Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise

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Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise. IHE for Product Planners. Ellie Avraham Kodak Health Imaging IHE Planning and Technical Committees Member. Learning Objectives. The Clinical and Economic benefits of Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise
Integrating the Healthcare EnterpriseIHE for Product Planners
  • Ellie Avraham
  • Kodak Health Imaging
  • IHE Planning and Technical Committees Member
  • Learning Objectives
  • The Clinical and Economic benefits of Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise
  • Improve Product Functionality by using the IHE Technical Framework
  • Improve Integrated System Solutions by using IHE Integration Profiles
  • Learn from IHE Users Success Stories and other IHE information to refine the Products “Business Case” evaluation
  • IHE Classroom Sessions – RSNA 2004Discussion Areas
  • The IHE Deployment Process
  • IHE Integration Profiles
  • The Value Proposition from Planning Products and Integrated Solutions using IHE
  • IHE Classroom Sessions – RSNA 2004Challenges of Integration
  • Integration Solutions Available Today fromMedical Systems Vendors – BUT ...
  • Modern Healthcare Enterprises in All Countries Are Still Confronted with Problems:(In Spite of IT Standards and Advanced Technology)
  • Lack of Access to Complete Medical Information
  • Inconsistent Medical InformationAcross Departments and Institutions
  • Inadequate Communicating of Medical DataAcross Multiple Systems from Different Vendors
  • Risky Investments in Proprietary Solutions
  • IHE Classroom Sessions – RSNA 2004IHE drives healthcare standards based-integrationIHE Classroom Sessions – RSNA 2004Product IHE IntegrationStatementIHEConnectathonIHEDemonstrationProductWith IHEEasy toIntegrateProductsStandardsIHEIntegrationProfiles BIHEIntegrationProfile ARFPIHE Process- Annual CycleIHE ConnectathonResultsIHETechnicalFrameworkUser Site
  • IHE Technical Framework – Define Standard Integration Solutions
  • IHE Connectathon Results – Most implemented and tested IHE Solutions
  • IHE Integration Statements – Most Comertialized IHE Solutions
  • IHE Success Story – Most Successful Used IHE Solutions
  • IHE Classroom Sessions – RSNA 2004Using IHE for Product Planning
  • IHE Aid for Global Product Planning
  • IHE Technical Framework (TF)
  • > Vol 1: Defines Global Integration Profiles > Vol 2,3: Defines the TF Transactions details for Development > Vol 4: Defines the Local National specialization details
  • IHE Connectathon Results – Learn what IHE solutions are developed
  • IHE User Success Stories – Learn the Clinical and Economic benefits of using products with IHE capabilities.
  • IHE Integration Statements – The Commercialized products with IHE capabilities
  • RFP’s from customers
  • IHE Classroom Sessions – RSNA 2004IHE Connectathon Results Classroom Sessions – RSNA 2004IHE User Success Stories
  • Cleveland Clinic Foundation
  • Detroit Medical Center
  • Grossman Imaging Centers
  • Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genèv
  • IHE McKay-Dee Hospital
  • Johannes Gutenberg University Hospital
  • Magic Valley Regional Medical Center
  • Mayo Clinic Jacksonville
  • Our Lady Of The Lake Regional Medical Center (OLOL)
  • VA Puget Sound Health Care System
  • St. Vincent Hospital and Health Services
  • Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging
  • University of Pisa
  • University of Wisconsin
  • IHE Classroom Sessions – RSNA 2004 IHE Success Stories
  • Deployment of IHE Profiles – Most Used:
  • - Scheduled Workflow (SWF) - Patient Information Reconciliation (PIR) - Consistent Presentation of Images (CPI) - Reporting Workflow (RWF) - Basic Security for HIPAA regulations (SEC)
  • Clinical and Economics Accomplishments
  • - Improve the Patient Care– Improved data accuracy and Safety, Image Quality & Consistency and time saving due to optimized Workflows and integrated systems - Improve the clinical practice productivity - reduced manual data entry using the ADT registration in one place and propagate it to all the other systems (PACS, RIS Modality) and reduced errors. - Optimize the Radiological Workflow (SWF) Reduced the incorrectly or lost studies, using DICOM MWL, MPPSIHE Classroom Sessions – RSNA 2004IHE Integration Statements
  • IHE Integration Statements document the product IHE capabilities in terms of IHE: Actors and Integration Profiles.
