Adult Consensual Spanking

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Adult, Consensual Spanking: Enjoying our Interest & Answering Your Questions by Jack copyright 1996 by Jack and ABCD Webmasters Update (Posted with the author's permission) This paper is on the consensual use of spanking as discipline in an adult relationship. For simplicity sake and because of the origin of this essay, it is written with the female in the relationship receiving the discipline. It is written with the full knowledge that in many relationships the woman is the one who dispenses th
  Adult, Consensual Spanking:Enjoying our Interest & Answering Your Questionsby Jack copyright 1996 by Jack and ABCD WebmastersUpdate(Posted with the author's permission)This paper is on the consensual use of spanking as disciplinein an adult relationship. For simplicity sake and because of the srcin of this essay, it is written with the female in therelationship receiving the discipline. It is written with thefull knowledge that in many relationships the woman is theone who dispenses the discipline or that either partner couldbe the recipient of such correction.Consent and adult are the two key words. It is not - in anyway - about the use of corporal punishment in the morecommon manner. Nor is this paper about physical abuse of any type. The writers of this essay abhor any type of abuseor use of corporal punishment that is not betweenconsensual adults.This essay was written after many women expressedfrustration in trying to express their interest in domesticdiscipline. Individual needs, interests and experiences vary.There is no right or wrong way to explore this interestas long as it is between consensual adults. There are,however, some common themes, opportunities and appeal  for such interest. This article explores those issues.  Introduction: As technology allows us to explore various interests in aconfidential manner and as women are treated more asequals (finally) than at any other times in humankind, weare learning that many women strive for a lovingrelationship that includes a partner who will set limits andenforce those limits with the use of spanking and similar'punishments.'As strange as it might sound to some, many very normalwomen want to turn over just a little bit of control tosomeone they would trust enough to predetermineboundaries. These women wanted to be required to livewithin those boundaries with the knowledge that violationsof those pre-set limits would result in a very sore behind.Many of these women remember these feelings as teens oreven before they entered into adolescence. Many read asmany autobiographies and novels as possible hoping for aspanking scene. Frequently these young ladies looked up theword spanking in dictionaries or did computer searches(at least the younger ones) on spanking, corporalpunishment and similar activities. Oftentimes viewingmovies like McLintock, featuring two spanking scenes, orBlue Hawaii, where Elvis Presley gives a delicious over-the-knee spanking, would be their first indication that othersalso enjoyed such fantasies. Repeated viewing of suchmovies, even to this day, provides special enjoyment.It is perplexing, however, to want a man to take control, todish out some good ol'fashioned discipline, to be viewed assomeone who is not an equal even if it is for a short period of   time or within defined (often negotiated) limits. What kindof a lady would want to have the clock moved back to whenthey were not on equal footing with their mate, male friendor Significant Other?Why do so many confident, intelligent women want suchtreatment? What is so appealing to such juvenile treatment?Why would a grown woman want to be put in such aposition (literally) that is embarrassing? What is it inspanking that makes some women want to accept somethingthat is clearly unpleasant, humbling and, yes, stinging?Finally, what can a woman who has such interest do to fulfillthis secret part of her life? How does - or can - it all work?This paper explores these questions and provides some ideasto couples that want to explore a disciplinary arrangementby mutual respect. Trust, respect, limits, honesty andfeelings all play critical roles in such a relationship. It is notan arrangement to allow a man to be a brute, to stomp outthe rights of women or to humiliate or put down awoman. Nothing could be further from the truth. Why me? Are you one of the many women who have long wanted arelationship with a man who cares enough to set limits, to setthem down in a sensitive manner and to enforce them by theuse of corporal punishment usually in the manner of anover-the-knee, bare bottom spanking? Does the use of theword spank alone start to give you funny feelings? Doyou like to act like a brat and long for someone to put youin your place ? Do words like brat, naughty, misbehave, and spanking, all send all kinds of thoughtsto be generated? If so, you are not alone.  Increasingly women are realizing that many other womenshare this most secret feeling. Look in the back of Cosmopolitan some time and you will see one, two, possiblythree ads for people interested in over-the-knee discipline;the ads offer stories and videos dedicated to over-the-kneeerotica. Other mainstream publications also include suchadvertisements including Romantic Times. They are in thesepublications because they cater to middleclass women whooften have such a private interest.There are many spanking publications. Many of thesespecialty publications are owned and operated by women.People can order the publications from the safety of theirhomes and receive their products in discrete packaging.They go out of their way to reach out to women who wouldnot otherwise have access to such publications.Many women spend years wondering Why? Why do theyhave the interest? Is there something in their childhood thatwould make the interest a focal point for so many thoughtsand fantasies? Were they born this way? Some womeninterested in such domestic discipline were spanked aschildren or teens. But it seems that most with the interestwere rarely if ever spanked. Other women suffered abuse asyoungsters. One recently recounted that maybe the reasonshe had the interest is because unlike the abuse she sufferedas a child, this type of 'adult, consensual discipline' showedthere were limits to such physical correction and that it wasdone with love and only in a trusting relationship.There is a void in meaningful research on the srcin of sucha fascination. It could be that something, even at a young agetriggers such an interest. Possibly the desire to receive setpunishment is more prevalent in certain households orcultures; for example, possibly settings that use considerableguilt to guide behavior would result more people to have aappetite for defined, clear-cut signs of disapproval. And
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