Children and AIDS Country Fact Sheets 2008

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Statistik om barn och hiv och aids, land för land
  Childrenand AIDS CountryFact Sheets2008  2UNICEF, UNAIDS and WHO, Children and AIDS: Country Fact Sheets 2008  Children and AIDS:Country Fact Sheets 2008 Companion to the Third Stocktaking Report  These country fact sheets were prepared by theStatistics and Monitoring Section, Division ofPolicy and Practice, UNICEF.Cover photo: © UNICEF/HQ06-2216/GiacomoPirozzi; back cover photo: © UNICEF/HQ06-2212/ Giacomo Pirozzi.The paintings on the covers of this report are bychildren at the Maputo Day Hospital, Mozambique,a UNICEF-supported facility providing medicineand psychosocial support, including counsellingand antiretroviral therapy, to children livingwith HIV.UNAIDS, the Joint United Nations Programme onHIV/AIDS, brings together the efforts and resourcesof 10 UN system organizations to the global AIDSresponse. Co-sponsors include UNHCR, UNICEF,WFP, UNDP, UNFPA, UNODC, ILO, UNESCO, WHOand the World Bank. Based in Geneva, the UNAIDSsecretariat works on the ground in more than75 countries worldwide.  UNICEF, UNAIDS and WHO, Children and AIDS: Country Fact Sheets 2008  i CONTENTS Page iii Note on the estimates Page iv Denitions and methodology Page v Notes on country data Page vi Note on zeros in charts Page 1 Country act sheets Page 1 Aghanistan Page 2 Albania Page 3 Algeria Page 4 Angola Page 5 Antigua and Barbuda Page 6 Argentina Page 7 Armenia Page 8 Azerbaijan Page 9 Bahamas Page 10 Bahrain Page 11 Bangladesh Page 12 Barbados Page 13 Belarus Page 14 Belize Page 15 Benin Page 16 Bhutan Page 17 Bolivia Page 18 Bosnia and Herzegovina Page 19 Botswana Page 20 Brazil Page 21 Brunei Darussalam Page 22 Bulgaria Page 23 Burkina Faso Page 24 Burundi Page 25 Cambodia Page 26 Cameroon Page 27 Cape Verde Page 28 Central Arican Republic Page 29 Chad Page 30 Chile Page 31 China Page 32 Colombia Page 33 Comoros Page 34 Cook Islands Page 35 Costa Rica Page 36 Côte d’Ivoire Page 37 Croatia Page 38 Cuba Page 39 Democratic People’s Republic o Korea Page 40 Democratic Republic o the Congo Page 41 Djibouti Page 42 Dominica Page 43 Dominican Republic Page 44 Ecuador Page 45 Egypt  ii UNICEF, UNAIDS and WHO, Children and AIDS: Country Fact Sheets 2008  Page 46 El Salvador Page 47 Equatorial Guinea Page 48 Eritrea Page 49 Ethiopia Page 50 Fiji Page 51 Gabon Page 52 Gambia Page 53 Georgia Page 54 Ghana Page 55 Grenada Page 56 Guatemala Page 57 Guinea Page 58 Guinea-Bissau Page 59 Guyana Page 60 Haiti Page 61 Honduras Page 62 India Page 63 Indonesia Page 64 Iran (Islamic Republic o) Page 65 Iraq Page 66 Jamaica Page 67 Jordan Page 68 Kazakhstan Page 69 Kenya Page 70 Kiribati Page 71 Kuwait Page 72 Kyrgyzstan Page 73 Lao People’s Democratic Republic Page 74 Lebanon Page 75 Lesotho Page 76 Liberia Page 77 Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Page 78 Madagascar Page 79 Malawi Page 80 Malaysia Page 81 Maldives Page 82 Mali Page 83 Marshall Islands Page 84 Mauritania Page 85 Mauritius Page 86 Mexico Page 87 Micronesia (Federated States o) Page 88 Mongolia Page 89 Montenegro Page 90 Morocco Page 91 Mozambique Page 92 Myanmar Page 93 Namibia Page 94 Nauru Page 95 Nepal Page 96 Nicaragua Page 97 Niger Page 98 Nigeria Page 99 Niue Page 100 Occupied Palestinian Territory Page 101 Oman Page 102 Pakistan Page 103 Palau Page 104 Panama Page 105 Papua New Guinea Page 106 Paraguay Page 107 Peru Page 108 Philippines Page 109 Qatar Page 110 Republic o the Congo Page 111 Republic o Korea Page 112 Republic o Moldova Page 113 Romania Page 114 Russian Federation Page 115 Rwanda Page 116 Saint Kitts and Nevis Page 117 Saint Lucia Page 118 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Page 119 Samoa Page 120 Sao Tome and Principe Page 121 Saudi Arabia Page 122 Senegal Page 123 Serbia Page 124 Seychelles Page 125 Sierra Leone Page 126 Singapore Page 127 Solomon Islands Page 128 Somalia Page 129 South Arica Page 130 Sri Lanka Page 131 Sudan Page 132 Suriname Page 133 Swaziland Page 134 Syrian Arab Republic Page 135 Tajikistan Page 136 Thailand Page 137 The ormer Yugoslav Republic o Macedonia Page 138 Timor-Leste Page 139 Togo Page 140 Tonga Page 141 Trinidad and Tobago Page 142 Tunisia Page 143 Turkey Page 144 Turkmenistan Page 145 Tuvalu Page 146 Uganda Page 147 Ukraine Page 148 United Arab Emirates Page 149 United Republic o Tanzania Page 150 Uruguay Page 151 Uzbekistan Page 152 Vanuatu Page 153 Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic o) Page 154 Viet Nam Page 155 Yemen Page 156 Zambia Page 157 Zimbabwe
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