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Bloom’s Taxonomy Wheel/Circle- Wall/Poster Display This version Copyright 2003 ? Activites Instructions Cut and add to other parts from other pages to make up wall chart. You can enlarge to A3 and then add other sections around this. Keep at A4 and paste/laminate all sections together to make up the final wheel as ilustrated below. Put the parts together in whatever way you want!!!! ? Activites Based on Task Oriented Question Construction Wheel & Bloom's Taxonomy. ©2001 St. Edward
  Based on Task Oriented Question Construction Wheel& Bloom's Taxonomy. ©2001 St. Edward's UniversityCenter for Teaching This version 2003 Instructions Cut and add to other parts from other pages to makeup wall chart. You can enlarge to A3 and then add othersections around this. Keep at A4 and paste/laminate allsections together to make up the final wheel asilustrated below.Put the parts together in whatever way you want!!!! ?Activites?Activites Bloom’s Taxonomy Wheel/Circle- Wall/Poster Display  RecallLearnedMaterial..ExploringJudge valueand withrelevantcriteriaInvent newitem, solve aproblembased onlearning,decide howto communicate Use in anewconcretesituation ComprehensionKnowledgeEvaluationSynthesisAnalysisApplication ApplyChangeSolveDrawChooseInterpretModelModifyReportClassifyCollectDramatisePaintSketchShowMakePrepareProduceDiscoverExplainPredictDefendDistinguishRelateGeneraliseInferCompareSummarise/outlineExtendConfirmMatchTransformIllustrateExpressParaphraseChangeRestateDefineDescribeLabelLocateMemoriseRecogniseReciteStateDrawWriteSelectIdentityAppriseCompareReccommendCritiqueAssessSolveWeighCriticiseJudgeRelateConsiderCombineWhat ifPlanHypothesiseRole-PlayDesignDevelopAdd to Create   OriginalOrganiseProduceInventAnalyseClassifyExamineSurveyDistinguishInvestigateInferCategoriseCompareSubdivideTake apartSeperateContrastPoint OutDifferentiateSelectTellListNameUseConstructComplete GraspMeaningBreak intoparts~ seerelationshipsOrganisemyinformation  ExplainPredictImagineImproveProposeSelectDecideDebateArgueRateDescribeInvestigateObserveListenRearrangeSubsitute  What is ...? How is ... ?Where is ... ? When did ___ happen?How did ____happen? How can youexplain ... ?Why did ... ? How can you describe ....?Can you recall ... ?How can you show ... ?Can you select ... ?Who were the main ... ? Can you listthree ... ?Which one ... ? Who was ... ?How can you classify the type of ... ?How can you compare ... ? contrast ... ?Will you state or interpret in your ownwords ... ?Can you rephrase the meaning ... ?What facts or ideas show ... ?What is the main idea of ... ?Which statements support ... ?Explain what is happening ... what ismeant ...?What can you say about ... ?Which is the best answer ... ?How can you summarise ... ?How can you use ... ?What examples can you find to ... ?Can you solve _______ using what youhave learned ... ?How can you organise ___ to show ... ?Can you show understanding of ... ?What approach can you use to ... ?Apply your learning to develop.. .?What other way can you plan to ... ?What can result if ... ?Can you make use of the facts to ... ?What elements can you choose to change... ?What facts can you select to show ... ?What questions can be asked in aninterview with ... ?Classify the parts or features of ... ?How is _______ related to ... ?Why do you think ... ?What is the theme ... ?What motive is there ... ?Can you list the parts ... ?What inference can you make ... ?What conclusions can you draw ... ?How can you classify ... ?How can you categorise ... ?Can you identify the difference parts ... ?What evidence can you find ... ?What is the relationship between ... ?Can you make a distinction between ... ?What is the function of ... ?What ideas justify ... ?Can you make changes to solve ... ?How can you improve ... ?What can happen if ... ?Can you elaborate on the reason ... ?Can you propose an alternative ... ?Can you invent ... ?How can you adapt ________ to create adifferent . .?Can you change/modify the plot (plan) ... ?What can be done to minimise/maximise?What way can you design ... ?What can you combine to improve/change?Suppose you can ____ what can you do ..?How can you test ... ?Can you formulate a theory for ... ?Can you predict the outcome if ... ?How can you estimate the results for ... ?Construct a model that changes ... ?Can you think of an srcinal way for the ... ? Do you agree with the actions .? with theoutcomes . . ?What is your opinion of ... ?How can you prove ... ? disprove ... ?Can you assess the value or importanceof ... ?Can it be better if ... ?Why did they (the character) choose ... ?What can you recommend ... ?How can you rate the ... ?What can you cite to defend the actions .. ?How can you evaluate ... ?How could you determine ... ?What choice can you have made ... ?What can you select ... ?How can you prioritise ... ?What judgement can you make about ... ?Based on what you know, how can youexplain ... ?What information can you use to supportthe view . . ?How can you justify ... ?What data was used to make theconclusion ... ?Why was it better that ... ?How can you prioritise the facts ... ? Knowledge Synthesis Comprehension Application Analysis Evaluation Questions for each level..  Make a list of the main eventsMake a timeline of eventsMake a facts chartWrite a list of what you can remember Make a chart showing...Recite a poemFilm, record or photograph the eventor personWhite hat the factsDraw what you knowMake a mind map of what you knowDraw/paint pictures to explain what anevent was aboutIllustrate the main ideaSequence the events in a cartoon or flowchartWrite and perform a play based onevent/factsRetell in your own wordsWrite a summary reportEdit the film/recording/presentation toillustrate important partsBubble MapConstruct a model to show how it will workEdit films/photographs/recordings todemonstrate a particular pointMake a puzzle game using ideas fromeventCreate a presentation that shows how itapplies to another situationPlay a piece of music showing your undestanding of itDesign a questionnaire to gather further informationWrite a commercial to sell a new productConduct an investigation to to produceinformation supporting a point of viewMake a flow chart to show critical stagesIllustrate data/inforamtion with a graphMake a Tree MapWrite a BiographyReview art/music in terms of form, texture,colour, rhythmWrite an index and glossaryCreate a modelBrace MapDouble Bubble MapReorganise your brainstrom/mindmap andadd ideas to itT ChartVenn diagramInvent a machine for a specific taskCreate a new productWrite about your feelings in relation to..Do a visual presentation (video, TV show,play, puppet show etc) on a ‘new’ versionor angle connected to the topicCompose a rhythm/song or put new wordsto a known melodyWrtie your prediction about how views onthis topic would change in time or placeSet goals from your learningGreen Hat, Red Hat to create newPrepare a list of criteria to judge a show..include priorities and ratingsConduct a debate about an issue of special interestEvaluate the composition (art/music) thatyou performed or others performedHold a discussion about viewpointsWrite a letter outlining changes that will beneed to be made on...Put on your blue hat and look at theprocess of how you got to where you areon the topic.. what have you learned.. whatwould you change?PMI (Plus, Minus, Interesting)C & S (Consequences & Sequels)O.P.V. (Other peoples viewpoint)Black Hat... all Six Hats Knowledge Synthesis Comprehension Application Analysis Evaluation Possible activities for each level..
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