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1. Mind Trap - TreatmentSummary:Being able to differentiate between what is real and what is not seems like a pretty easytask. Not for Lucy. Her schizophrenic…
  • 1. Mind Trap - TreatmentSummary:Being able to differentiate between what is real and what is not seems like a pretty easytask. Not for Lucy. Her schizophrenic hallucinations and her permanent state of paranoiamake her constantly confused and terrified. When her best friend Roxanne tries to comforther, Lucy rejects her and runs away, not knowing what kind of threat she may be. Little doesshe know that when she thought she was running away from the only person that cares andrunning straight into her worst fear; isolation.Character Bios:Lucy Roberts19 year old Lucy Roberts has always though herself of sound mind. However, things start todeteriorate when she begins hallucinating, believing she can see terrible things; writing onsurfaces, people coming to get her in her sleep and – most frighteningly – a young manfollowing her. Her insane and terrifying delusions make her irrational and paranoid. Unsureabout what is real, she rejects her comforting best friend Roxanne and runs away, uncertainof what reality is and what is not.Lucy is 5 foot 6.5in with a fair complexion, green eyes and short, dark brown hair.Lucas Tawney20 year old Lucas Tawney is a frightening character; he is the young man Lucy’s mind makesup and who she believes is following her, wanting to hurt her. Though he holds no powerover Lucy because he is just a hallucination, his demeanor, his menacing smirks and hisvillainous voice makes him seem terrifying and intimidating.Lucas is roughly 6 foot tall with his own unique style, dark clothes and hair and brown eyes.Roxanne SmithRoxanne is a classic Mother Hen. She looks after Lucy as if she was her own child, despitethe fact that they are the same age. Her protectiveness and ability to worry over anything isheightened when Lucy starts to at strangely; she sees things that aren’t really there andruns out of the house when Roxanne tries to help. However, Roxanne’s kind nature is notput to any use when Lucy runs out of the house in fear, leaving her confused and worried.Roxanne is 5 foot 5.5in and has a medium complexion. She has blue/green eyes andshoulder length light brown hair.
  • 2. Locations:Interior – Lucy and Roxannes bedroomA typical teenage girls bedroom. The walls are painted neutral green, showing that neitherof the two girls are interested in girlish things. Photos of the two girls and their friends arelittered around the room. Make up, clothes and various knickknacks are littered over everysurface. Paper and pens are strewn over the desk, as if someone was trying to work butgave up. Clothes hang over the chair in front of the window. Both beds are unmade. A largemirror hangs over the radiator, which is covered in clothes that neither of the twooccupants bothers to put away.Exterior – ParkVarious sites in Crystal Palace Park will be used:- The concrete area by the parking for the gym.- The stairs leading to the bottom area of the park and to the childrens play area- Various sections of the childrens play area - the swings and the roundabout.Both of these sites have many trees and grassy areas, and a path that we will use in therunning shots.Interior – Lucy and Roxannes living roomLarge comfortable chairs and a large sofa dominate most of the blue-green room. A glasscoffee table sits in the middle, and a cream fireplace is opposite the chair that Roxanneoccupies. The sofa sits in front of a big window that looks out on the quiet suburban streetoutside.Synopsis:Scene 1It is mid-afternoon and Lucy is sleeping off a headache. Although in a calm room, she issleeping fitfully; she is tossing and turning and mumbling incoherent words. Suddenly, ashadow of a hand creeps up the duvet towards Lucys face. Just as the hand is about to grabher, Lucy wakes up with a gasp, sits bolt upright and bats at the duvet, trying to get thehand away. She looks around the room quickly, her eyes darting from left to right, aconfused and panicked expression on her face. Her breathing is quick and labored as sheruns a shaking hand through her hair.Kicking the duvet out of the way, she gets out of bed and goes to the mirror to check if thehand left any marks on her. She sees nothing as the mirror is covered in words and letters,written in an unfamiliar messy scrawl. She backs away from the mirror and sits back downon the bed, the expression on her face a mix of confusion and fear. Just as she runs a handthrough her hair, she notices that her arm is covered in the same words as the ones on themirror, and in the same messy handwriting. She looks at the other arm and it too is covered.Frantically, she tries to rub off the writing, but to no avail. A voice echoes in her head,calling her name in a taunting, almost sing-song voice. Lucy puts her hands over he ears totry and block out the voice and shuts her eyes tightly, hoping that doing so will make thevoice go away. The voice continues, but it changes to the concerned voice of Roxanne. Lucyopens her eyes to see Roxanne looking worriedly at her. She asks if her nap helped her getrid of the headache, but she receives no reply. She reaches to put a comforting hand onLucy’s shoulder, but Lucy grabs her wrist, forces her hand away and runs out of the room
  • 3. and down the stairs. When Roxanne follows her downstairs, Lucy is in the hall, putting onher coat and boots hurriedly before heading to the door. Roxanne calls after Lucy, but Lucyleaves without looking back.Scene 2Lucy escapes to a nearby park, where she feels that being surrounded by people will helpher feel protected and safe. She walks quickly through a concrete area, rubbing her armsand look nervously around her. She begins to walk past a young man sitting by a statue, buthe sticks hit foot out, making her trip over his foot and look at him in horror. Whilst smilingmenacingly, he points to something that is behind her. She slowly looks around to see thatthe young man is standing behind her. She quickly looks back again to realize that there aretwo of them. The first young man stands up from the statue and comes towards her. Shebacks away, bumping into the second man, and runs away. The second man observes herrunning, knowing that although she can run, she will never able to escape them.Scene 3Lucy is still running away, looking back to see if the man is following her. She stops nearthe children’s play area, out of breath. She hears children playing, but the park is empty.The swing and the roundabout are moving, as if there are children on it, but they areunoccupied. She enters the play area to stop the swing from swinging back and forth,thinking that that will stop the noise. But it doesn’t. The children’s voices get louder andthe roundabout is still moving, despite it being empty. Terrified, Lucy runs out of thechildren’s play area and runs down the path in the opposite direction.Scene 4Exhausted, she sits sown on a park bench to gather her scattered thoughts and to catch herbreath. Just as she thinks that the man is gone because he was not in the children’s playarea, he comes up behind her and grabs her shoulder. She stands up abruptly and runsaway yet again.Scene 5The voices that have continued throughout Lucy’s encounter with the man get louder, soloud that she has to stop to cover her ears too block them out. She screams at them to stopand sinks to the ground, cradling her head in her hands. Suddenly, her phone rings in herpocket, bringing her back to reality. She answers it. It is Roxanne. She is concerned abouther and asks where she is. Lucy replies that it is a long story. Roxanne then tells her thatthere is someone back at the house to see her. Lucy says that she is on her way home. Shegets up and heads home.Scene 6Lucy enters the front door looking tired and drawn. She stands in the doorway of the livingroom. Roxanne is sitting with the person. To Lucy’s horror, it is the man; the same man thathas been plaguing her mind all day. She stares at him, shocked and confused, and he staresback.
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