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Kalligrafia As journalists, we paint and create crafts of intricate designs. Words are our main aesthetic; making up the contours of our masterpieces. A Writer ’s = Sinking our pens Wielding the pen and light Writing is painting. The constant flow of words is also the start of a picture being born from the writer’s mind. The journey to Kalligrafia starts with the infinite power of the pen. The Heartbeat’s moderator Ms. Mary Jennivie Veran with The Heart’s moderator Ms. Katherine Ann Ursolin
  As journalists, we paint andcreate crafts of intricate designs.Words are our main aesthetic;making up the contours of our mastrpiece.  = Sinking our pens Writing is painting. Theconstant flow of words is alsothe start of a picture being bornfrom the writer’s mind.The journey to Kalligrafiastarts with the infinite power of thepen. The Heartbeat’s moderatorMs. Mary Jennivie Veran with TheHeart’s moderator Ms. Katherine Ann Ursolino started the summerworkshop with the goal of turningstudents into warriors in differentaspects of journalism, from writingskills to photojournalism.One might say that wordsare not enough to capture apicture. That is why taking apicture with a camera is betterstill. In our digital photography,   Wielding the pen and light  Luis Emmanuel Fleta we literally went swimming withthe fishes in Atimonan, Quezon – “an escapade to the beautyof Poseidon’s kingdom.” Therein De Gracia Resort, we werein unity with the subject inphotography.Taking the risks is our job. That is why exploring thedeep artificial coral reef at Atimonan was a first in ourtravel.Writing alone was nevera journalist’s obligation. Welearn to wield the immeasurablepower of one’s mind – a truewarrior.  beyond paper. Did you ever wonderwhat is it like to venture into theunknown depths of the world?Well, I did just that except that Ididn’t end up in the Earth’s core.I ended up on the center of theworld: media life and journalism.As an amateur journalist,it is my duty to explore the un-explored and discover the deepestsecrets of this enigmatic planet.Though I cannot show these tothe whole world, I can show it tothose in my school community.Luckily, there’s this train-ing course pen-happy guys like me. Enter Kalligrafa: a special training program for wannabe journalists. We are taken to thebustling world of journalism. Itis here I found my talent. It ishere that I found myself. It ishere that I found out who I am.As the journey contin-ues, I am taken to the world of vigilant news writing, comic fea-tures, extreme sports, fearlessphotography, and most of all, thebonds of friendship. I did not onlylearn how to write an article, butI also learned the value of loyalty.Throughout this amaz-ing journey, I did my part anddeveloped myself. And after this journey, I emerged a more vigi-lant and a better person. And forthe rough journey of life, well,let’s just say I’m good to go. “Journey to the center of the World”  Airon Luis Domingo    Aspartof Kal-ligra-fia, a summer workshopof The Heartbeat, staffers swam withschool of fish and snorkeled throughan artificial coral reef in De GraciaResort, Atimonan, Quezon, May 5.The artificial coral reef, whichis the largest Rotary Internation-al Emblem made, afloat LamonBay, Aug. 11. Since then, atherewere sightings of Butandings too.Mr. Greg de Gracia, owner of DeGracia resort, conceptualized the1.2 million pesoproject in coopera-tion with internationalorganizations. He is an advocateof Lamon Bay’s rehabilitation.The attraction also led to an in-crease in publicity and tourism.The locals use rafts which aremade from recycled styrofoamused in the installation of the mas-sive coral reef to take tourists to thesite of the reef, giving more jobs.Participants of The Heartbeat’ssummer workshop spent a daydiscovering this breakthroughin going green and saving whatis left of our marine wildlife. HB Staffers dive for a green agenda EDITORIAL Going green isn’t something asshallow as taking a green crayonand scribbling random stuff or wear-ing green shirts with statementsof wide arrays. It is a time bomband as suggested by the name, ithas a timer stuck to it where ev-ery wasted or used second counts.People and organizations dis-cussing about environmental mat-ters, problems and their solutionsmay now seem cliché due to the in-explicable frequency. Achieving awide scale effect is a far cry as theseefforts are only cancelled out bymore passive people who could notcare less about what is happening.Seriously, we should be awareof this time bomb. It is ticking; mak-ing a sound as every excruciatingsecond passes. We should go out,observe how the temperature hassurged. We should listen; hear thecries of our mountains as they areleft treeless. We should act; keep our-selves motivated and stand up forthe one and only home that we have.The manufacturing sector is one bigfactor in the destruction of the plan-et. And as our basic and one of ourmost urgent needs, food manufactur-ing is one of the largest contributors.A simple meal may just be a largeaddition to the gases that frequentand affect our atmosphere badly.A green diet does not only meaneating your veggies more often butit is to choose. As you see, we havechoices. We could choose to eat organ-ic food and use organic ingredientsrather than its unhealthy, both forus and the environment, counterpart.Nothing is too small now. Everylittle action that we would take or we did not take would later on defne who we are, how we have lived and the car-bon footprint that we have left behind. The Greener, The Better  Meet the Staff  Armund ArguellesBrandon Leif BiboniaJainee BunchaHermieson BustamanteMichelle DecedaAiron Luis DomingoAnton Luis DomingoLuis Emmanuel FletaDarlene Mae JovellanoKatrina MarcaidaAldrin PabelloLeanne Feliz PastorpideAlbert TauleNicole VillaverFacilitators:Ms. Mary Jennivie T. VeranMs. Katherine Ann Ursolino
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