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Lists of Tech Acronyms. Over 1200 abbreviations in this list.
  bcdalai's Free Tech. Support Blog: []  - 1 -  © 2004-2010, bcdalai  List of Tech. Acronyms Note: Over 1200 abbreviations in this list. Updated: 7 th July 2010 Terms Relating to Microsoft Product & Technology: ACE: Access Control EntryACL: Access Control ListACM: Application Compatibility ManagerACS: Admission Control ServiceACT: Application Compatibility ToolkitAD DB: Active Directory DatabaseAD DS: Active Directory Domain ServicesAD FS: Active Directory Federation ServicesAD LDS: Active Directory Lightweight Directory ServicesAD RMS: Active Directory Rights Management ServicesADC: Active Directory ConnectorADO: ActiveX Data ObjectsADS: Automated Deployment ServicesADT: Automated Deployment ToolkitAER: Application Error ReportingAFD: Ancillary Function DriverAIS: Asset Inventory ServiceALPC: Advanced Local Procedure CallAPI: Application Programming InterfaceAPIC: Advanced Programmable Interrupt ControllerASEP: Auto-Start Extensibility PointsASLR: Address space layout randomizationASR: Automated System RecoveryAVS: Automatic Version SynchronizationBCD: Boot Configuration DataBCL: Base class libraryBDD: Business Desktop DeploymentBGP: Border Gateway ProtocolBHO: Browser Helper ObjectsBITS: Background Intelligent Transfer ServiceCA: Certification AuthorityCAPs: Connection Authorization PoliciesCBS: Component Based SetupCDDI: Copper Distributed Data InterfaceCEIP: Customer Experience Improvement ProgramCER: Corporate Error ReportingCID: Confirmation IDCIS: COM Internet ServicesCLC: Client Licensor CertificateCMAK: Connection Manager Administration KitCOM: Component Object ModelCOM+: Component Object Model PlusCPI: Component Platform InterfaceCSD: Cluster Security DescriptorCTL: Client Trust ListCTP: Community Technology PreviewDA: Domain AdministratorDACL: Discretionary Access Control ListDCOM: Distributed Component Object ModelDCP: Data Collection PackagesDDK: Driver Development KitDEM: Desktop Error MonitoringDEP: Data Execution Prevention  bcdalai's Free Tech. Support Blog: []  - 2 -  © 2004-2010, bcdalai  DFS-R: Distributed File System  – ReplicationDHCP: Dynamic Host Configuration ProtocolDIMS: Digital Identity Management ServiceDISM: Deployment Image Servicing and ManagementDMZ: Demilitarized ZoneDPE: Developer and Platform EvangelistDTC: Distributed Transaction CoordinatorDTM: Driver Test ManagerDWM: Desktop Window ManagerEBD: Emergency Boot DiskEC: Enterprise ClientECN: Explicit Congestion NotificationEFS: Encrypting File SystemEHS: Exchange Hosted ServicesEMF: Enhanced MetafileEMS: Emergency Management ServicesENU: English US (language code)EPG: Electronic Programming GuideER: Error ReportingERD: Emergency Repair DiskERU: Emergency Recovery UtilityESE: Extensible System Engine (formerly JET)ETW: Event Tracing for WindowsFAT: File Allocation TableFDDI: Fiber Distributed Data InterfaceFR: Folder RedirectionFRS: File Replication ServiceFS: Federation ServerFS-A: Account Federation ServerFSP: Federation Server ProxyFS-R: Resource Federation ServerFUS: Fast User SwitchingFVE: Full Volume EncryptionFVEK: Full Volume Encryption KeyGAC: Global Assembly CacheGCW: Get Connected WizardGDR: General Distribution ReleaseGNZ: Global Names ZoneGPMC: Group Policy Management ConsoleGPO: Group Policy ObjectGPOE: Group Policy Object EditorGSI: Genuine Software InitiativeGUID: Globally Unique IdentifierHAL: Hardware Abstraction LayerHCL: Hardware Compatibility ListsHCT: Hardware Compatibility TestIBS: Image-based setupICF: Internet Connection FirewallIEAK: Internet Explorer Administration KitIECE: Internet Explorer Compatibility EvaluatorIFM: Install from MediaIIS: Internet Information ServicesIKE: Internet Key ExchangeIME: Input Method EditorIPP: Internet Printing ProtocolISA: Internet Security and AccelerationJET: Joint Enterprise TechnologyJPN: Japanese (language code)KDC: Key Distribution CenterKMS: Key Management Service  