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1. Hawkins Brown The art of Infrastructure 2. 2.1 Identity 2.1.1 Responding to Context ‘Crossrail is a new line and will create a new identity, consistently applied,…
  • 1. Hawkins Brown The art of Infrastructure
  • 2. 2.1 Identity 2.1.1 Responding to Context ‘Crossrail is a new line and will create a new identity, consistently applied, with a common palette of materials and components through a consistency of approach.’ Crossrail Design Manual, Page 9 At Stage C, analysis of the different station designs identified that the central stations sit within areas of very distinct character. Furthermore with the 240m long platforms in many cases the East and West entrances to the stations sit within very different contexts. During Stage D a number of options have been developed to see how this local identity can be integrated within the tunnel environments. Fig. 2.0 Diagram showing distinct character to each station entrance D©o Ccruomssernati lu Lnicmointetrdolled once printed. All controlled documents are saved on the CRRL EDSoTcuRmICeTnEt DSystem Page 19 DocumReEnSt TuRncIConTtEroDlled once printed. All controlled documents are saved on the CRL© D oCcruomsseranitl SLyimstietemd
  • 3. Royal Mail Depot TCR West OSD Sites C & D Hawkins Brown Arup Atkins Title C A B D Dean Street Street Oxford Gt Chapel Street Diadem Court Fareham Street Hollen Street
  • 4. 1 | View of 1 Oxford Street and Goslett Yard from Centre Point Tower 31
  • 5. Crossrail - Liverpool Street Station
  • 6. 3 | View of Crossrail station entrance from Blomfield Street 63
  • 7. Navigation Navigation Distributing the Good Life Airship Port makes a spectacle of the delivery of goods as a reality of modern living. 1. Executive passenger terminal and viewing decks. Terminal 4 reclad 2. Commercial office space 3. Logistics warehouse 4. Drones dispatched from warehouse 5. Urban district adjacent to Airship Port 6. Airship docking structure 7. Freight loading 1 5 7 2 6 4 3
  • 8. Navigation Navigation Growing the Good Life Runways repurposed as a continuous linear park, the Green Belt contains an ever-changing programme that engages residents with the land. 1. Green Belt community farming 2. Repurposing of aircraft parts 3. Outdoor music festival 4. Timber plantation 5. Electric tram 6. Prefabricated home 7. Drone dock 7 6 5 1 3 4 2
  • 9. Navigation Navigation Manufacturing the Good Life Custom prefabricated homes delivered to site create a pilot urban village around the Factory for Homes. 1. Factory for homes 2. Home installation 3. Secondary home building industries 4. Domestic drone dock 5. Customised electric car 6. Charging light pole 7. Urban hub (4-6 storeys) 4 3 2 7 6 5 1
  • 10. Heathrow in numbers Total size of Heathrow Airport 1,227 ha £3.3 bn Gross value added (GVA) within airport boundary £6.2 bn Gross value added (GVA) within Western Wedge 297 companies 76,640 employees within airport boundary 24km From London Transport connections: LUL Piccadilly, Heathrow Express, Heathrow Connect 7,860 m Length of runways 1.42 million Metric tonnes of cargo 700 Employees in cargo / freight / courier services 5,010 Employees in catering and retail 1,770 Employees in building and maintenance 7,700 People employed in the local area (Hillingdon, Hounslow, Spelthorne, Ealing and Slough) in airport-related activities 120,000 Airport-related jobs within the Western Wedge representing: 22% total employment in the local area 21 mins To Paddington via Heathrow Express pg6 HawkinsBrown Life in Heathrow City | pg6
  • 11. Navigation Navigation 17% Homes with gardens 25% Public open green space 35% Residential land allocated for self-build plots [for 1 or 2 household homes] 80,000+ New homes 200,000 Population 115 DPH gross residential density 500,000m2+ Repurposed buildings 60,000m2 Social infrastructure 30 minutes To West End by Crossrail
  • 12. Festival Boating lake Sports event Buckwheat field Clover field Travelling aviation relics Nettle farm Timber plantation Compost field
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