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A Sequence
    Lyrics I  Where was Iwhen I wasn’tneither herenor therehow begswhenwhat imploresthe whyuntil weextractourselvesfrom theyand crowncreationwith another eye    II Test weather where ever— your palmdream’s mirror— excess/emptiness— clouds relinquishwinds rescind— reflections risecradled wherethey’re kept— close to spaceseclipsinghearts vacate  III King of barren circumstanceGoon of gracious levityYouth bereft of guiltless love— Each creature beckonedPast the gates of innocenceBetrays hates heart— What brought the victim to this passInsists on precedence— no one likesThe doom our mongers preachBut preach they must or cancelOut this evanescent droneBy the circuitous murmur Of the almost dead— verifyThe innocuous intent and bleedIn tandem with the circumspectWho judge the aura of the cloudsDeficient and the needs of lightningLame— they’ll learn too soonTo trust their crystal tongues— What’s kept eludes the sleeping demonsThey define and lifts the understandingFrom out the human frameTo deities’ bland angle— On borrowed bone threadedBy warm blood all heartsTell their rosary to the mother Of a God they can believe— They are their own inquisitors— The devils they defeat are the onesThey find inside themselves    IV Gambled and played down— all that you risked— all that you masteredmastering you— enter the innocent eye— how sothis vested reticence— how sothe lethal sweetness—  bar the margins bare the soul bait the bear I am cometo the kingdomof deception by virtueof this angleof despair  penetratingcornerednight
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