  • Promote your products with the Integration Statements
  • Learn from other Vendors Integration Statements the IHE Profiles
  • and Actors supported
  • The RSNA links to IHE Integration Statements published by the companies:
  • - Agfa HealthCare - Philips Medical Systems
  • - Cerner Corporation - Sectra
  • - Eastman Kodak Company - Siemens Medical Solutions
  • - Emageon - Softmedical
  • - Fujifilm Medical Systems USA - Stentor
  • - GE Medical Systems - StorCOMM, Inc
  • - INFINITT Co., Ltd. - Tiani Medgraph AG
  • - McKesson Information Solutions - Toshiba America Medical Systems
  • - Medcon - Voxar Limited
  • IHE Classroom Sessions – RSNA 2004IHE Integration StatementDate12 May 2004VendorProduct NameVersionAny Medical Systems Co.IntegrateRAD V2.3This product implements all transactions required in the IHE Technical Framework to support the IHE Integration Profiles, Actors and Options listed below:Integration Profiles ImplementedActors ImplementedOptions ImplementedScheduled WorkflowImage Manager/Image ArchivenoneImage DisplaynoneInternet address for vendor’s IHE to Standards Conformance Statements for the to general information on IHENorth Europe: www.ihe-europe.orgIn Japan: Classroom Sessions – RSNA FoundationIHE Technical Framework
  • Organized in sections that provide an increasing level of detail
  • Integration Profiles: Establish broad categories of compatible function.
  • Actors: Identify specific kinds of operational participants in the healthcare enterprise.
  • Transactions: Describe particular interactions between actors to perform specific operations.
  • IHE Classroom Sessions – RSNA 2004Charge PostingPresentation of Grouped ProceduresReporting WorkflowKeyImageNotesSimple Image & Numeric ReportsNMImageConsistent Present-ation of ImagesEvidenceDocsAccess to Radiology InformationPortable Data for ImagingIHE Radiology Integration ProfilesScheduled Workflow-Patient Info. Recon-ciliationPost-Processing WorkflowBasic SecurityIHE Classroom Sessions – RSNA 2004reportRegistrationFilmLightboxImage Manager& ArchiveOrders FilledFilmFolderDiagnosticWorkstationFilmReportRepositoryOrders PlacedAcquisitionModalityacquisitioncompletedacquisitionin-progressimagesprintedModalityacquisitioncompletedScheduled Workflow ProfileIHE Classroom Sessions – RSNA 2004Patient Information ReconciliationIHE Classroom Sessions – RSNA 2004Consistent Presentation of ImagesArea OfInterestArea OfInterestAchievingConsistent PresentationFlipZoomAnnotateOriginal ImageWithoutConsistent PresentationWindow LevelReferring Physician orReviewing RadiologistReporting RadiologistPresentation StatePresentation LUTGrayscale StandardIHE Classroom Sessions – RSNA 2004TLS authentication of remote node (digital certificates)
  • with/without encryption
  • Audit PHI trail with:
  • Real-time access
  • Time synchronization
