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1. AUSTRALIA’S BID FOR THE2018 FIFA WORLD CUP™ OR 2022 FIFA WORLD CUP™ 2. “The proposal in this Bid Book represents the hopes and dreamsof perhaps the world’s…
  • 2. “The proposal in this Bid Book represents the hopes and dreamsof perhaps the world’s most sports-loving nation.Australia will welcome the world for a FIFA World Cup™, aswe have welcomed the world since our nationhood little more than200 years ago.Our Bid is financially and operationally secure. We are ready to hostFIFA’s flagship event, and FIFA can be certain Australia will fully deliveron its responsibilities and obligations as a host nation.The expansion of our excellent sports infrastructure will leave a longand lasting benefit to football in Australia and the region.”The Honourable Kevin Rudd MPPrime Minister of Australia“A quarter of Australians were born overseas, and three millionAustralians speak a language other than English at home. Every nationrepresented at a FIFA World Cup™ in Australia will have its own base ofsupport and be able to call Australia a “home away from home”.As a member of the Asian Football Confederation, and a formermember of the Oceania Football Confederation, Australia can be abridge between these regions and an integral player in the developmentof football in the Asia-Pacific.As hosts, we would consider it our obligation and our proud duty, inpartnership with FIFA, to find ways to use the world’s greatest event tobring help where it is needed most. Football is a powerful vehicle forsustainable social cohesion, inclusion and equity.”Frank Lowy ACChairmanFootball Federation Australia“Australia’s proposal is based on first class infrastructure, a culture offlawless delivery and excellent facilities for all stakeholders.Our technically excellent plan for a FIFA World Cup™ will be expertlydelivered in a festive, relaxed and secure manner and environment,reflecting Australia’s passionate sporting and social culture, and thepopulation’s friendly and relaxed disposition.Australia awaits – prepared, excited and passionate – in the hope thatFIFA will appoint us to host the 2018 or 2022 FIFA World Cup™. If ourdreams are fulfilled, we stand by our unwavering commitment toflawlessly deliver a truly unique, FIFA World Cup™.”Ben BuckleyChief Executive OfficerFootball Federation Australia
  • 3. Why Australia?• A technically excellent FIFA World Cup™ with the relaxed and playful personality of Australia• Bridging Oceania and south-east Asia, with significant commercial and development opportunities• The best experience for all fans, teams and FIFA• Genuinely linking football and the FIFA World Cup™ with health, education and social outcomes• A safe pair of hands – experience, stability and certainty• The world’s friendliest volunteers• A tailor-made, compelling concept … Australia is ready• A multicultural society making Australia a true home-away-from-home• Completing the dream – a new frontier and the last continent for the FIFA World CupTM
  • 4. A FIFA World Cup™ in Australia –a real home away from homeAustralia is one of the most culturally diverse anddynamic societies in the world, with almost one quarterof the population born overseas and a further 20% withat least one parent born in another country.In the most recent census, more than 270 ancestrieswere identified by Australia’s population, makingAustralia the ideal home-away-from-home for everyFIFA World Cup™ Participating Member Association.Moreover, a FIFA World Cup™ in Australia will beremembered for being fun. Australian people arerelaxed, friendly, engaging and carefree. As a nationAustralians are renowned for their endearing sense ofhumour and getting on with the job.
  • 5. The FIFA World Cup™ inAustralasia – a unique opportunityPart of the world’s fastest-growing region Australia, amember of the Asian Football Confederation, sits withinthe largest FIFA World Cup™ audience. Over 60% of theworld’s population currently resides in Asia. By 2020 Asia’spopulation is expected to be four times that of NorthAmerica and Europe combined.Importantly, there are now more middle class consumersin Asia than in the western world and their purchasingpower will increase as this number grows. The rise ofAsia’s middle class consumers offers exciting opportunitiesfor FIFA and its partners.Australia is well situated in a sophisticated local sportscommercial market, while regionally the opportunities areextensive. A report commissioned by Football FederationAustralia (FFA) from global consultants LEK andPricewaterhouseCoopers highlighted:• Global sport sponsorship revenues are growing most rapidly in Asia• Since 1990 Asia has consistently delivered the largest television audience by region for the FIFA World Cup™• A FIFA World Cup™ in Asia will ensure that global sports sponsorship and television rights are maximised.A time zone for more than 60% of the world’s populationCumulative television viewers in Asia for the 2006FIFA World Cup™ totalled just under nine billion, equivalentto the combined audiences of Europe and Latin America.The close alignment of Australia’s time zones to thoseelsewhere within Asia enables optimal Asian televisionaudiences to be achieved.Australia will work closely with FIFA to ensure that theMatch schedule is designed to maximise total televisionaudience numbers around the world.
