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Case Study
  Case Study on Multiplexes: “ There’s no business like show business”.The above truism comes to life when we consider the amount of turnover churned by the multiplexes that have mushroomed up in the past decade. Predominantly single-screen theaters ruled the roost when it came to movie theaters  but with changing times the era of multiplexes was ushered in with cinema halls being converted into the ultimate  weekend getaway for the thronging millions. With around ! ## active screens! $ndia is under screened. %hina! which produces far lesser films than $ndia has & !### screens while the '( has )&!###. $ndia’s screen density stands low at * screens per million populations. There is a need of at least *#!### screens as against the current ! ##. This gives multiplex operators enough room to grow as the traditional single-screen theatres do not have the financial wherewithal nor do they en+oy tax incentives.,ver the last few years! multiplexes have emerged as a trend in urban $ndia. ultiplexes are essentially cinemas with three or more screens. They provide a uality viewing experience and are generally located around shopping malls to increase footfalls in these malls./ach screen in a multiplex has a small seating capacity in the range of  #-)## seats as compared to single screen cinemas which have capacities in the range of 0##-!*## seats.The multiplexes are ensuring everyone is taken care of as movie theatres have been amalgamated with retail outlets! shopping malls! bowling alleys and food courts etc. The multiplex players are bending over each other to cater to the needs of the customer and make it a family experience.This is only the icing on the multiplex owner’s cake and this icing only gets thicker with time as millions of revenue is on stake with the loyal customers coming to get a good deal. The heavyweights in this arena are P12 cinemas! 3ig %inemas 4owner 5657 group8! $nox and 9un %inemas.    Case Study on Shreejii: $t was :.## pm and standing in front of the store 5+ay saw the busy 7hatkopar 7 2oad still filled with commuters as his employees rolled the shutters of his store down. 5+ay is the third generation businessman of (hree+i ,pticians and %ontact ;ens %linic.<e slid back in memory and remembered his father and grandfather who ran the showroom. $t was the same store of about ) # s. ft.  which they managed with a handful of employees. They did business much better than he could manage today. (hree+i was established in :=* as the first 5% ,pticians showroom in 7hatkopar! but in the recent years it remains forgotten. Walking back home 5+ay started thinking > he had a good variety of frames! lenses and sunglasses and they also started contact lens dispensing from mid-:#’s. <e had four salesmen out of which three were there with the store for more than seven years now. <e also had one optometrist for eye testing of the customers! which was offered as a free service.3ut despite this! (hree+i lost in the competition. 7hatkopar had about *) standalone opticians? most of them had mushroomed in the last decade. ,f late he was more disturbed with the entry of a ma+or player > 7angar /ye @ation with a huge footprint of about *!### s.ft. that was about * mins walking distance from his store. <e had also got the news that Titan /ye Plus was eyeing 7hatkopar and  was looking out for a suitable store location there.<e reached home! sat down on his study table! and started analyAing his sales for the past # years. /arlier the store had bigger profit margins with an average footfall of *#-* people per day with a good conversion rate. (hree+i used to deal in local brands like (illotti! and frames procured usually from wholesale players like 5lankar ,pticians.;enses were procured from %entral ,ptics! 7hag etc. 3ut now! times were changing. Today the profit margins were reduced because of competition from national players and high operating cost. $nterestingly the store footfall has gone up to = -:# per day and most of the customers are youngsters who prefer to use branded frames like ,ptimed! (waroski! cB and (teppers. $n lenses /ssilor! Bodak! @ikon! is what customers demand for. Today! (hree+i has the conversion rate of *#C. Players like 7angar sold only branded products like Prada! 7ucci etc. while Titan dealing with the products under its own 3rand /yeD stores sold frames under the Titan brand as well as the /yeD and 6ash brands 4the 6ash brand targets children8. The stores also deal with frames and sunglasses from a large number of international fashion brands like /lle! 1ogue! 1ersace! 6ior! (teppers! <ugo 3oss! 5rmani! ;evis! /sprit! ,xydo! Tommy <ilfiger! 6olce E 7abbana! %alvin Blein! (ilhouette! (warovski! 6unhill and ont 3lanc etc.T$T5@ /F/! Bodak! ;uxottica 7roup! /ye was from ,dysseys! 1ision /xpress from 2eliance 2etail and ma+or international players will change the way eyewear industry operates in the country. They aim to introduce the concepts of branding! right pricing and value for money! which is non-existent now. Case Study on Hidesign: Founded in 1978 as a two-person artisan workshop, Hidesign is now a global company. Hidesigns commitment to cra!tsmanship, tec hnical innovation and rebellion against uniformity and mass production has made it the Gbrand of choice’ for a loyal following of customers throughout the world.  $n the *###s! with business expanding! it started opening wholly-owned exclusive retail outlets in overseas markets. $n *###! <idesign decided to exploit the growing $ndian domestic market. $t first opened wholly- owned exclusive retail outlets and then moved towards selling its products through organiAed retail chains to increase the volumes.<idesign aimed to establish itself as a Hluxury brand” across the world. The brand was promoted worldwide in fashion magaAines and trade +ournals. $n *##&! <idesign employed over *!)## people in its tannery! buckle factory! and leather goods manufacturing units.$t sold a wide range of products including briefcases! work casuals! travel bags! handbags! computer bags! wheeled luggage! backpacks! and accessories such as belts! +ackets! and wallets! through *! ## outlets in more than 0 countries 4as of 5pril *##&8.The name <idesign was formed by merging the words Hhide” and Hdesign”I 5nd true to its name! <idesign went on to become a premier design house for leather goods! gaining acceptance even in the highly competitive western markets. <idesign products were priced high and were aimed at the mass luxury market. The target market consisted of people aged between *# to # years! belonging to high income households! who traveled freuently! often internationally and insisted on high uality products. <idesign brand products used only full grain leather. The leather was tanned using the vegetable tanning process.<idesign is driven by the passion of a multi-cultural design-oriented team. $t first started selling in small alternative shops in ;ondon and (an 9rancisco and uickly expanded into adventurous department stores in ;ondon! %alifornia and 5ustralia. Today! <idesign is available at department stores at over # <idesign stores across the world.<idesign started as a small workshop in the late :=#s. 7radually the business expanded with the company winning a number of export contracts. 5lthough initially! the firm experienced hiccups in developed markets like! the 'B and the '(. 3ut its good uality! distinctivedesigns! and aggressive marketing strategy helped it succeed in carving out a niche for itself.$t went in for marketing tie-ups with distributors and high-fashion retail chains. ;ater! it entered into +oint ventures and sold its products through franchised outlets in several overseas markets.
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