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July 2010 COMBAT LOGISTICS REGIMENT—15 (FORWARD) MAINTENANCE COMPANY Major Copley, Company Commander Sections: Headquarters Repairable Issue Point Communications Electronics Engineers Ordnance and General Support Motor Transport Forward Detachments, SEI 2 3 4 5,6 7 8 9 Last month I told you Maintenance Company was the best company in the Regiment and June has left little doubt in my mind this still holds true. This month we had nine regular promotions, five meritorious promotions, eight Good C
    Last month I told you Maintenance Company was the bestcompany in the Regiment and June has left little doubt inmy mind this still holds true. This month we had nineregular promotions, five meritorious promotions, eightGood Conduct Medals, four Navy and Marine CorpsAchievement Medals and two Outstanding Volunteer Ser-vice Medals awarded to Marines within Maintenance Com-pany. Maintenance Company is without a doubt the com-pany with the most promotions and awards; of course weare the biggest company in the Regiment. The Marinesfrom Maintenance Company continue to impress me eachand every day. Hardwork, dedication and innovation arethe hallmark of their character. For instance, we have a Marine that discovered a way to reduce the repair time on certain vehicles from 40 hours to 20 hours  –  an un-believable contribution to the fight. Your Marines continue to do great things eachand every day. As we celebrate Independence day together, the mission still per-sists. I could not be more proud of each and every Marine under my charge. As al- ways, thank you for your continued support of your Marines. We could not accom-plish our mission without you.   Major J. R. Copley   Major Copley, Company Commander MAINTENANCE COMPANY COMBAT LOGISTICS REGIMENT  —  15 (FORWARD) First Sergeant Monroe, Company First Sergeant  July 2010 Headquarters 2 Repairable Issue Point  3 CommunicationsElectronics 4 Engineers 5,6 Ordnance and GeneralSupport  7 Motor Transport  8 Forward Detachments,SEI 9 Sections: Greetings families and friends. I am happy to say that we have passedthe halfway point and the Marines of Maintenance Company continueto set the precedence for I MEF. Over the past month I have watchedthem perform at a level well beyond what is expected without missing abeat. You would be very proud to know that their hard work is a very valuable asset to themission that stands before our country. The Marines stand proudly side by side, throughthe ups and downs to ensure that their families can rest safely and we will continue tohold that honor until we are properly relieved. Take comfort in knowing that your Marineis on guard. Continue to pray for us as we pray for you. This weekend marks Independ-ence Day, I ask that you take a moment and remember those that have served our countryand the many that continue to serve. God Bless you and your families.First Sergeant J. E. Monroe    Headquarters Another month has gone by and the Marines of Headquarters(HQs) Platoon (Plt) continue to impress. It’s amazing the inge- nuity and work ethic of Marines as they are continually testedmentally and physically away from home. The long hours andexhausting climate have taken their toll on everyone, but theequipment parts are still getting ordered and getting broughtin. The paperwork is still getting filed and the reporting is stillgetting accomplished. All of this while moving into our newhomes, the Maintenance Company Office and the MaintenanceManagement Office buildings. The compliments are also pour-ing in. CLR-15 (FWD) is definitely being touted as the tip of thelogistical spear. The Marines here are changing the pace ofoperations and leading the Marine Logistics Group (MLG) toaccomplish the mission. The support that the Marines in HQs Plt are givingis able to directly affect the ability for CLR-15 Maintenance Company to sup-port the MEF. I am proud of the efforts and determination of each and everyone of the Marines in HQs Plt for persevering through these tough times andknow that the support they receive from their friends and family are not goingunnoticed. It puts a hop in their step every time mail call is done and theletters, postcards and packages are received. I would like to take this oppor-tunity to place a special congratulations to Cpl Clark on his meritorious pro-motion to Corporal this month and SSgt Hunter for his selection to GunnerySergeant. These Marine’s efforts and professionalism have not gone unno- Awards and Promotions Page 2 Combat Meritorious Promotions Raymond Sullivan JrPatrick ClarkAaron LungmusDiana ValdezNikolas Rivera Joshua Cook Jorge