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John's tips on how to create a good pitching, the judging scoring and slides from Ken Zolot's New Enterprise class at MIT, that John referred to
  DRAFT   MassChallenge InnovationCollaborationImpact June 2010 John Harthorne Akhil Nigam David Constantine   MassChallenge, Harthorne, Nigam & Constantine MassChallenge judging process, round 2 1 In-person pitches ã   ~300 teams invited to pitch (~70%)ã   Panels consist of 3-5 general experts (not industry specific) ã   Investorsã   Principals or Partners at VC firmsã   Angel investorsã   Lawyersã   Partners at Law firmsã   Entrepreneurs / executivesã   Experienced business expertsã   Each team gets 20 min  ã   10 min to presentã   10 min for Q&Aã   (10 min for judging and transition)   ã   Rating system same as for round 1ã   7 sections, all equally weighted except impact 2x weightã   Judges have no prior knowledge about your team – blank slate  MassChallenge, Harthorne, Nigam & Constantine Many of you have asked for advice …here you go … 2 MAIN DISCLAIMER I am not a judge.I do not influence judging.My advice could be COMPLETELY incorrect.You control your own destiny.Make decisions wisely. SECONDARY DISCLAIMER … My wife had a baby last Thursday so I’ve been alittle busy lately ...  MassChallenge, Harthorne, Nigam & Constantine John’s thoughts on pitching … NOT authoritative 3 Some thoughts ã   There is no one correct way to pitch, e.g. ã   Try to cover all sections ã   Focus only on areas of strength ã   Focus only on areas of weakness ã   We are seeking high-impact startups ã   Sell your vision ! describe outcomes ã   Sell your viability ! describe inertia ã   Prepare for Q&A   ã   Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of your technology,market, competitors and customers – prep for Q&A ã   Why should an objective outsider believe you arelaunching a viable, high-impact startup?
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