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Microsoft Codenames
  bcdalai's Free Tech. Support Blog: []  - 1 -   Copyright © 2004-2010, bcdalai  Microsoft Codenames   No great discovery was ever made without a bold guess. -Isaac Newton Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes. -Oscar Wilde Persistence and positive thinking to make things happen.   About this document:   This document is for educational / informational purposes only. Contain 180+ Microsoftcodenames. About the Author: bcdalai, MCP, MCSE, MCTS: Windows Vista . The author is an IT pro working on Desktop,Server and Networking - as system administrator, Tech. Support, software troubleshooter andreviewer. He is available for tech. support in Microsoft forums, community and in other online forumswith the online name bcdalai  . He can be reached at:  or e-mail: .   License: The subject matters are for system administrators and everyday computer users. This articleis completely free to read, distribute (through website, CD/DVD or magazines) or share without anymodification and may be reproduced in printable media with a link to this article. The article must be distributed in “Microsoft XPS” or “Adobe PDF” format.   Disclaimer: This document is for educational and informational purposes. THIS DOCUMENT ISPROVIDED “AS IS”, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. It is assumed that you will use the contents of this document in proper and productive way. All names, websites,trade names and registered trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners. Copyright © 2004-2010 by bcdalai. Thanks: I‟m greatly thankful to all the readers for reading and sending feedbacks to me.    bcdalai's Free Tech. Support Blog: []  - 2 -   Copyright © 2004-2010, bcdalai  Microsoft Codenames   Operating Systems Sl. Codenames Final Products / Technology Description / Details 01Janus Windows 3.102Sparta Windows for Workgroups 3.103Kato,SnowballWindows for Workgroups 3.1104Daytona Windows NT 3.505Cairo Windows NT 4.0 Capital of Egypt.06Hydra Windows NT Terminal Services First multithreading support in Windows. Inspired from “ Hydra ” a mythological monster with multipleheads.07Impala Windows NT 4.0 Embedded08Chicago Windows 9509Frosting Windows 95 PlusPack!10Detroit Windows 95 OSR 211Memphis Windows 9812DollyWindows 98 OEM/Corporateimage cloning utility Dolly  refers to the first sheep to be cloned.13Georgia Windows ME Proposed name wa s “Mil lenni um”.   Me  stands forMillennium Edition14Cairo Windows 2000 Capital of Egypt.15Janus Windows 2000 64-bit Same codename as Windows 3.116Sundown Windows 64 bit17Whistler Windows XP Proposed name wa s “ Windows .NET 200 1”. Whistle r,British Columbia, where design retreats were held.T he „X P ‟ stands for  eXPerience.18Mantis Windows XP Embedded19eHome Windows XP Media Center Edition First Multimedia based Windows OS.20Freestyle Windows XP Media Center Edition2003Name of a terrain rating system in the Whistler-Blackcomb resort.21HarmonyWindows XP Media Center Edition2004Name of a ski lift and alpine bowl in Whistler, BritishColumbia.22Symphony Windows XP Media Center Edition2005Name of an alpine bowl in Whistler, British Columbia.23Emerald Windows XP Media Center Edition2005 Update Rollup 2Name of a ski lift in Whistler, British Columbia.24Diamond Windows Vista Media CenterEdition25Trainyard Windows XP Service Pack 126Springboard Windows XP Service Pack 2 Name of a ski run on Blackcomb in Whistler, BritishColumbia.27Lonestar Windows XP Tablet PC Edition2005Enhancements specifically for Tablet PC28WhistlerServerWindows Server 2003 Proposed was “ Windows .NET Server”  29NAS 3.0 Windows Storage Server 200330Bobcat Windows Small Business Server2003Bobcat is a ski-run on Whistler Mountain.31Longhorn Windows Vista The Longhorn Saloon & Grill is situated between theWhistler and Blackcomb mountains. Named after theLonghorn Bar in the Whistler- Blackcomb resort32CougarWindows Small Business ServerCougar is a ski-run on Whistler Mountain.33Centro Windows Server34Longhorn Windows Server 2008 Proposed name wa s “Win dows Server „L onghorn ‟”.  35Q, Quattro Windows Home Server Released in Aug 2007.36Fiji Windows Media Center TV Pack2008First update release for Media Center on WindowsVista.37Windows 7 Windows 7Successor to Windows Vista. Originally codenamed  Blackcomb after the Whistler-Blackcomb resort.Renamed to Vienna in Jan, 2006.    bcdalai's Free Tech. Support Blog: []  - 3 -   Copyright © 2004-2010, bcdalai  38Windows 7E Windows 7EThe browser-free version of Windows 7 that MS hassaid it plans to launch in Europe.39 Windows 7ServerWindows Server 2008 R2 Successor to Windows Server 2008. Generalavailability: October 22, 2009.40 Windows 8 Windows 8 Successor to Windows 7. Working feature list out toOEMs now.41 Windows 8ServerWindows Server 2011/2012 Successor to Windows Server 2008 R2. By mid 2012according to the latest leaks.42 Red Dog Windows Azure For Windows cloud services platform. Other Microsoft Product / Technologies   Sl. Codenames Name of Products / Technology Description / Details 001A1 Windows Live OneCareOnline security suite contains antivirus,antispyware, data backup & recovery, andmaintenance.002Acrylic Expression Design Proposed name wa s “Expre ssion GraphicDesig ner”  003Alder, Pegasus Windows CE 1.0004Alexandria Zune Marketplace Microsoft online music store like Appl e‟s i TunesStore.005Apollo, Mercury Windows CE 2.0006Argo Zune The portable music player007Athena Outlook Express008Atlas ASP.NET Ajax Implementation of Ajax in ASP.NET for the .NETFramework 2.0.009Aurora Media Player 11 for WindowsVista010Avalon Windows Presentation Foundation011Babylon Host Integration Server 2000 Ancient city located on the Euphrates River inAsia (former capital of the Babylonian Empire)012Bandit Schedule+ 1.0 First Personal Information Manager (PIM) fromMicrosoft.013Birch, Gryphon Windows CE 2.1014Bizet Microsoft BizTalk-Server 2002015Blue SQL Report Designer 2.0Stand alone/successor release of the tool forSQL Server Reporting Services.016Budapest Microsoft Office CommunicatorWeb Access 2005017Bullet Microsoft Mail 3.0 Microsoft‟s ne twork based email product018Bulletproof Microsoft mail remote client019Catapult Microsoft Proxy Server 1.0 Microsoft‟s ne twork proxy software020Cayman NetMeeting 3.01 Part of Windows Vista for compatibility withwindows XP.021Cirrus Access 1.0Cirrus mean s, “A wispy white cloud at a highaltitude ”.  022COM+ 2.0 .NET Framework 1.0023Corona Media Player 9 SeriesPowerful development in windows multimediatechnology.024CRM v1.0,TsunamiMicrosoft CRM version 1.0 Microsoft‟s C RM software. Initial code name was “ T sunami”  025Crossbow Windows Mobile 6.0 Released in Feb, 2007.026Danube Phase I Microsoft CRM version 1.2 CRM software.027Danube Phase II Microsoft CRM version 3028Darwin Windows Installer Proposed name wa s “Micro so ft Installer”. Usedto install Microsoft software.029Denali Active Server Pages (ASP) Denali National Park in Alaska030Elroy Windows Live Mail For Windows desktop users.031Everett Visual Studio .NET 2003032Exchange 12 Exchange Server 2007Version 12. E-mail server.033Exchange 14 Exchange Server 2010Planned for 2010 release. Name fitting with office2010. See at Office 2010 for more.034Felix Microsoft Office Docs Office Web Apps from Microsoft FUSE Labs.Preview in April 2010.035Fidalgo Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for Named after Fidalgo Island  .  bcdalai's Free Tech. Support Blog: []  - 4 -   Copyright © 2004-2010, bcdalai  “WinF X ”  036Gandalf Microsoft Encarta 93 Encyclopedia software037Geneva Active Directory FederationServices (ADFS); WindowsIdentity Framework, CardSpace.Identity meta-system.038Greenwich Office Live CommunicationsServer 2003039Hawaii Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Expected in spring 2010. Microsoft .NetFramework 4.0 is one component.040Hermes System Management Server 1.0041Horizon Windows Live Sync Microsoft's collaboration/synchronization service,formerly known as Live Mesh. Part of WindowsLive Essentials (Wave 4).042Hydra SQL Server 6.5043Ibiza Sync Framework Formerly codenamed Harmonica.Synchronization service for online/offlinescenarios; designed especially for taking Webservices and databases offline.044Indigo Windows CommunicationFoundation045InfoCard Windows CardSpaceIdentity meta-system.046Istanbul Microsoft Office Communicator2005047Jameson Windows CE 4.1048Jolt Silverlight 1.0049Kahuna Windows Live Hotmail Redesigned email servic es from the “Hotmail”.  050Katmai / Akadia SQL Server 2008051Kilimanjaro SQL Server 2008 R2 BI-focused upgrade to SQL Server 2008.Released to manufacturing on April 21, 2010.052Kumo Bing Replacement/renamed product for Live Search.Launched in June 2009.053Laguna SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition054Latinum Microsoft BizTalk-Server 2000055Liberty SQL Server 2000 (x64) Version 8.0056Lightning, Project42Microsoft .NET v1.0057Macallan Windows CE 5.0058Magellan Microsoft Office 2003 SmallBusiness Accounting059Magneto Windows Mobile 5.0060Marvel Microsoft Network (in Windows95)The network technology 1 s included withWindows 95.061McKendric Windows CE 4.2062Merlin Windows CE 3.0063Metro XML Paper Specification (XPS) Document format like the rival Adob e‟s PDF  format.064Milan Microsoft Surface Microsoft's tabletop touch screenTechnology065Mojave R2 Commerce Server 2009 R2 Next update to Commerce Server. Expected tobe 64-bit only and will possibly no longer supportWindows Server 2003 and SQL Server 2005.066Monad Windows PowerShell Proposed name wa s “Micro soft Shel l” or MSH.067Morro Microsoft Security Essentials Microsoft Security Essentials is also as acronymMSE. Free anti-malware service; successor toLive OneCare.068Natal Kinect Kinect for Xbox 360  , or simply Kinect  is a controller-free gaming and entertainmentexperience by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 videogame platform.069Nemesis Windows Media Encoder 7.0 Multimedia Encoding software070 O‟Hare Internet Explorer 1.0, firstavailable in Windows 95. O‟Hare is the main airport of Chicago071Office 14 Microsoft Office 2010 Version 14.0. Actually this is the next version after “ Office 12  ” i.e. Microsoft Office 2007 and should be Version 13. But Microsoft skippedversion 13 because of the strong aversion to the
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