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The MADman and I are preparing to launch our Internet-Radio Program, and have developed a short presentation to highlight what our goals are. Mark After Dark already has an amazing cache' of celebrity interviews under his belt, but the airwaves are beckoning...are you ready?
  • 2. Mark After Dark - "The Man Who Hates Everything Except the Real Thing!” MARK AFTER DARK SHOW
  • 3. Problem worth solving Just as divisive as our communities have become, so has radio, Mark After Dark draws from diverse musical backgrounds, to bridge social gaps that separate us. Music in its truest form, creates social impressions that respect differences of opinion. MARK AFTER DARK SHOW
  • 4. Our solution Mark After Dark's straight-to-your-face honesty brings a breath of fresh air, to the often constrained, divisive rhetoric we are used to hearing. "MAD" will use lively Q&A's, musical interviews, and humor to create a dynamic radio program! MARK AFTER DARK SHOW
  • 5. Target market MARK AFTER DARK SHOW prospects 1.5M Market size: Musicians College Students Concert Venues Libraries/Museums $75.2B
  • 6. Competitors How our solution is better Cable Music Programs Program not confined by genres. Record Labels Not confined by propaganda. Webzines Freedom of Speech Competitive landscape MARK AFTER DARK SHOW
  • 7. Funding needed MARK AFTER DARK SHOW These funds will be used to purchase work/life spaces, hire personnel, licensing fees, purchase radio equipment and pay for marketing. $1.2M
  • 8. Sales channels The Mark After Dark Show will access funding through Community-based grants, crowdsourcing, private investors, endorsements and sponsorships. MARK AFTER DARK SHOW
  • 9. Marketing activities The Mark After Dark Show will use scheduled, targeted advertising, participate in community, and educationally-based outreach forums with the hopes of landmarking historic music venues,as well as supporting music in the schools. MARK AFTER DARK SHOW
  • 10. Revenue streams  Community and Educational Grants  Crowdsourcing  Sponsorship  Private Donors/Investors MARK AFTER DARK SHOW
  • 11. Major costs The cost structure of our program will include the following: purchases of work/life spaces in NY and Washington State, advertising, advanced radio equipment licensing fees,and salaries, as we plan to contract with and retain key programming personne MARK AFTER DARK SHOW
  • 12. Team and key roles MARK AFTER DARK SHOW Mark After Dark Radio Show Host Laura Reynolds (Little Qween) Business Developer Key Employee Audio Engineer/Producer Key Employee Audio Engineer/Producer Key Employee Accountant Key Employee Script Writer Key Employee Web Designer/Developer Key Employee Web Designer/Developer
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