MICMAN MICROBES AND MAN Research Programme 2003-2005

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MICMAN MICROBES AND MAN Research Programme 2003-2005. Soile Juuti Programme manager. CONTENT. objectives evaluation coordination projects. “ A research programme is a net”. A propos 6/2002 ( journal of the Academy of Finland). MICMAN IN A NUTSHELL.
MICMANMICROBES AND MANResearch Programme2003-2005Soile JuutiProgramme managerJanuary 30, 2003CONTENT
  • objectives
  • evaluation
  • coordination
  • projects
  • January 30, 2003“A research programme is a net”Apropos 6/2002(journal of the Academy of Finland)January 30, 2003MICMAN IN A NUTSHELL
  • Academy of Finland’s research programme in collaboration with the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF)
  • implemented during 2003-2005 (3-years)
  • 15 projects (26 research groups)
  • 5,4 million €
  • January 30, 2003OBJECTIVES OF MICMAN
  • to increase our understanding and knowledge of the interaction between host and microbes, and to apply this knowledge to the maintenance of health and prevention and treatment of diseases
  • January 30, 2003..OBJECTIVES OF MICMAN
  • promote research training and exchange
  • advance multidisciplinary networks
  • promote internationality
  • facilitate practical application of research
  • strengthen cooperation between universities and research institutes
  • January 30, 2003FUNDING COLLABORATIONAcademy of Finland4.1 million €Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research(SSF)1.3 million €Total: 5.4 million €January 30, 2003STEERING PROGRAMME COMMITTEE
  • Prof. Marja Makarow (chair), prof. Timo Vesikari, prof. Annele Hatakka, prof. Juha Sihvola, programme coordinator Soile Juuti, scientific secretary Sirpa Nuotio and Tuula AarnioSWEDISH FOUNDATION FOR STRATEGIC RESEARCH
  • prof. Olle Stendahl, prof. Hans Wolf-Watz, Dr. Olle Edqvist, Dr. Henryk WosAN ADDITIONAL EXPERT: prof. Pirjo Mäkelä (KTL)
  • Sub-committeeJanuary 30, 2003EVALUATION PROCEDURE Evaluation Proposal of Decisions decisions 96PLAN OF INTENTprogramme programme subcommittee of AF committee committee board of SSF28FULL APPLICATIONSInternational programme subcommittee of AF panel committee board of SSF15FUNDED PROJECTSJanuary 30, 2003EVALUATION OF FULL APPLICATIONS A panel of international experts:
  • Prof. Ingolf F. Nes, Agricultural University of Norway
  • Prof. Jörg Hacker, Institut für Molekulare Infektionsbiologie, Universität Würzburg
  • Dr. Robert B. Sim, MRC Immunochemistry Unit, Department of Biochemistry, Oxford
  • Prof. Daniel Lew, Chief Infectious Diseases Division, Geneva University Hospital
  • Prof. George T. Macfarlane, University of Dundee, MRC Microbiology and Gut Biology
  • Evaluation statementsJanuary 30, 2003APPLICATIONS Total Joint (AF + SSF)Plan of intent96 17Full applications28 9Funded projects 15 5
  • 7 consortia projects
  • 8 individual projects
  • 26 research groupsJanuary 30, 2003ORGANISATIONS OF THE RESEARCH GROUPS Finnish Swedish Tot.Universities 5 2 7 Research 2 1 3 Institutes 10 organisations7 University of Helsinki5 University of Turku5 National Public Health Institute (2 Turku, 3 Hki)3 Karolinska Institut1 University of Lund1 Universtiy of Umeå1 University of Oulu1 Universtiy of Tampere1 Finnish Environment Institut1 Technological University of HelsinkiJanuary 30, 2003COORDINATION networkingsupportcohesion of the programmefollow-upadministrativecoordinationCOORDI-NATIONscientificcoordinationdoctoral trainingcommunication ofresearch/resultsseminarsweb-pagesJanuary 30, 2003COORDINATION: Tasks participate in - planning of the programme - selection procedure of the projects - preparation of the final evaluation (2006)advance interaction and collaboration of the research teamsarrange seminars and workshopspromote doctoral trainingreport ja communicate of the resultsfollow-up of projectspromote international contactspromote cooperation with other research programmesJanuary 30, 2003SEMINARS Annual MICMAN seminars (scientific) - 1/2003, 1/2004, 1/2005, 4/2006 - annual project reports (deadline: every January) - follow-up of research, interaction of researchers Other scientific seminars/workshops - on the initiative of the participating researches - focus on a specific theme - coordination supports arrangements, expenses(internat.speaker’s) etc. Non-scientific events= Initiatives of the participating researchers are wishedJanuary 30, 2003DOCTORAL TRAINING Doctoral students are welcome to all MICMAN seminars! - participating - as speakers IMPORTANT PART OF THE DOCTORAL TRAINING!- support to relevant courses- programme’s own minicoursesJanuary 30, 2003REPORTING AND COMMUNICATIONS Web-pages: www.aka.fi/micman - info on projects, events, news, etc. MICMAN e-mail list: important/current informationCommunication with media: press releases - during annual seminars; other Joint publications: cluster of articles/summary articles etc. in relevant journals (scientific/non-scientific)Brochures, reports Popularisation of scientific research/results January 30, 2003COORDINATION: General Coordination funding: - to purposes that benefit several projects (minimum one consortium)One group is invited to each steering committee meeting (next June 10, 2003)The role of the coordination is to give supportask for it!January 30, 2003 Contact information www.aka.fi/micmansoile.juuti@ktl.fisirpa.nuotio@aka.fihenryk.wos@stratresearch.seJanuary 30, 2003PROJECTS (15)1. Resident microflora (4 projects)- development, composition and health effects under the influence of both host and environmental factors (pathogenic/probiotic bacteria)2. Host-microbe interactions (9 projects)- in the development and course of diseases3. Other (2 projects) - development of bioinformatics, cyanobacterial toxinsJanuary 30, 2003
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