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installation contents Handling & Storage Site Preparation Thrust Blocks & Pipe Restraint Pipeline Curvature Relining & Sliplining Pipeline Detection Above Ground Installation Accommodation of Thermal Movement by Deflection Legs Service Connections Concrete Encasement Fire Rating Testing & Commissioning 3 5 7 7 8 10 11 13 14 14 14 15 I P up u o Gr .a se .com 7 u ho e 41 re ypip 61 a 6 W ol n w.p 300 io w t 1 ga w Ph rri td yL t PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems
  Installation.1 PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems installation contents Handling & Storage 3 Site Preparation 5 Thrust Blocks & Pipe Restraint 7 Pipeline Curvature 7 Relining & Sliplining 8 Pipeline Detection 10 Above Ground Installation 11 Accommodation of Thermal Movement by Deflection Legs 13 Service Connections 14 Concrete Encasement 14 Fire Rating 14 Testing & Commissioning 15  PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems Installation.2 installation Limitation of Liability This manual has been compiled by Vinidex PtyLimited (“the Company”) to promote betterunderstanding of the technical aspects of theCompany’s products to assist users in obtainingfrom them the best possible performance.The manual is supplied subject toacknowledgement of the following conditions:ãThe manual is protected by Copyright and maynot be copied or reproduced in any form or byany means in whole or in part without priorconsent in writing by the Company.ãProduct specifications, usage data and advisoryinformation may change from time to time withadvances in research and field experience. TheCompany reserves the right to make suchchanges at any time without notice.ãCorrect usage of the Company’s productsinvolves engineering judgements which cannotbe properly made without full knowledge of allthe conditions pertaining to each specificinstallation. The Company expressly disclaimsall and any liability to any person whethersupplied with this publication or not in respectof anything and of the consequences of anythingdone or omitted to be done by any such personin reliance whether whole or partial upon thewhole or any part of the contents of thispublication.ãNo offer to trade, nor any conditions of trading,are expressed or implied by the issue of contentof this manual. Nothing herein shall override theCompany’s Conditions of Sale, which may beobtained from the Registered Office or any SalesOffice of the Company.ãThis manual is and shall remain the property ofthe Company, and shall be surrendered ondemand to the Company.ãInformation supplied in this manual does notoverride a job specification, where such conflictarises, consult the authority supervising the job.©Copyright Vinidex Pty LimitedABN 42 000 664 942  Installation.3 PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems installation Handling & Storage Vinidex PE pipes are available in a rangeof sizes ranging from 16mm to 1000mmin configurations complying withAS/NZS4130. Pipes may be supplied tocustomer requirements in either smalldiameter pipe in coil lengths up to9500m, or in straight lengths up to 25m.Vinidex PE pipes are robust, flexible, andoffer the installer many cost savingadvantages. Whilst they are resistant tosite damage, normal care and goodhousekeeping practices are necessary toensure trouble free operations. Handling Handling of Vinidex PE pipes is madeeasier due to the light weights of bothcoiled and straight length pipe. Caremust be exercised however, to avoiddamage to the pipe walls, pre-assembledend fittings, or sub assemblies.Safety aspects need to be addressed, asthe nature of PE pipes is such that incold and wet weather the pipes becomeslippery and difficult to handle. In thesecircumstances, additional care should beexercised when handling coils or bundlesof pipe. In hot weather, especially withblack pipes, the pipe surface may reach70 ° C, when the ambient temperaturesreach 40 ° C. Handling PE pipes at thesetemperatures requires gloves, or otherprotection, to prevent the possibility ofskin burns.Fabric slings are recommended for liftingand handling PE pipe in order to preventdamage.Where wire ropes or chains are used,then all of the contact points between theslings and the pipe must be protected bysuitable padding. Where pipes are incoils, the slings must be placed evenlyaround the entire coil. Similarly, wherecoils or straight lengths are lifted by forklift the contact points must be protected.When lifting coils, the lifting must beperformed on the entire coil, and the forklift tynes not inserted into the coilwinding. When lifting packs of pipes, thetynes must be placed under the entirepack, and the tynes not pushed into thepack. Pipes must not be lifted by placingmetal hooks into the ends of straightlengths.In conditions approaching freezing, theimpact resistance of PE reduces, andcare must be exercised to preventdamage during handling.Pipe lengths greater than 6 metresshould be lifted using a spreader bar, andwide band slings. PE pipes will flexduring lifting, and care needs to beexercised to prevent damage to pipes orend fittings arising from contact with theground. Care needs to be taken to centrethe pipe in the slings.A reduction in the pipe wall thickness ofup to 10% may be tolerated. However,sections with sharp notches should berejected, or the damaged area buffed outto remove the sharp edges. Transport PE pipes stacked for transport must beevenly supported in order to preventdistortion. All bearing surfaces must befree from contact with sharp objects. Anyprojecting sections such as stub flangesmust be supported to prevent damage.For straight lengths of pipe, suitablesupport beneath the pipes is provided bybeams of minimum width 75 mm,spaced horizontally at 1.5 m centres. Forrectangular stacks, additional verticalsupports at 3 metre spacing should beused. For pyramid stacks, the bottompipe layers also need to be chocked toprevent stack collapse.For large diameter pipes (DN 630 andabove) it may be necessary to tom, orinternally support the ends of the pipe inorder to prevent distortion.Where end treatments such as flangesare applied in the factory, thesetreatments must be protected fromdamage.Where coils are stacked vertically thestacks may need to be restrained inorder to prevent the bottom section ofthe coil being flattened or distorted.  PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems Installation.4 installation Table 5.1 Storage Height Straight Lengths PE MaterialHeight (m)Height (m)up to SDR 21above SDR 21MDPE (PE63, PE80B)2.02.25 HDPE (PE80C, PE100) 2.02.50 Coils Pipe diameter mmCoil stacks (number) up to 32550, 63490, 1102Note: Coils must be stacked flat, and even. Storage Straight length pipes must be supportedby timber spacers of minimum width75mm placed at 1.5 metre centres. Therecommended maximum height of longterm stacks is as listed in Table 5.1.Where pipes are crated, the crates maybe stacked on timber to timber, in stacksup to 3 metres high.PE pipes are capable of supportingcombustion, and need to be isolatedfrom ignition sources. PE pipes must bekept away from high temperaturesources, and not be in contact withobjects of temperature higher than 70 ° C.Storage of PE pipes in field locationsmay be subject to fire regulations, andthe requirements of the local authoritiesmust be observed.Black pipes do not need protection fromthe effects of UV exposure, but colouredpipes, if potentially exposed for longerthan 6 months, may need protection.In selecting the method of protectionconsideration may need to be given totemperature effects, as elevatedtemperatures may lead to pipe distortion.
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