Collective Bargaining

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TERM PAPER SUBJECT- INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS TOPIC-COLLECTIVE BARGAINING SUBMITTED TO: Dr. S.K. KAUSHAL FACULTY, DBA SUBMITTED BY: SABA KAZMI MBA 3rd SEM. UNIVERSITY OF LUCKNOW The making of this term-paper has become possible due to the guidance, efforts and cooperation given by many people who have played an important role however, small or big, in it’s successful completion. I wish to extend my humble gratitude to Dr. S.K. Kaushal for his kind efforts and guidance for this term-paper, who
  TERM PAPER  SUBJECT- INDUSTRIAL RELATIONSTOPIC-COLLECTIVE BARGAINING SUBMITTED TO: SUBMITTED BY:Dr. S.K. KAUSHAL SABA KAZMIFACULTY, DBA MBA 3 rd SEM.  UNIVERSITY OF LUCKNOW        The making of this term-paper has becomepossible due to the guidance, efforts and co-operation given by many people who have playedan important role however, small or big, in it’ssuccessful completion.   I wish to extend my humble gratitude toDr. S.K. Kaushal for his kind efforts and guidancefor this term-paper, whose ever presence in mymind with helping attitude encouraged mecomplete this term-paper.I express my deep sense of gratitude to my friendsfor their valuable help and continuous motivationand family members for their co-operation andsupport during the making of this term-paper. SABA KAZMIMBA3rd SEM.  COLLECTIVE BARGAININGDefinitions-The I.L.O. defines collective bargaining: As negotiations about working conditions and terms of employment between an employer, or agroup of employers, or one or more employers' organizations, on the one hand, and one or morerepresentative workers' organization on the other with a view to reaching agreement. This definition confines the term collective bargaining as a means of improving conditions of employment. But in fact, collective bargaining serves something more.Perlman aptly stated, “Collective bargaining is not just a means of raising wages and improvingconditions of employment. Nor is it merely democratic government in industry. It is above alltechnique, collective bargaining as a technique of the rise of a new class is quite different ......from the desire to displace or abolish the old ruling class ... ... to gain equal rights as aclass ... ... to acquire an excessive jurisdiction in that sphere where the most immediate interests, both material and spiritual, are determined, and a shared jurisdiction with the older class or classes in all other spheres.”“Collective Bargaining is a mode of fixing the terms of employment by means of bargaining between an organized body of employees and an employer, or an association of employersusually acting through organized agents. The essence of collective bargaining is a bargain between interested parties, and not a decree from outside parties”.- Hoxie.“Collective Bargaining takes place when a number of work-people enter into a negotiation as bargaining unit with an employer or group of employers with the object of reaching anagreement on the conditions of employment of the work-people”.-Richardson.
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