bcdalai's Free Tech. Support Blog: []  - 3 -  © 2004-2010, bcdalai  KTM: Kernel Transaction ManagerLINQ: Language Integrated QueryLME: Large Memory EnabledLTI: Lite Touch InstallationLUA: Least-Privileged User AccountLUA: Limited User AccountLUN: Logical Unit NumberMAK: Multiple Activation KeyMAP: Microsoft Assessment and Planning ToolkitMBS: Microsoft Business SolutionsMBSA: Microsoft Baseline Security AnalyzerMCAD: Microsoft Certified Application DeveloperMCITP: Microsoft Certified IT ProfessionalMCP: Microsoft Certified ProfessionalMCSA: Microsoft Certified System AdministratorMCSD: Microsoft Certified System DeveloperMCSE: Microsoft Certified System EngineerMCTS: Microsoft Certified Technology SpecialistMDAC: Microsoft Data Access ComponentsMDM: Master Data ManagementMDOP: Microsoft Desktop Optimization PackMDT: Microsoft Deployment ToolkitMDX: Multidimensional ExpressionsMFC: Microsoft Foundation ClassesMGX: Microsoft’s Global Exchange  MLGPO: Multiple Local Group Policy ObjectsMMC: Microsoft Management ConsoleMMPC: Microsoft Malware Protection CenterMMS: Microsoft Management SummitMOM: Microsoft Operations ManagerMOSS: Microsoft Office SharePoint ServerMPA: Microsoft Product ActivationMRU: Most Recently UsedMSAA: Microsoft Active AccessibilityMSDE: Microsoft Data EngineMSDN Microsoft Developer NetworkMSI: Microsoft Software InstallerMSL: Microsoft Support LifecycleMSMQ: Microsoft Message QueuingMSN: Microsoft NetworkMSP: Microsoft Software PatchMSRT: Malicious Software Removal ToolMST: Microsoft Software TransformMSU: Microsoft Software Update (For updates on Vista and later)MTA: Message Transfer AgentMTP: Media Transfer ProtocolMTS: Microsoft Transaction ServerMUI: Multi-lingual User InterfaceMVLS: Microsoft Volume Licensing ServicesMVP: Most Valuable ProfessionalNAP: Network Access PointNAP: Network Access ProtectionNAQC: Network Access Quarantine ControlNDF: Network Diagnostics FrameworkNLA: Network Location AwarenessNPS: Network Policy ServerNTFS: NT File SystemNTLM: NT LAN ManagerOAK: OEM Adaption KitOAW: Office Activation Wizard  bcdalai's Free Tech. Support Blog: []  - 4 -  © 2004-2010, bcdalai  OCA: Online Crash AnalysisOLE: Object Linking and EmbeddingOOBE: Out-of-Box Experience (Windows Welcome screen)OPML: Outlined Processor Markup LanguageOPP: Office Protection PlatformOSD: Operating System DeploymentOU: Organizational UnitsP2V: Physical machine-to-virtual machinePAE: Physical Address ExtensionPCM: Package Command ManagerPDC: Primary domain controllerPDC: Professional Developer ConferencePDO: Physical Device ObjectPFD: PREfast for DriversPGM: Pragmatic General MulticastPIT: Programmable interrupt timerPMP: Protected Media PathPNRP: Peer Name Resolution ProtocolPPTP: Point-to-Point Tunneling ProtocolPUMA: Protected User-Mode AudioPVP: Protected Video PathPVP: Protected Video PlaybackQFE: Quick Fix EngineeringQM: Queue ManagerQoS: Quality of ServiceRAC: Reliability Analysis ComponentRAC: Rights Account CertificateRAPs: Resource Access PoliciesRAS: Remote Access ServiceRDP: Remote Desktop ProtocolRFM: Reduced Functionality ModeRIS: Remote Installation ServicesRMM: Real-mode MapperRMS: Rights Management ServicesRODC: Read-Only Domain ControllerRPC: Remote Procedure CallRSM: Removable Storage ManagerRSoP: Resultant Set of PolicyRTM: Release to ManufacturingRUP: Roaming User ProfilesRUS: Russian (language code)SACL: System Access Control ListSAM: Security Accounts ManagerSAM: Software Asset ManagementSAML: Security Assertion Markup LanguageSAT: Setup Analysis ToolsSBS: Server-based-setupSCE: Security Configuration EditorSDDL: Security Descriptor Definition LanguageSDI: System Disk ImageSDL: Security Development LifecycleSEH: Structured Exception HandlerSFC: System File CheckerSFP: System File ProtectionSHAs: System health agentsSHVs: System health validatorsSIS: Single Instance StoreSKOM: Software Kit Object ModelSKU: Stock Keeping UnitsSMB: Server Message Block
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