CYBER BULLYING & SEXTING: A Teen & Cultural Phenomenon

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CYBER BULLYING & SEXTING: A Teen & Cultural Phenomenon. Steve Fisk & Amanda Roe. If Grandma Can’t See It…. Don’t DO IT!!. Do You Bully?. Have you ever... Signed on with someone else’s screen name to gather info? Impersonated someone over IM or online? Teased or frightened someone over IM?
CYBER BULLYING & SEXTING: A Teen & Cultural PhenomenonSteve Fisk & Amanda RoeIf Grandma Can’t See It…Don’t DO IT!!Do You Bully?
  • Have you ever...
  • Signed on with someone else’s screen name to gather info?
  • Impersonated someone over IM or online?
  • Teased or frightened someone over IM?
  • Sent a private IM conversation or e-mail without the permission of the other person?
  • Changed your profile or away message designed to embarrass or frighten someone?
  • Posted pictures or information about someone on a Web site without their consent?
  • Used information found online to follow, tease, embarrass or harass someone in person?
  • Sent rude or scary things to someone, even if you were just joking?
  • Used bad language online?
  • Signed someone else up for something online without their permission?
  • Posted rude things or lies about someone online?
  • Voted at an online bashing poll or posted to a guestbook saying rude or mean things?
  • Sending sexually explicit messages and/or nude or semi-nude photos electronically
  • Most common forms of distribution:
  • Text Messages
  • E-Mail
  • Facebook
  • My Space
  • Sexting Across The U.S.
  • Ohio – 18 year old girl committed suicide after a nude photo that she sent to her boyfriend was forwarded to other students in area schools
  • Sexting Across The U.S.
  • Wisconsin – Teen posted nude pictures of a 16 year old girl on his MySpace page was charged with possession of child pornography, sexual exploitation of a child & defamation.
  • What Are The Consequences
  • 30% of teens believe those who exchange suggestive content are “expected” to date or hook up
  • Pictures may be distributed by others throughout the Internet & on other media
  • Pictures that are taken on a cell phone are going to be available potentially forever
  • Much of what appears in Google,
  • Yahoo and Bing searches are from copiesWhat Are The Consequences
  • Limit a person’s ability to get into college, join the military or get a job for the rest of his/her life
  • 10% of college admissions boards today review social network sites to review student backgrounds
  • 35% of the time the information is viewed negatively
  • 25% of the time it is viewed positively
  • Source: 2008 Kaplan PollWhat Are The Consequences
  • Military won’t accept enlistment convicted of pornography – -particularly if you have been convicted of having been involved in child pornography.
  • There is no such thing as a "sealed record," or an "expunged record" as far as the military is concerned.
  • Sexting in The NewsWhat Are The ConsequencesBottom Line… Kids are mean!
  • Short, medium & long-term effects:
  • ostracizedFROM OTHERS
  • Immediately delete nude or inappropriate images
  • Don’t assume anything you send or post is going to remain private
  • There is no changing your mind in cyberspace – anything you send or post will never truly be deleted
  • Don’t give in to the pressure to do something that makes you uncomfortable
  • Consider every recipients reaction… including parents, teachers and legal authorities
  • Nothing is truly anonymous
  • If you have sent any such text or photo in the past -- Google, Yahoo and Bing yourself & your school
  • See if there are any images or content that are related to you
  • Any image or information tagged with your name, or school name could show up in your search
  • If Grandma Can’t See It…Don’t DO IT!!WHERE YOU CAN GOwww.thatsnotcool.comwww.commonsensemedia.orgwww.connectsafely.orgResourcesMr. Earl DavisSchool Resource OfficerPrinceton Community Middle SchoolQUESTIONS?
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