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Chapter 2. Choosing a Topic. 9510009A Lin 9510071A Troy 9510097A Hamon. How to Choose a Topic. Pick a Topic You Like Go to the Library and Browse Online Public-Access Catalog( OPAC ) Electronic Storage Sources , CD-ROMs Search on the Internet Encyclopedia
Chapter 2Choosing a Topic9510009A Lin9510071A Troy9510097A HamonHow to Choose a Topic
  • Pick a Topic YouLike
  • Go to the Library and Browse
  • Online Public-Access Catalog( OPAC)
  • Electronic Storage Sources, CD-ROMs
  • Search on the Internet
  • Encyclopedia
  • Take time Searching for a topic
  • General Interests
  • Topics to Avoid
  • 2b-1 Topics that are Too BIG
  • Lots of Books about your topic in the library
  • Too Big
  • References Sources -> FilesBibliography -> WeedsOpinions, Data and Information -> Come PouringToo Big
  • Narrow the Topic
  • Topics to Avoid
  • 2b-2 Topics based on a Single Source
  • Different AuthoritiesVariety of Books, ArticlesOther ReferencesResearch Paper( Topics Broad Enough)Multiple Sources
  • The data which come from Single Source
  • Defeating the Purpose of the paper
  • Topics to Avoid
  • Ex: The life of a person( Single Source)
  • ( Famous People) Compelling Biography OverquoteV.S.( Marginal People) Single Biography Wasting Time
  • A person Approach( A Variety of Sources)
  • Ex: James Monroe Monroe Doctrine( Multiple Sources)
  • Topics to Avoid
  • 2b-3 Topics that are Too Technical
  • Technical Jargon Snow Job( Depends on the Class)
  • Teach > Learned( General Topic)
  • Ex: “Heisenberg’s Principle of Indeterminacy as It Applies to Subparticle Research” PhysicsEnglish
  • Special knowledge of Particular Subject
  • Broad Enough to be Understood
  • ( Any Educated Reader)
  • Topics to Avoid
  • 2b-4 Topics that are Trivial
  • Ex: The History of the Tennis Ball
  • Safest Way Ask your Instructor
  • Good Topic Be made Trivial by its Treatment
  • Ex: “ Fictional Detective on Foreign Postage Stamps” ( Insignificant Topic)
  • Trivial Obvious
  • Ex: Walking is good aerobic exercise( So Tame)
  • Topics to Avoid
  • 2b-5 Topics that are Overused
  • Subject of Heated Debate Temperate Tone
  • Overused
  • Importance in the Public Consciousness
  • Overused Topic( Parrot New Angle)
  • Ex: Abortion Effects of the RU-486
  • Topics to Avoid
  • 2b-6 Topics that are Contemporary
  • Contemporary Topic( Hotly Debated at the Moment)
  • 1. Unbiased Sources2. Newspapers and Magazines( Unbelievable)Avoided ReasonsVariety Sources( Books, Periodicals Reference Volumes, Specialized Indexes, and variety of Electronic Sources)Solid PapersIncluding Topics that has weathered both Time and Scholarly CommentaryTopics to Avoid
  • Search Tip
  • Sources (Initial Search) >Narrow your Topic
  • Sources Rare Change the Topic
  • Narrowing the Topic
  • Search for Sources that helps you Narrow the topic.
  • Is your topic Arguable?
  • Make Trials and Error until you have a Suitable Topic you like.
  • Make sure the topic is Approved by your Instructor.
  • Narrowing the TopicNarrowing the Topic
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