CREW: U.S. Department of Homeland Security: U.S. Customs and Border Protection: Regarding Border Fence: 6/29/10 - Updated Spreadsheet Showing the 14 Buffer Miles Redacted) 13

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CREW: U.S. Department of Homeland Security: U.S. Customs and Border Protection: Regarding Border Fence; FOIA Request: CREW: U.S. Department of Homeland Security: U.S. Customs and Border Protection: Regarding Border Fence; Holder of Document: CREW; Producing Agency: Department of Homeland Security (DHS); Date Received: 6/29/10;
  From:To:Subject: Updated spreadsheet showing the 14 buffer miles Date: Monday, March 31, 2008 7:36:54 PM – here’s the updated spreadsheet that shows the 14 “buffer” miles (out of the 27) highlighted intan. If you mouse over the legend at the bottom of the sheet, there’s an embedded comment thatexplains “In the VF CY08 Core miles, there are 27 buffer miles. 13 are to compensate for the 13 milesof legacy VF being converted to VF. The rest of the 14 are identified above in the tan highlight.” Business Manager, Operations and ReportingSBI - Tactical Infrastructure Program (PF225, VF300)U.S. Customs and Border Protection*** Email:* PLEASE NOTE NEW EMAIL ADDRESS ****   Warning: This document is FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY. It contains information that may be exempt from public release under theFreedom of Information Act (5U.S.C. 552). This document is to be controlled, handled, transmitted, distributed, and disposed of inaccordance with DHS policy relating to Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU) information and is not to be released to the public or other personnel who do not have a valid need-to-know without prior approval from the srcinator. If you are not the intended recipient ,please contact the srcinator for disposition instructions.   (b) (6)(b) (6)(b)(6)(b) (6)(b) (6)(b) (6)  1/2/2009 USACEMap ID #StateSectorStationCongressionalDistrictLocationSBIProject #ContingencyMileageTotalPlannedMileageCum. ActualMileageFenceTypeConstr.Start DateConstr.End DateUpdates and IssuesDOI-ImpactedLand (Alignment,Access Rd, or Staging area onDOI Land) Non-DOIImpactedLandESAImpactedEnvironmentalStatus A-1CASDCBRF51PackTruck Trail 2001-13.58PV-14/15/087/13/08Initial Assessmentsand Evaluations areunderway3.5803.58Draft FINAL EIS.A-2CASDCBRF51W of Tecate2001-20.77PV-19/18/0811/18/08Initial Assessmentsand Evaluations areunderway0.770.77Draft FINAL EIS.A-2CASDCECJ51Ceti's Hill2002-10.57PV-19/18/0811/2/08Initial Assessmentsand Evaluations areunderway0.570.57Draft FINAL EAA-2CASDCECJ51EastBrickyardtoGunsightDrainage2002-20.58PV-19/18/0811/2/08Initial Assessmentsand Evaluations areunderway0.580.58Draft FINAL EAA-2CASDCECJ51W.HorseshoeCanyon2002-30.89PV-19/18/0811/27/08Initial Assessmentsand Evaluations areunderway0.890.89Draft FINAL EAA-2CASDCECJ51East BellValley2002-40.12PV-19/18/0810/5/08Initial Assessmentsand Evaluations areunderway0.120.12Draft FINAL EA  A-2CASDCECJ51Ag Loop2002-51.02PV-19/18/0812/8/08Initial Assessmentsand Evaluations areunderway1.021.02Draft FINAL EAA-2CASDCCAO51SoutwestRim of SmithCanyon2003-10.170.0PV-19/18/0810/15/08Initial Assessmentsand Evaluations areunderway0.170.17Draft FINAL EAA-2CASDCCAO51Rattlesnake Ridge toLarryPierceRoad2003-21.060.0PV-19/18/0812/11/08Initial Assessmentsand Evaluations areunderway1.061.06Draft FINAL EAA-2CASDCCAO51West edgeof BoundaryPeak2003-30.090.0PV-19/18/089/27/08Initial Assessmentsand Evaluations areunderway0.090.09Draft FINAL EAA-2CASDCBLV51WillowsAccess #12004-11.630.0PV-19/18/0812/2/08Initial Assessmentsand Evaluations areunderway1.631.63Draft FINAL EAA-2CASDCBLV51WillowsAccess #22004-22.010.0PV-19/18/0812/19/08Initial Assessmentsand Evaluations areunderway2.012.01Draft FINAL EAA-2CASDCBLV51AirportMesa2004-30.050.0PV-19/18/0810/29/08Initial Assessmentsand Evaluations areunderway0.050.05Draft FINAL EAA-2CASDCBLV51O'NeilValley2004-41.470.0PV-19/18/0811/25/08and Evaluations areunderway1.471.47Draft FINAL EAB-2 CAELCELS51Mon 224to ELSWestChecks2005-32.4PV-18/26/0811/14/08Initial Assessmentsand Evaluations areunderway2.42.4Draft FINAL EA  B-4CAELCCAX51CAX EastChecks2006-18.59PV-16/18/0810/15/08Initial Assessmentsand Evaluations areunderway8.598.59Draft FINAL EAB-5ACAELCCAX512006-519.2PV-18/27/0811/15/08Initial Assessmentsand Evaluations areunderway19.219.2Draft FINAL EAB-5BCAELCCAX512006-22.85SpecialDesign6/18/088/6/08and Evaluations areunderway2.852.85Draft FINAL EAC-1 CAYUMCAX/YUS51AndradePOE:Imperialsanddunes toCA-AZ line2007-110.28PV-1 &SpecialDesign7/24/081/4/09Initial Assessmentsand Evaluations areunderway10.2810.28Draft FINAL EAC-2BAZYUMYUS7of PF70project to 2007-23.70PV-27/17/089/14/08and Evaluations areunderway3.700Draft FINAL EAE-2BAZTCANCO8Naco6.90Phase 1Design-Final WalkthroughComplete 20 Nov, 6.900waiver D-2AZTCAAJO7AJO 2mieast of POE2008-13.10Phase 1Design-Build5/8/087/20/08 Est Const. Start date1/25/2008 3.103.10FONSI 2008D-2AZTCAAJO7AJO 2miwest of POE2008-22.10Phase 1Design-Build4/24/089/10/08 Est Const. Start date1/5.20 2.107.30FONSI 2008D-5AAZTCANGL71mi W to3mi W of MariposaPOE2010-12.08Phase 1Design-Build3/25/087/12/08Const. Start 3 Dec07. Clearing andgrubbing underway.2.082.08FONSI 2007D-5BAZTCANGL7NGL 1miE to 6mi Eof POE2010-25.16PV-18/27/0811/24/08Initial Assessmentsand Evaluations areunderway5.165.16Draft EA
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