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Innan FN:s barntoppmöte 2002 samlades 404 delegater mellan åtta och 18 år för att diskutera hur regeringar, organisationer och barn kan arbeta tillsammans för att göra världen till en bättre plats. Den här skriften bygger på barnens slutsatser under forumet och innehåller även en uppföljning från 2007. Skriften är 28 sidor, illustrerad och riktar sig främst till ungdomar.
  A WORLD   FIT FOR US  TheChildren’ ta    a   romtheUNci    en   ron dre:   :   iyea    n     i   l   l  u  s   t  r  a   t   i  o  n   b  y   J   i  m    R  u  g  g  1 A WORLD FIT FOR US The Children’s Statement from the UN Special Session on Children: Five years on CONTENTS A world fi t for children is a world fi t for all2Respect for the rights of the child4An end to exploitation, abuse and violence6An end to war8The provision of health care10The eradication of HIV and AIDS12The protection of the environment14An end to poverty16The provision of education18The active participation of children20An equal partnership22 PROFILES The children whose stories appear in thispublication come from around the world: Chinyanta Zambia (page 5) Maia Philippines (page 14) Chinchu India (page 20) Julie Occupied Palestinian Territory (page 8) Isabella Sudan (page 19) Kevin Barbados (page 7) Regina Malawi (page 17) Jorge Nicaragua (page 20) Firdaus Pakistan (page 10) Maureen Kenya (page 19) Masud Bangladesh (page 6) Ojulu Ethiopia (page 15) Christine Lebanon (page 20) Cristian Romania (page 13) Pech Cambodia (page 19) Ishmael Sierra Leone (page 9) Sunita Nepal (page 18) Mariama Senegal (page 11) Smitha United States (page 21)  We want a world fitfor children, becausea world fit for us is aworld fit for everyone. We are the children of war.We are the victims andorphans of HIV/AIDS.We are street children.We are denied good-qualityeducation and health care.We are the victims ofexploitation and abuse.    i   l   l  u  s   t  r  a   t   i  o  n   b  y   D  y   l  a  n   M  e  c  o  n   i  s We are the world’s children.We are victims of political,economic, cultural, religiousand environmental discrimination.We are children whose voicesare not being heard: it is timewe are taken into account. 2
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