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Why are we here? What is our place in the universe? What is the purpose of life? The questions have been asked for centuries. But they all revolve around what is perhaps the most fundamental question of all: Does God exist? [ View or download other free booklets at ]
  Life’s Ultimate Question: Does GodExist?  THIS PUBLICATION IS NOT TO BE SOLD.   It is a free educational service in the public interest, published by the United Church of God, an International Association.  © 2000, 2008 United Church of God, an International Association All rights reserved. Printed in U.S.A. Scriptures in this publication are quoted from the New King James Version (© 1988 Thomas Nelson, Inc., publishers) unless otherwise noted.  2 Life’s Ultimate Question: Does God Exist? 3  Asking the Crucial Questions T he discovery was stunning. For 10 days astronomers had carefully trained the Hubble Space Telescope on a tiny patch of sky that appeared no larger than a grain of sand held at arm’s length. Focusing on a spot near the Big Dipper where the view wouldn’t be obstructed by nearby planets or stars, the scientists used the giant orbiting telescope’s instruments to methodically gather 342 exposures, averaging 15 to 40 minutes long. They patiently recorded minuscule points of light 4 billion times fainter than what can be detected by the human eye.They hoped to find answers to fundamental questions about the uni-verse. How vast is it? How far might   we be able to see in our search for galaxies billions of light-years from our own? Could they find clues to the srcin of the universe and our own Milky Way galaxy?The astronomers were awestruck when the hundreds of images were combined and the fruits of their labors were revealed. Before them was an astounding image. The tiny speck of sky scrutinized in such care-ful detail by man’s most powerful telescope contained a kaleidoscope of hundreds upon hundreds of galax-ies of various shapes, sizes and col-ors. Looking through a “tube” of sky roughly the diameter of a human hair, they counted no fewer than 1,500 galaxies. Exploring the detectable limits of time and space, they concluded that the faint-est galaxies they had recorded were more than 10 billion  light-years away. Some of the brighter ones were quite close, only 2.5 billion light-years distant. Even more astonishing, scientists concluded that the universe contains far more galaxies than we can imagine—at least 100 billion  and quite possibly far more.How big are those numbers? To put them in perspective, if you counted galaxies at the rate of one per second for 24 hours, it would take almost 32 years   Asking the Crucial Questions Contents   3 Asking the Crucial Questions Why are we here? What is our place in the universe? What is the purpose of life? The questions have been asked for centuries. But they all revolve around what is perhaps the most fundamental question of all: Does God exist? 6 Evidence All Around Us Because God cannot be detected or measured by physical means, the scien-tific community has taken the position that He does not exist. Such a preju-diced and unwarranted view leads too many to ignore evidence in plain sight. 13 Te Beginning of the Universe Did our universe always exist, or did it have a beginning at a specific point in time? If it always existed, we have no need for a Creator. But if it came into being at a specific time, what was it that caused   it to come into being? 23 Our Amazing Spaceship Earth Scientists from many fields have discovered that our planet not only teems with life, but seems to be expressly designed   for life. An amazing intelligence seems to be behind Earth’s perfect conditions. What is that intelligence telling us? 32 Te Giver of Life How did life begin? How did our planet’s amazing variety of animals and plants come into being? Evolution is touted as the answer, but it breaks down in the face of the scientific evidence. The creation itself reveals a far different story. 47 Life’s Purpose and the Consequences of Ideas Does your life have meaning and purpose? Evolution holds that we are here simply by chance, the result of a series of lucky accidents. If this is true, how does it affect how we live? History reveals the consequences of such thinking. 61 Meet God If God exists, why doesn’t He reveal Himself? In fact, He has—many times and in many ways. The issue isn’t lack   of evidence, but how we choose to view it.  The time draws near when man can no longer deny God’s existence.    N   A   S   A   This Hubble Space Telescope photo, taken of a tiny portion of the sky near the Big Dipper, shows galaxies up to 10 billion light- years from our own. Based on the number of galaxies visible in this photo, astronomers estimated that the universe contains at least 100 billion galaxies.
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