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1. 1) BEDROOM – INT/DAY (SHOT IN BLACK AND WHITE UNTIL SPECIFIED)A girl, LUCY ROBERTS, is sleeping fitfully, tossing and turning,obviously having a nightmare. A jumbled…
  • 1. 1) BEDROOM – INT/DAY (SHOT IN BLACK AND WHITE UNTIL SPECIFIED)A girl, LUCY ROBERTS, is sleeping fitfully, tossing and turning,obviously having a nightmare. A jumbled mass of voices can beheard as a hand starts to crawl up the bed toward her. It reachesfor her neck. Just as the hand is about the strangle her, shewakes up and sits up violently, running her hands through herhair and beating away the covers. She looks around the roomquickly, her eyes darting left to right, a confused and panickedexpression on her face as she breathes rapidly.She gets out of bed, the voices quiet but present, her feetthumping on the floor and she goes to look in the mirror to seeif the hand left any marks on her. The mirror is covered inwriting. She stumbles back in horror, landing back on the bed.She looks down at her arms. The writing has transferred onto herarms in the same messy writing. Panicking, she tries desperatelyto rub the writing off her skin, but to no avail. Suddenly, asingle voice is heard clearly above the others. VOICE Luuuuucy...Luuuuuu-cyyyyy... [Continues]The voice is loud compared to the others and sounds like a youngman trying to taunt her. LUCY puts her hands over her ears andscrews her eyes shut, trying to block out the voice and the restof the world around her. *SHOT IN COLOUR FROM HERE UNITL END OFSCENE* LUCY opens her eyes to see her friend standing there,everything is back to normal and the voices all stop. LUCY isstill breathing rapidly as her hands fall to her sides. ROXANNElooks concerned and curious. ROXANNE Lucy, are you okay? Did your nap help?ROXANNE stretches out a reassuring hand to LUCY’s shoulder. ButLUCY reacts violently to the touch. She grabs ROXANNEs arm whistglaring at her – signifying a random mood change – and threatens: LUCY Don’t. Touch. Me.She pushes her way past ROXANNE, leaving ROXANNE in the bedroom,confused and worried. LUCY runs down the stairs quickly, andROXANNE begins to chase after her. When ROXANNE sees LUCY, shestruggling to put on her coat, her hands shaking. ROXANNE Lucy!
  • 2. LUCY ignores her friends call of her name and begins to put onher boots. Once dressed, she turns and hurries towards the door. ROXANNE Where are you going?She turns back to ROXANNE, who is still standing on the stairs.She doesnt reply and walks out of the house, slamming the doorbehind her.2) PARK – EXT/DAY (SHOT IN BLACK AND WHITE)LUCY is walking nervously in a concrete area. Too wrapped up herthoughts, she does not notice the young man sitting on a nearbywall. Obviously knowing her, she puts out one of his feet so thatwhen she walks past, she will trip over him and acknowledge hispresence. She does so; tripping violently over his foot. Sheturns to apologise to the random stranger, but a look of horrorcrosses her face when she sees who it is, leading the audience tobelieve that she knows him and is scared of him. He points tobehind her. She turns on her heel to see him standing behind her,waving in an intimidating, almost demonic way. She turns back tothe original man, now realising that there are two of them, andhe moves to stand up. She backs away, afraid that he may hurther, into the path of the second man. He grabs her shoulder. Sheturns quickly to look at him, then wrenches away from his gripand runs away, her coat flying out behind her. MAN There’s no point in running, Lucy. I will always find you.3) PARK EXT/DAY (SHOT IN BLACK AND WHITELUCY has stopped running outside a children’s park. Children’svoices can he heard, but when the camera is pointed at the park,there are no children in it. LUCY enters the park and watches theswing swinging to and fro by itself and the roundabout spinningwith no one on it. LUCY steps forward to stop the swing, but thechildren’s voices continue. LUCY runs out of the park and offcamera.4) PARK – EXT/DAY (SHOT IN BLACK AND WHITE)Out of breath, LUCY sits on a park bench. The previously mumbled
  • 3. voices now become clear as one distinct voice rings out over theothers.As if true to his word, he comes up behind her and grabs hershoulder again. LUCY pushes back his arm and stands up. After abrief look of horror at him, she begins to run again. MAN Feisty, are we? Run, little girl, run.The young man is seen to make effort in running after her becausehe has no need to; he’s inside her head. The voices in LUCYshead get louder and louder, so loud that it hurts her head andstops running. She doubles over, holding her head in her hands ina vain attempt to block out the voices. LUCY Shut up! Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!LUCYs legs give way and she falls to the ground, still holdingher head in her hands. The voices continue when a ringtone isheard. It breaks through the voice which fade away. *FADES BACKINTO COLOUR AT THIS POINT UNTIL END* Still on the ground andhaving no energy to get up, she searches her pockets, digs outher phone and looks at the screen. Roxanne is calling. Lucypresses "accept" and places the phone to her ear. LUCY Hello? ROXANNE (ON PHONE) Lucy! Ive tried calling before, but you didnt pick up. Where are you? LUCY Im sorry, Roxanne. Its a long story.As she speaks, she runs a hand through her hair and uses a wearytone of voice, as though drained by her ordeal.4) HOUSE – LIVING ROOM - INT/DAY (SHOT IN COLOUR)ROXANNE is curled up in an armchair with her phone to her ear.She examines her chipping nail varnish as she talks to LUCY onthe phone. A pair of mens boots can be seen, casually resting onthe coffee table. These are the same boots that LUCY tripped overearlier.
  • 4. ROXANNE All right, we can talk about this later. Youd better get yourself home; theres someone here to see you. LUCY (ON PHONE) Who? ROXANNE He says his name is Lucas. Youve never mentioned him before.5) PARK – INT/DAY (SHOT IN COLOUR)LUCY is still sitting on the ground, looking confused at thename; she doesnt know a Lucas. LUCY What? But-- ROXANNE Tell me when you get back; Im low on credit. Bye, love.ROXANNE hands up. A dial tone is heard. LUCY puts her phone backin her pocket and shakily stands up, running a hand through herhair once more. She walks off, exiting the park and towards home.6) HOUSE – HALLWAY – INT/DAY (SHOT IN COLOUR)The front door opens and LUCY steps through, closing the doorbehind her. She steps into the doorway of the living room. ROXANNE Ah, there you are. Lucas and I were just talking about you.LUCY doesnt respond. Instead, her gaze moves to look at LUCASand a look of fear crosses her face. LUCAS is the young man thathas been haunting her all day, driving to the brink of insanity.He sits on the sofa, smirking his evil smirk. END
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