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Notes from the group work on 1.7.2010 at ACSI2010
  Case group work  daily recording Case number: 1Date: 010710 Present: Tarja, Tanja, Nikitas, Heikki, Raisa, Supannee, Juho, JP, Wim & Jenni O bserver: Helena Leminen General case visit reflection: - Tarja has spoken to Tiina Kurejoki-Henrikkson, director of strategy communication at WSOY. There may bean opportunity to go and have a chat with them if we want more detailed objectives- The group members discuss whether there has been enough concentration on the objectives or not«noagreement. Suggestions on what we can offer the WSOYPro Ltd.:a) We could help them out of their boxes. We don¶t need to give them a business plan, but we could get theideas there; what they could do next ´b) ³How could we develop an open system for WSOYPro Ltd.?´c) ³We need to give out a realistic action plan. We have already set up an objective. We would like to changethe current education system into a new one. We should develop the network to other schools and develop aflexible system.´d) ³School of life. It is an abstract metaphor that can include many things. I feel we are still on the right track´. O bservation of the group: Observer: ³When I walked in a was happy because you have done a little bit of a mess and seem to havelots of ideas on the walls, but now that I listen to your conversations I am not sure everyone agrees with theconcept.´Discussion:³We have had too much dialogue.´³We all have our own view where to go, but we all agree on the big picture. We should remember Markku¶sstages to get something concrete.´ Results of reflective group work from yesterday: GROUP 1 (Tarja & co)Message: Triangle model  how we can all work together.  ³WSOY could provide shared ideas and network, build, enhance and support the creative ideas inschools.Be the bridge builder.´    S trengthIndependent workIndividuality / TeamworkRoom for creativity and innovationsUsing same time several skillsMulti channel learning (all senses involved)Catering different learning styles and differentlearnersTesting capacity of learning and understanding(High stress tolerance)Weakness   Technical problems with the OPITOptions  Sharing the resultsCombined learning community (students andpupils)From tacit to tangible knowledgeEnhancing teamwork among teachers andstudents Threats  Teacher¶s time management Anxiety in complex learning environment  GROUP 2 (Heikki & co)Message: New curriculum is needed.  In order to build a new school it is necessary to recreate the whole curriculum and system. If there is notenough room for development we cannot go anywhere. The structure of industrialism still exist. We need anew curriculum.Thinking structured by putting up post-it notes on the time line. Steps for the curriculum development.1) All starts from the new curriculum a) own learning goals must be visibleb) courage can be trained and learnedc) more choice variables for studentsd) teachers must co-operatee) better interaction with society GROUP 3 (Wim & co)Message: Openness and networking. Trust management between the different stakeholders. SWOT-analysisStrengths: y Clear vision of the school (at least, by the headmaster and his team) y Strong team work, engaged teachers y Parents are involved y Students love to play (board)games (in free time) and teachers pick up this idea to use it in learningcontexts y Mutual trust between teachers and students (all the stakeholders)Weaknesses: y Too strong links with proprietary solution Nokia, OPIT (WSOYPro) y Very much community orientation (not enough international openness)  y They do not benchmark with other schools y Very limited resources with regard to their ambitions y An event-based curriculum rather than a process-based curriculum (why special science andtechnology courses, instead of integrating that in other learning processes?)Opportunities: y Competitiveness of the Finnish educational system (good teachers are going to good schools) y A lot of support from the community y Current crisis: school needs to find an answer Threats: y Multicultural society is coming, but not introduced / infiltrated in the educational system y Matthews-effect (the best ones get better, and the worst ones get worse) versus striving for theaverageDirections to work further: y Balance of autonomy of school and maximum involvement of stakeholders y Balance between own identity and multiculturalism, multinational y Trust management, trust between different stakeholders y Blending learning objectives and learning experiences in different contexts, even between grades y Learning is fun y LLL capacity (esp. learning how to learn) to develop a school of life Discussion on group dynamics: Observer: ³How can you be creative using the same methods all the time. Is there openness for everyone tobe comfortable in the group?´Discussion on what would be the best way to work. Big group or small group?3 DIRECTIONS:1) Skills and competence development2) Curriculum development3) Networking and openness W orking in small groups: GROUP 1 ³ S kills and competence development´ (Juho, JP, Wim)Designed a vision of another kind of life line. Child is seen as a train that grows and gathers new informationas. Toddle playmobile train eventually developed into express train or another type of train. Finally you endup in a museum.Symbol: Learner as a train that is moving around, dynamic.Role of the WSOYPro Ltd: Could be described as the route planners. The track owners, the railway stationmasters, not train designer, but maybe a consultant. Don¶t want them to form the leaner, but act as a guide.The curriculum is like a wagon of the train. School and life interact.Discussion: All the members do not agree. Some think the idea is outdated.Summary: Learning as a train metaphor.
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