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  250 Solved MCQs of MGT613POMAByhttp://vulhr.comQuiz 1.Which of the following activities is unnecessary ,when an organizationdecides to design its new product or service or refine its existing product or service:    Translate customer wants and needs into product and service requirements    Refine existing products and services    Develop new products and services    Manage the purchasing activities religiously and diligently. 2.While focusing on capacity planning, organizations look for which of thefollowing alternatives.    How much will it cost    How much holidays the workers can enjoy.    How much compensation they need to pay to their CEO.     None of the above 3.Which of the following is not one of the assumptions for Cost VolumeAnalysis    One product is not involved    Everything produced can be sold    Variable cost per unit is the same regardless of volume    Fixed costs do not change with volume4.Which of the following does not fall under Economic Production Quantity (EPQ)    Only two or more item areinvolved    Annual demand is known    Usage rate is constant    Usage occurs continually5.Advantages of Process Layout Include    Equipment used is lesscostly    Low unit cost.    Labor specialization.    Low material handling cost6.Common types of Operations include    Continuous Processing.    Intermittent Processing.http://vulhr.com1     Automation    All of the above 7.System performance is measured by    Average number of customers being refused service    Average time customers wait    System utilization    b and c. 8.Inventory carrying costs are influenced by:    Order Quantity in Units    Holding carrying cost per unit.    Demand    a and b only. 9.Bar coding helps in determining the :    Status of the inventory of an item in warehouse    Price of the product    Size of the lot as well as the size and specifications of the product    All of the above 10.Therbligs are basic elemental motions which include:    Search    Select    Throw    a and b only Quiz 1.   The goal of Total Quality Management is:    Customer satisfaction    Product differentiation    Brand equity    Acting globally 2.   The most common form of quality control includes:    Planning    Organizing    Inspection    Directing 3.   Process selection is primarily considered during:    Planning    Organizing  Leading http://vulhr.com2     Controlling 4.   The type of operation being carried out by an organization depends upon:    Degree of standardization    Volume of output    Demand    Both (a) and (b) 5.   Repetitive processing results in output that is:    Highly standardized    Highly customized    Partially customized     None of the given options6. Job shop and batch processing are differentiated on the basis of:     Job requirements    Degree of standardization    Volume of output    Both (b) and (c) 7. Automation is preferred because it:    Offers lesser dependence on workers    Results in reduction in variable cost    Offers easy handling of repetitive work     All of the given options 8. Product layout is preferably used for:    Repetitive processing    Intermittent processing    Both (a) and (b)     Neither (a) nor (b) 9. Process layout is used for:    Repetitive processing    Intermittent processing    Both (a) and (b)     Neither (a) nor (b) 10. The most significant advantage of U-shaped layout is:    Cost minimization    Easy handling of process    Increased flexibility inwork    All of the given options11. The goal of motion study is to achieve:    Cost minimization http://vulhr.com3     Maximum efficiency    Profitability    All of the given options12. Location decisions are viewed primarily as part of:    Marketing strategy    Growth factors    Financial aspect    Both (a) and (b) 13. Regional factors for location planning include all of the following except:    Raw materials    Markets    Labor considerations    Attitudes 14. Transportation method is a __________ approach.    Quantitative    Qualitative    Scientific    All of the given options15. Fredrick Taylor’s concern for quality includes:    Product inspection    Gauging system    Statistical control chart    Both (a) and (b) 16. Kaoru Ishikawa is famous for:    Statistical quality control    Fish bone diagram    Loss function concept    All of the given options17. Poor quality adversely affects:    Costs    Productivity    Profitability    All of the given options 18._________ is intended to assess a company’s performance In terms of environmental performance:    ISO 14000    ISO 9000    Six sigma    All of the given optionshttp://vulhr.com4
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