Eyesweb 5.3.0 User Manual

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Eyesweb 5.3.0 User Manual
  EyesWeb XMI 5.3.0 – User Manual July 11, 2012  Part IUsing EyesWeb 1  Chapter 1EyesWeb Framework The EyesWeb Framework is made of a set of tools: ã The Graphical Development Environment (2). ã The EyesWeb command-line tool3. ã The EyesWeb Mobile Designer and Runtime applications. ã The EyesWeb Mobile for Python and MetaEyesWeb tools. ã A set of other tools: – The EywQuery tool (4.1) to generate documentation for the installed blocks. – The EywRegisterModule tool (4.2) to register a module (dll) for use with Eye-sWeb.2  Chapter 2EyesWeb Patch DevelopmentEnvironment The EyesWeb Development Environment is the main editor to design patches. A simpleexample of the editor at work is shown in Figure2.1.Figure 2.1: The EyesWeb Development Environment.The Environment shows the following main windows, from the left to the right: ã Catalog View window. ã Search View window. ã Properties window. ã Patch View window.3
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