  • 6. A ‘No Worries’ experience for allA reliable, event-experienced partnerAustralia’s track record in staging major internationalevents is well documented. FIFA have in the past awardedtwo major international tournaments to Australia, whilein the last decade the Olympic and Paralympic Games,the Goodwill Games, the Rugby World Cup, theCommonwealth Games and the World Masters Gameshave chosen Australia. Major annual international sportingevents include the Australian Open, the Formula OneGrand Prix and horseracing’s Melbourne Cup.In addition, nearly every week, the Australian sportingcalendar includes blockbuster matches in a number ofmajor sports. Staged at Australia’s premier venues,these fixtures regularly attract huge crowds of up to100,000 people. Australia is truly a nation of sport.A safe and secure environmentThe atmosphere at major sporting events inAustralia is reflective of the friendly, relaxed peopleand their lifestyle. Australians enjoy a safe andsecure environment, where law enforcement iseffective, yet unobtrusive. Anti-social behaviour isvirtually non-existent. For players, officials, fans andall other participants, an Australian FIFA World Cup™experience will be all about football.
  • 7. Unequivocal support from all levels of governmentAustralia is a stable democratic society. Withoutexception, all capital works funding has been secured.The provision of key government services, includingtransportation, security, health, and customs andimmigration services, have been committed.National, state and territory governments – and themajor political parties – unequivocally support theAustralian FIFA World Cup™ bid effort.The world’s friendliest volunteersThe enduring volunteer culture in Australia, ashighlighted by the 50,000+ workforce who set newinternational standards at the Sydney Olympics, willensure the same enthusiastic involvement in anAustralian FIFA World Cup™.A safe pair of handsAustralia, with its stable and secure society, excellentinfrastructure and undoubted expertise and experiencein major event planning and operations, offers awonderfully safe pair of hands for the hosting of aFIFA World Cup™.FFA already has a plan in place for the first 100 daysshould Australia be successful and will seek to set up aLOC satellite office in Zurich to ensure complete ease ofcommunication with FIFA.
  • 8. Our proposed Host Cities for a FIFA World Cup™ in Australia • Sydney and Newcastle in New South Wales • Melbourne and Geelong in Victoria • Brisbane, Gold Coast and Townsville in Queensland • Perth in Western Australia • Adelaide in South Australia • Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory.Sydney, New South WalesMelbourne, VictoriaBrisbane, QueenslandPerth, Western AustraliaAdelaide, South Australia
  • 9. Gold Coast, QueenslandNewcastle, New South WalesCanberra, Australian Capital TerritoryGeelong, VictoriaTownsville, Queensland
  • 10. 1 STADIUM AUSTRALIA SYDNEY 2 SYDNEY FOOTBALL STADIUM 3 BLACKTOWN STADIUM SYDNEY Net Saleable Capacity: 82,480 Net Saleable Capacity: 40,402 Net Saleable Capacity: 41,022 Construction: Minor Upgrade Construction: Minor Upgrade Construction: New Stadium The best experience for all: Australia’s Host Cities and Stadiums • Guaranteed, fully funded Stadiums for the period of the FIFA World Cup™ • A prudent and comprehensive design process, ensuring full FIFA compliance • Spectacular Stadiums providing the ultimate centrepiece for the world game • A tailored selection of Stadiums, with a true legacy for football • Construction programmes ensuring that Stadiums are ready well ahead of the competitions • Strict Environmental Impact Assessment for all major construction works • Green design construction and operations at all sites 7 ADELAIDE OVAL 8 GOLD COAST STADIUM 9 NEWCASTLE STADIUM Net Saleable Capacity: 48,240 Net Saleable Capacity: 40,021 Net Saleable Capacity: 42,138 Construction: Major Upgrade Construction: Major Upgrade Construction: Major Upgrade
  • 11. 4 MCG MELBOURNE 5 BRISBANE STADIUM 6 PERTH STADIUM Net Saleable Capacity: 88,048 Net Saleable Capacity: 49,150 Net Saleable Capacity: 60,085 Construction: Existing Stadium Construction: Existing Stadium Construction: New Stadium PACIFIC OCEAN INDIAN OCEAN TOWNSVILLE 12 5 BRISBANE 8 GOLD COAST PERTH 6 9 NEWCASTLE 1 2 7 CANBERRA SYDNEY 10 3 ADELAIDE SOUTHERN OCEAN 11 4 MELBOURNE GEELONG TASMAN SEA10 CANBERRA STADIUM 11 GEELONG STADIUM 12 TOWNSVILLE STADIUM Net Saleable Capacity: 40,150 Net Saleable Capacity: 43,584 Net Saleable Capacity: 40,068 Construction: New Stadium Construction: Major Upgrade Construction: Major Upgrade
  • 12. A FIFA World Cup™ for Australia, Asiaand OceaniaA FIFA World Cup™ in Australia promises to be the catalystfor an explosion of emotion for more than 22 million people inAustralia, a further 17 million in Oceania and 600 million inSouth-East Asia. It will generate boundless interest andsupport for football throughout the region and will provide anenormous boost to football development. Our stadia will havea defined legacy, not just for football but the wider sportinglandscape in Australia.The Football Australia Foundation would be established toeffectively manage the finals legacy in terms of footballdevelopment, together with sustainable social and humandevelopment activities. The Foundation will be best placed toharness the economic and wider social benefits associatedwith hosting the tournament. It will work closely with FIFA andour other partners to deliver positive change through football.Such changes are central to the philosophy of FIFA and bybringing the FIFA World Cup™ to Australia, the one remainingcontinent that has yet to host the world’s greatest sportingevent, FIFA will complete their dream of unifying the worldthrough football.Australia warmlyinvites the world to
  • 13. recognise the support from our Official Bid Partners
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