time it takes for a sequence of tasks to be accomplished and totrack the progress of people working on these tasks, which of the following software products would you use?A. Microsoft ProjectB. Front PageC. Business Plan ProD. VisioAnswer: A16. Which of the following software products is most appropriate for plotting out your companys corporatestrategy?A. Microsoft ProjectB. Front PageC. Business Plan ProD. Visio  Dr P VISU3 |Page  Answer: C17. The category of software most appropriate for controlling the design and layout of complex documents likenewsletters and brochures is:A. word processing.B. computer-aided design.C. Web page authoring.D.desktoppublishing.Answer: D18. Which of the following software products would you use in order to enhance the quality of a photograph thatyou have recently imported from your digital camera, and would likely have been included with the digital camerawhen you bought it?A. ArcSoftB. VisioC. DreamweaverD. TurboCadAnswer: A19. Drawing flow charts, block diagrams, and other technical graphics is best accomplished using which of thefollowing software products?A. Jasc Paint Shop ProB. Microsoft VisioC. Macromedia DreamweaverD. Adobe IllustratorAnswer: B20. CAD software is most likely to be used by:A. Web designers.B. engineers.C. project managers.D. magazine editors.Answer: B21. All of the following are tasks performed by the operating system EXCEPT:A. managing hardware on the computer.B. controlling the access that application programs have to the CPU.C. performing housekeeping tasks like file compression and disk defragmentation.D. providing an interface for users to interact with the computer.Answer: C22. The category of operating system that you most likely have running on your desktop or laptop computer athome is a ____________ operating system.A. real-timeB. single-user, single-taskC. single-user, multi-taskD. multi-user, multi-taskAnswer: C23. The category of operating system that you most likely have running on your PDA computer is a ____________operating system.A. real-timeB. single-user, single-taskC. single-user, multi-taskD. multi-user, multi-taskAnswer: B24. Which of the following is an example of a real-time operating system?A. LynxB. MS DOSC. Windows XP  Dr P VISU4 |Page  D. SymbianAnswer: A25. A real-time operating system is most likely to be used for which of the following tasks?A. Controlling access to a shared printer in a networkB. Ensuring that the system clock works correctly on a serverC. Managing the access to system files in a laptop computerD. Controlling the fuel injection system of an automobile engineAnswer: D26. An essential difference between the operating system that runs a typical desktop computer and the operatingsystem that runs a typical PDA is that:A. the desktop OS has a graphical user interface whereas the PDA OS does not.B. the desktop OS can run several programs simultaneously whereas the PDA OS cannot.C. the desktop OS manages hardware resources whereas the PDA OS does not.D. the desktop computer has an OS whereas a PDA does not.Answer: B27. The MS-DOS operating system is a:A. graphical user interface, single-tasking operating system.B. graphical user interface, multi-tasking operating system.C. command-driven interface, single-tasking operating system.D. command-driven interface, multi-tasking operating system.Answer: C28. Which of the following was an early desktop operating system that included an integrated graphic userinterface with point-and-click features?A. MS-DOSB. Mac OSC. UnixD. GnomeAnswer: B29. The most recent version of the Mac OS is based on the ____________ operating system.A. WindowsB. LinuxC. UnixD. CMOSAnswer: C30. The ____________ operating system was initially created in the early 1970s at AT&Ts Bell Labs.A. LinuxB. DOSC. UnixD. GNUAnswer: C31. The essential difference between an operating system like Linux and one like Windows is that:A. Windows can run with an Intel processor, whereas Linux cannot.B. Linux is proprietary, whereas Windows is not.C. any programmer can modify Linux code, which is not permitted with Windows.D. there are multiple versions of Linux, but only one version of Windows.Answer: C32. Which of the following is a correct association between a vendor and an operating system?A. Redhat ? LinuxB. AT&T ? MS DOSC. Microsoft ? UnixD. Novell ? LinuxAnswer: A33. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of open-source operating systems over proprietary versions?
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