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Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill Incident Franklin County Incident Action Plan Wednesday 7/07/2010 Operational Period: 0700-1900 Message from the CCO: Success doesn't come to you? you go to it. ICS 202 ONE TEAM ONE MISSION 1 INCIDENT ACTION PLAN #62 1. INCIDENT NAME 2. DATE PREPARED 3. TIME PREPARED Gulf Coast Oil Spill 7/07/2010 0800 EDT (Deepwater Horizon Rig) 4. SECTION/FUNCTIONAL GROUP/AGENCY 5. OPERATIONAL PERIOD COMPLETING REPORT CGA Governmental Services Wednesday, July 07, 2010:
   1 ICS 202 ONE TEAM ONE MISSION  Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill IncidentFranklin CountyIncident Action Plan Wednesday7/07/2010Operational Period: 0700-1900 Message from theCCO:   Success doesn't come to you? you go to it.    2 ICS 202 ONE TEAM ONE MISSION  General Control Objectives    Coordinate and support response and recovery operations as necessary.    Provide personnel to assist in Logistics, Operations, Finance, and Planning.    Provide responsible party paperwork preparation and record keeping.    Identify needs and implement programs and/or corrective actions to enhance performance.    Provide engineers, general contractors, and other trained personnel to offer monitoring and support services.    Provide surveying and mapping services.    Provide data technologies and development services.    Provide other services as directed by Franklin County Emergency Management.   Safety Message:  Be aware of your temper. If you feel yourself becoming agitated or aggravated, step o utside and “Ta ke a Breather .” Remember, “Tomorrow… the sun will still rise . ”     Weather Summary: Strong southeasterly winds will continue throughout the day at 10-20 knots with gusts up to 25 knots. Near shore waveswill also begin to increase with waves of 2-4 feet near the coastline. Wave height will peak Wednesday morning with 4-6feet waves near shore, and offshore waves around 10 feet. These conditions, along with a 60% chance of rain offshore,will hamper surface recovery operations. However, the southeasterly winds and southerly waves will keep most of the oilaway from the Florida coastline with no direct impacts and only the uncertainty line reaching as far east as Pensacolathrough Thursday. A tropical wave over the Yucatan Peninsula has been given a 30% chance of becoming a tropicalcyclone within the next 48 hours as it moves northwestward over the Gulf of Mexico. Computer models are expectingthis storm to move inland in southern Texas within the next 3 days. Wednesday: Partly cloudy. A 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Highs 89 to 93. Southeast windsaround 10 mph. East wind around 15 knots becoming southeast at 5 to 10 knots late in the afternoon. Seas subsiding to 2to 4 feet near shore and 3 to 5 feet offshore. Protected waters will have a moderate chop decreasing to smooth to a lightchop. Isolated showers and thunderstorms in the morning. Wednesday Night: Partly cloudy. Lows 72 to 76. Southwest winds around 5 mph shifting to the north after midnight. East wind 5 to 10 knotsbecoming northeast around 10 knots overnight. Seas 2 to 4 feet. Protected waters smooth to a light chop. Isolated showersand thunderstorms after midnight. Thursday: Partly cloudy. Highs 91 to 96. East winds around 10 mph shifting to the south in the afternoon. Northeast wind around 10knots becoming south in the afternoon. Seas 2 to 3 feet. Protected waters a light chop. Isolated showers and INCIDENT 1. INCIDENT NAME 2. DATE PREPARED 3. TIME PREPARED ACTION PLAN #62 Gulf Coast Oil Spill(Deepwater Horizon Rig)7/07/2010 0800 EDT 4. SECTION/FUNCTIONAL GROUP/AGENCYCOMPLETING REPORT5. OPERATIONAL PERIOD CGA Governmental Services Wednesday, July 07, 2010: 0700hrs  –  0700hrs 6. SUMMARY OF CURRENT SITUATION, OPERATIONS, AND OBJECTIVES   3 ICS 202 ONE TEAM ONE MISSION  thunderstorms in the morning.Low Pressure 1: A broad area of low pressure over the northern Yucatan Peninsula and south central Gulf of Mexico isproducing a large area of disorganized showers and thunderstorms over the northwestern Caribbean Sea, YucatanPeninsula and the portions of the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Environmental conditions appear marginally conducive forslow development of this system as it moves west-northwestward at 10 to 15 mph. There is a medium chance (30 percent)of this system becoming a tropical cyclone during the next 48 hours. Franklin County Update: Level 2    Continuing to disseminate important information to local communities.    Monitoring boom installation and maintenance throughout the county.    Keeping close eye on non tropical low pressure area associated with a frontal zone over extreme northeasternGulf of Mexico.    The EOC Call Center remains open 24/7 ( HOTLINE # 850-653-4206)    ESIS Claims Assistance (985-520-1569 and 214-536-0384 respectively)   Booming Situation Report: 1) Installed Boom as follows:Division 1: 2,400 ft at Booming Site 7Total installed to date: 109,000 ft or 20.6 miles (approximately 78% of the boom is installed)   Secured Boom:   Resource Supplier ETA 100 35 lb Anchors Donavan Marine Staged Boom:   4 ICS 202 ONE TEAM ONE MISSION  Carrabelle Apalachicola 35,500 „ Boom 16,5 00„ Boom   Deployed Boom:Division 7/01 7/02 7/03 7/04 7/05 7/05 Amount1 1,500 2,400 7,900 2 1,500 52,800 3 15,200 4 4,800 3,800 28,300 Grand Total 109,000Boom Operational Objectives Booming Site 1 (Division 1): Commence installing 3,000 ft (weather/sea dependent)Booming Site 2 (Division 1): Commence installing 2,500 ft (weather/sea dependent)Booming Site 4 (Division 1): Continue installing 3,000 ft (weather/sea dependent)Booming Site 5 (Division 1): Continue installing 1.900 ft (weather/sea dependant)Booming Site 16 (Division 3): Commence installing 6,600 ft (weather/sea dependent)Booming Site 17 (Division 3): Commence installing 3,000 ft (weather/sea dependent)Booming Site 19 (Division 3): Commence installing 3,800 ft (weather/sea dependent)Booming Site 23 (Division 3): Commence installing 7,300 ft (weather/sea dependent)Booming Site 24 (Division 4) Continue installing 15,300 ft (weather/sea dependent)   Response Coordination Center (RCC) Update:Operations:    Damaged boom is currently being repaired for redeployment.    Deploying boom daily.    Monitoring severe weather for Boat Operations.    Looking to identify decontamination sites for future operations.    Training Monitor Boat Crews to operate and report GIS System information.    Maps have been updated with boom site names and coordinates.    Maps illustrating installed boom will be updated to the CGA website.    Ops and planning continue to work together in tracking boom numbers. Logistics:    Observing and monitoring safety issues during installation and specific concerns at the staging areas and boomdeployment sites yesterday and today.    Completed construction of Community Boards at Carrabelle and Lombardi.    ALL requisition sheets need to be completed digitally and e-mailed to Logistics.    Be cognizant of new equipment coming into sites that needs to be processed.  Planning:    Planning has submitted the Hurricane Hazard Specific Coordination Procedure and the CGA/RCC EvacuationSOG for reviews by Incident Command, Franklin County Emergency Management, Operation Section Chief, andUnified.    A Master Document Folder has been created on the CGA RCC Server and will have all plans available for access.    Planning is developing a new tracking system for boom and equipment to better support the mission. Finance:    Analyzing better processes for end of month procedures
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