  • Secured SystemSecured SystemSecure networkSystem BSystem ACentral Audit TrailRepositoryBASIC SecurityIHE Classroom Sessions – RSNA 2004Report:CHESTReport:AB/PELVISAb/Pelvis ViewChest ViewChest ViewMODALITYPerforms a single examOperatorgroups2 proceduresAb/Pelvis ViewPresentation of Grouped Procedures ProfileRequested Procedure:CHESTRIS / PACSRequested Procedure:AB/PELVISIHE Classroom Sessions – RSNA 2004 Simple Image & Numeric Reports ProfileImages and Examdata presented fordiagnosisVerified ReportPreliminary ReportImage Manager& ArchiveReportVerificationReports storedforNetwork AccessReport & ImageReview forPatient CareReport & Images RetrievedImages RetrievedIHE Classroom Sessions – RSNA 2004Access to Radiology InformationEmergency DepartmentReferring PhysicianRadiology Department – Images and ReportsRemote ClinicsOther Departments:- Oncology- Surgery- Neurology- Pediatrics- etc.Electronic Medical RecordIHE Classroom Sessions – RSNA 2004Post-Processing CAD WorkflowSource DataWorklistPACS SystemCAD*Workstation3-D*WorkstationWorkstationReportRepositoryWork StatusResultsAcquisitionModalityPost-Proc.WorkflowManagerWork Status…ResultsIHE Classroom Sessions – RSNA 2004Charge Posting ProfileAccount Management*Billing SystemADT TerminalReport Generated / SignedCAD*Workstation3-D*WorkstationReportRepository3-DPerformedCADPerformedAcquisitionModalityPostChargesChargePosterStudyPerformed/ MaterialsUsed…IHE Classroom Sessions – RSNA 2004Work ItemClaimedReportingWorklistStoreReportsReportingProcedure StepSTARTEDMeasurementsCAD Reports………………… Retrieve Images &Evidence DocumentsReportingProcedure StepSTARTED IHE Reporting WorkflowRISReportManagerReport Reader/CreatorPACS & ArchiveReportingProcedure StepCOMPLETEDImageManager/ArchiveReportingProcedure StepCOMPLETEDIHE Classroom Sessions – RSNA 2004Media ImporterImage/ Report DisplayPrinterJohn DoePortable Data for ImagingCDCreatorCDIHE Classroom Sessions – RSNA 2004IHE Value Proposition
  • Product Planning
  • IHE Solutions are Driven by Strategic Healthcare Lead Users that collaborate with Healthcare Vendors
  • IHE Solutions are Generic, Reusable and Interoperable based on Healthcare Standards: DICOM, HL7, RFC
  • IHE Solutions Optimize the Clinical Workflows
  • IHE Deployment process – Connectathon, Integration Statements and Users Success Stories information helps to refine the product “Business Case”
  • IHE Technical Framework specification describes the Global IHE solutions at a High Level for Planning & Marketing and in details for products Architects and Engineering development
  • IHE Classroom Sessions – RSNA 2004IHE Benefits
  • Clinical Users
  • Greater access to consistent information
  • Fewer errors, fewer tedious tasks
  • Buyers
  • Specify/purchase integration capabilities easily
  • Freedom to acquire “Best of Breed” systems
  • IT Professionals
  • Faster, more predictable integration projects
  • Facilitate cooperation of competing vendors
  • Administrators
  • Increased throughput
  • Better scheduling and tracking
  • IHE Classroom Sessions – RSNA 2004Picking IHE Profiles Considerations
  • Customer RFP’s
  • Product positioning in the market with a Good Business Case
  • IHE Technical Framework Volume 1
  • Healthcare Institution Needs:
  • > Optimized Clinical Workflow : SWF, PIR, RWF > Improve the Patient Health Care: SWF, PIR, CPI, PGP,KIN > Economy - Reduce Healthcare cost: SWF, CHG> Protect the Patient Health Information: SECIHE Classroom Sessions – RSNA 2004IHE for Product PlannersQuestions?IHE North America: or Canada: http://www.ihe-canada.comIHE Europe: http://www.IHE-Europe.orgIHE France: Germany: http://www.IHE-D.orgIHE Italy: UK: http://www.IHE-UK-orgIHE Japan: Classroom Sessions – RSNA 2004
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