CarrilloDominick Chiurco Jorge FloresgutierrezIan JonesAdam LuttioBradley McDonaldCarlos Ramos Joseph TeagueLCpl Keith Medlin Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal LCpl Felisha Franklin Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal LCpl Taylor Smith Navy and Marine Corps Achievement MedalUnited States Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal MSgt Charles Baker IIISgt Joshua CookSgt Victoria WellmanCpl Antony OliveiraCpl Kelcey Smith Cpl Sergio MirandaLCpl Tyler EricksonLCpl Zachary DouglasSgt Ryan Albright Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal Cpl Stephen Jensen Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Cpl Brandon Diggins Military Outstanding Volunteer Service LCpl Rodriguez arms himself for aSMU run   The Reparable Issue Point had a month to remember. On the 16 th of May the lot which we shared with the Supply Management Unit wasdestroyed by fire. However, due to heroic efforts of RIP Marines over80% of our inventory was saved. I would like to take time to thank all of those family andfriends who wished us well during this period. The Marines of the RIP performed their dutiesadmirably and continued the mission without a building, warehouse, or usual day to day of-fice equipment. A testament to their determination was evident as we did our first transactionthe morning following the fire. Never has my pride in a group been more than it was that day.As this current month roles on and we are now comfortably moved into our new facility we continue to support the MEFs effort in Afghanistan. Until next month…   -CWO Nemiah Johnson   Page 3 Repairable Issue Point  Left, Clockwise: Cpl Carillo discov-ers art among the destruction. The SMU is burning.LCpl Jones and LCpl Valdez work-ing hard.LCpl Staritz skillfully operatingthe tram. The Gator got too close.CWO Johnson, Maj Copley andSSgt Alcorn assess the damage.  Page 4 Greetings Family and Friends,Another month has passed and we are quickly approaching the half way point of the deployment. The Ma-rines in the Platoon have settled into their daily routines and continue to impress. We would like to start outthis month by congratulating Sergeant Albright for winning the Non-Commissioned Officer of the quarterboard. Competition was keen, but Sergeant Albright came out on top. Well Done!  This month’s spot light is not one Marine, but the four man team that Communication Electronics Mainte- nance has stationed at Camp Dwyer. This team is responsible for augmenting Combat Logistics Battalion-5(CLB-5) and providing an Intermediate Maintenance Activity (IMA) capability further forward. When westepped on deck CLC-252 had eight Marines performing this mission. Due to changing mission requirements, we were only able to send out four Marines. Sgt Rosamilia, Cpl Alvarado, LCpl Loeck and LCpl Springer tookthe place of the eight Marines and have been able to provide the same level of service with half the man-power. LCpl Spencer Loeck is a reservist who volunteered for the deployment from Wichita Kansas and servesas the sections shipping and receiving NCO. He has learned a lot since deploying and is becoming a greatcomputer technician. LCpl Christopher Springer is another reservist is from Indianapolis who also volun-teered to deploy. He has deployed before and used his vast knowledge and previous experience to provide in-put on how to restructure and configure the Maintenance shop to better support Intermediate Mainte-nance. Cpl Franklin Alvarado is an active duty Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton and hails from Los Ange-les, CA. A radio repairman by MOS, Cpl Alvarado has cross trained as a computer technician while in Dwyerto better support the needs of the shop. He and his wife Suzi are expecting their second child sometime in the middle of June…any day now. Sgt Rosamilia is serving as the IMA Comm/Elect Maintenance Site Chief and isdirectly responsible for the other Comm/Elect Marines at Dwyer. He issues out daily tasks and responsibili-ties, and looks after the morale and welfare of the Marines. Sgt Rosamilia and his wife Toni have two children, Jalees (10) and Jaden (who turns 8 in June-Happy Birthday!), and live on San Marcos, California. These Ma-rines are doing great things while down at Camp Dwyer and have recently combined tech shops with CLB-5 tobetter support the war fighters in the area of operation.We would like to again thank all of you for your love and support!   Communications Electronics Maintenance The Fantastic 4 From left to right: LCpl Springer,Sgt Rosamilia, LCpl Loeck andCpl Alvarado
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