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Curriculum Vitae BRENDAN BOWEN producer / director tel email web 0419 741 441 address 82 School Road Maroochydore, QLD 4558 Profile I am a producer / director currently based on the Sunshine Coast and am looking for my next great adventure. I am a very creative person who needs to be challenged. I can handle a deadline and perform well under pressure. I am a worker bee and I don’t buy into office politics. I am honest and open, frank when nec
  ProfileI am a producer / director currently based on the Sunshine Coast and am looking for my nextgreat adventure. I am a very creative person who needs to be challenged. I can handle adeadline and perform well under pressure. I am a worker bee and I don’t buy into officepolitics. I am honest and open, frank when necessary and always able and willing to listen. Iacquire knowledge quickly and am constantly looking for ways to improve. I have learnt asmuch as I can from my current position - I need to spread my wings, and I need a change inwork and in life in general. I am married and a father of three and would be looking to locatesomewhere to raise my children and prosper. As a father, I believe the only way to inspire yourchildren to do great things is to aspire to them yourself. I am committed to doing this, and italways is and always will be reflected in my work I produce. My ideal position would be withina creative department working on multi-platform campaigns as I believe this is where my talentand skills can be utilised best, and what will most interest me in the future.Experience Commercial Producer, WIN TELEVISION Sunshine Coast, QLD, 2007-PresentIn this position, I take television and video products from brief to final delivery. While themajority of our work consists of TVC production, we do also work on corporate and webvideos, events coverage, news broadcast preparations, and programming content. I workdirectly with the client; concept television campaigns; write copy; budget and co-ordinateshoots, then carry them out, incorporating the camera operation, lighting and audio recording.I work with other camera operators and assistants, direct visual and vocal talent on locationand collaborate with other directors remotely. I complete all graphical, audio and video post-production. While it may seem undesirable to be working in this manner, I believe it has given asolid ground to work from; aside from the obvious ability to be a multi-tasked operator, I canappreciate every step of the process because I have worked through them all.I believe these skills help set me apart from a lot of other creatives. ENG Camera Operator, WIN TELEVISION Sunshine Coast QLD, 2002-2007 (freelance/full-time) I learnt the basics principles of camera operation and editing through my years in this position.This position required the gathering of news for nightly local bulletins in the Sunshine Coastarea, as well as providing coverage for affiliate stations nationwide. This included the cameraoperation and editing of news footage from pre-scheduled stories to breaking news.It obviously required a fairly competent, confident and sensible approach to all my duties asresources were minimum and deadlines were absolute. The nature of this work has given methe ability to work fast, adapt and visualise on the job while always being able to see the workfrom an end product view. It has taken the fear out of deadlines for me, and has given me theedge to “do” rather than pine over how impossible a task is. Camera Operator, PARAMOUNT VIDEO PRODUCTIONS Gold Coast QLD, 2003-2004I completed production work in corporate and domestic video productions on a freelance basisand continued my training in those areas. Producer, NEW PITCH PROMOTIONS Gold Coast QLD, 2003-2004This was part of a government production for emerging media professionals. I acted as cameraoperator and editor on production of corporate videos for three charities on the Gold Coast. Producer, REGIMENT 137 PRODUCTIONS Gold Coast QLD, 2003-2004This was a small company I established to produce domestic video productions and eventscoverage. It gave me a lot of time behind the camera and in front of the computer and I don’tbelieve I would be where I am today without it.Curriculum Vitae BRENDANBOWEN producer / director tel  0419 741 441email   usbowens@internode.on.netweb  School RoadMaroochydore, QLD 4558  SkillsãCreative, visual approach to everything I do.ãHard-working, “will do” attitude, eagerness to learn, team player and lone wolf if needed.ãMultitasking is what I do every day. I am not afraid of it.ãI have no fear of deadlines - pressure gives me focus.ãWriting is in my blood, particularly within TV and other visual mediums.ãFriendly and open approach to client and co-worker relations.ãI have practical knowledge of every section of the process which helps me visualise the endproduct always.ãTechnical abilities- PRODUCTION : Camera Operation to a high degree with DV, DVCAM, HDV, BetacamSP, SX and DigiBeta, XDCAM SD, Panasonic P2 HD and DSLR HD formats.Lighting and audio recording experience on location and in studio environment- GRAPHICS : Mainly for video productions, but also photo enhancement throughsoftware such as Photoshop CS2, CS3 and CS5-  VIDEO EDITING AND COMPOSITING : Any edit system you can think of - Avid Pinnacleand Media Composer, Final Cut Pro Suite, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects CS3 andCS5, Audition and Soundbooth. Plus any linear-based edit system.- DELIVERY  : Good understanding of video export and compression, plus delivery throughvarious means (eg Adstream, FTP, upload)ãKnowledge and experience with standard production procedures and broadcastrequirements and regulations.ãSensible, thought-out approach to work.ãI am used to being on the go, can visualise a problem, be flexible and adapt quickly to asolution.ãI am a perfectionist and always think the product can be improved upon.ãGreat interest in emerging technologies and an eagerness to branch into them.ã A definite need to move on and spread my wings - I am stifled creatively and need a change.ãI always perform to the best of my abilities and will always delivery quality content.I believe the product always reflects it’s producer.Education Griffith University, Gold Coast - Bachelor of Arts, 2001Majors in Creative Writing, Journalism and New Media Production.Referrals RYAN EARLY  - Reflected Image Productions - 0407 728 721 DAVINA SMITH - Nine News, Sydney - 0422 378 049 DENVER CRABTREE - 0424 895 537  Page 2Curriculum Vitae BRENDANBOWEN producer / director tel  0419 741 441email   usbowens@internode.on.netweb  School RoadMaroochydore, QLD 4558  Productions “Smiling for Smiddy - Journey of Friends / The Long Road” - CAMERA OPERATOR / GRAPHICS DOCUMENTARY; Reflected Image Productions; 2009/2010 “Hannah’s Chance Foundation - Branding Campaign” - PRODUCER TVC; WIN Television; 2009/2010 “10 000 Solar Roofs Challenge - Ingenero” - PRODUCER TVC campaign; WIN Television; 2010 “Tourism Noosa - Noosa Mafyiesta 2010” - PRODUCER TVC; WIN Television; 2010 “Legal Aid Queensland” - GRAPHICS CORPORATE; Reflected Image Productions; 2010 “Legal Aid Queensland - Hypothetical” - CAMERA OPERATOR TVC; Reflected Image Productions; 2010 “Brisbane Private Hospital - DAMASCUS UNIT” - PRODUCER TVC; WIN Television; 2009 “Missing Inaction” - WRITER / CAMERA OPERATOR Short Film; In Post Production “Suncorp Boat Insurance” - PRODUCER TVC; WIN Television & George Pattison Y & R; 2008 “Battery World - Battery Recycling CSA” - PRODUCER TVC; WIN Television; 2008 “Susie ‘100 years of Lifesaving’ and ‘Noosa Festival of Surf’ segments” - CAMERA OPERATOR Feature Story; WIN Television; 2007/2008 “WIN Local News - Sunshine Coast” - CAMERA OPERATOR TVC; WIN Television; 2008 “WIN Local Weather - On location / Studio - DIRECTOR Program Segment; WIN Television; 2008 “TORMENT” - WRITER / DIRECTOR Short Film; 2005 “The Leukaemia Foundation - Beverley’s Story” - CAMERA OPERATOR / EDITOR DOCUMENTARY; New Pitch Promotions; 2004   Page 3Curriculum Vitae BRENDANBOWEN producer / director tel  0419 741 441email   usbowens@internode.on.netweb  School RoadMaroochydore, QLD 4558
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